Our Fragrances

You can radiate your style through our unique scent personalities, designed to elevate your home and life through beautiful infusions.


For those who love to take inspiration from beautiful nature. Choose Floral fragrances to elevate your home with sweet, far-flung and flowery ingredient blends.


Imagine vibrant cocktail-inspired infusions, zesty summertime drinks or lively and fun tropical blends. These are the Fruity fragrances that will burst with delightfully edible notes throughout your space.


Do you love the smell of freshly-washed sheets on laundry day? Pick our clean, uplifting herbaceous Fresh scents for a burst of sunshine in your home.


If you daydream about holidays in spice-filled souks or faraway markets, choose these daring blends. Infused with earthy scents to fill your home with Exotic aromas.


Everything about you screams luxury, so you’ll love these opulent blends. Our Gourmand scents are filled with creamy vanilla, bright berries, and sugary sweets.