Tiny Bedroom Ideas

How to decorate a small bedroom you ask? From cluttered spare rooms to compact loft conversions, we’ve seen and heard it all here at PartyLite. Whether you’re looking for change and want to mix things up, or have moved into a new property and are starting from scratch, decorating your bedroom can be a challenge. And we especially understand the struggle of working with a limited space, so we’ve made a list of our best tiny bedroom ideas. Read on to discover our favourite tips and tricks to help you turn your cramped room into a cosy nest that you won’t want to leave.

Let there be light

Struggling for space? We’ll let you in on a secret. The easiest and cheapest way to make your room look bigger than it is, is to increase the amount of light flow. Experiment with different types and strengths of lighting to open up your space and form the illusion of a bigger bedroom. If your room is naturally prone to shade and doesn’t get to see much daylight, you can also recreate this feeling by opting for neutral and light coloured walls. This works to make the space more reflective, bouncing any light around the room to create an airy and open sensation.

To avoid the sterile feeling an all-white room can bring, utilise an accent wall or select a boldly coloured accessory to add a welcome and warming touch. We find that natural tones of blues, greens and yellows work best. Our Escential Jar Scented Candles are crafted with a single wick design and beautiful coloured wax for excellent fragrance throw and beautiful visual presentation. Available in a wide range of vivid colours, PartyLite Escential Jar Candles will help to breathe life into even the blandest of rooms!

Get more out of your furniture

Selecting furniture for a small bedroom might seem like a daunting task, but you can save yourself the headache by carefully choosing multipurpose pieces. Why have two bulky items cluttering up your room when you only need one? Why not use a small chest of drawers as a bedside table? You can even maximise this space-saving tip by cutting down on the number of bedside tables in your room. Frame your bed with just the one drawer for a practical, asymmetric style.

Reducing the furniture in your bedroom might seem pointless as it may appear that you’re losing storage space, but don’t fret. What might look like a regular stool can actually be a pouffe with a hidden storage compartment. Clear out the dusty, unused patch beneath your bed and install underbed drawers, baskets or boxes for a handy (and hidden) storage idea.

Ornamental pieces can also make excellent small bedroom decorating ideas. Accessories can be multipurpose too, giving you a way to save space on countertops and smaller desks. Try the PartyLite SmartScents Photo Frame Holder to enjoy fragrance and show off your favourite memories without taking up extra space. This elegant home décor accessory allows you to display a precious memory and scent your bedroom at the same time. The white, metal frame features a stamped design for a rustic, yet classic feel that will match any room’s décor style. Discover more SmartScents Holders and our full range of decorative items for bedrooms here.

Bed Headboard

Be bold with your bed

Don’t let the biggest piece of furniture in your room become a burden. If you have a tiny bedroom, you don’t have to sacrifice the size of your bed to accommodate for extra floor space. Centering your bed in the middle of a room may be a popular choice for some, but it’s definitely worth exploring other options to optimise bedroom space. Consider tucking your bed into a corner or up against a wall for a cosy sleeping arrangement.

If you’re starting from scratch and are looking for a new bed, ditch your headboard and go for a bed without a frame to declutter the space around your mattress. This will immediately make your room feel more open and prevent a footboard closing off your bed from the rest of the room. If you’re decorating for children, a loft bed with desk storage underneath is the perfect space-saving solution. This vertical structure will cut down on floor space and offers countless styling opportunities that you can personalise to your child’s taste.

It’s important to keep your soft furnishings, like your bed and curtains, smelling clean and fresh. Especially in smaller rooms where the air can become stale. Keep a bottle of PartyLite Fresh Home Spray on hand to refresh your bedding for an invigorated bedroom feel. A well fragranced room will help to eliminate any stuffiness and open up your space to your senses.

Are you excited to revamp your space with our tiny bedroom ideas? We hope you found these bedroom decorating tips useful and we’d love to see what home styling solutions you come up with! Got a top tip you’d like to share with us? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #StyleIdeas. Browse our fragrance pages for exciting ways to scent your space, or shop PartyLite accessories for more stylish home décor ideas.

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