Don’t wait for summer to come around, get your kitchen ready for the season of sun with our 33 kitchen décor ideas. Discover our top tips and tricks to dress your space and complement your chosen colour scheme. Here you’ll find our favourite kitchen decoration accessories and on trend summer textures to transform your home without the need for major renovations. We understand that a complete kitchen refurb can be stressful, so follow our easy and achievable guide for replicating this season’s style without the fuss or cost.

  1. Flowers and plants

Want to enjoy the wonderful scents of summer when you’re stuck indoors? Bring the outdoors to you by adding florals and foliage to your countertops. A delicate sprig of blossom placed in a glass vase can be added to any part of your kitchen for a touch of spring. Potted succulents look great lined up on windowsills. Flowers are a great seasonal addition to any kitchen as they can be coordinated to fit any existing colour scheme you might have. Set a large bouquet in the centre of your island or dining table for a blooming good centrepiece. Or add sprigs to a Clearly Creative Hurricane and keep things fresh.

  1. Fruit in a bowl

Edible art is a huge spring/summer trend that anyone can recreate in their home. Pop some colourful fruit into a decorative bowl or basket for this super easy kitchen décor idea. Get creative with your shapes and textures. Try pineapples, mangoes, kiwi fruits and papayas for an exotic twist that’s stylish AND nutritious.

  1. Change up your lighting

Get ready for brighter and longer days by adjusting the lighting situation in your kitchen. Switching up your light shades, bulbs and fixings is a quick way to transform your space without taking on a huge renovation project. Maybe you want a softer light bulb than in the winter to produce a yellow hue that’s more apt for summer.

  1. Switch out your tablecloth

Your table is likely one of the biggest focal points of your kitchen, so naturally it has a big impact. Replace your tablecloth or runner with a seasonal alternative to keep things on trend. Geometric shapes and coral colours are set to be popular this year, giving you lots of scope to experiment.

  1. Herb planters

Be your best Jamie Oliver with indoor grow-your-own herb pots. Choose from individual planters, a tray or even a shelf to grow your own herbs. These little stalks of joy will add fragrance and colour to your kitchen, and nothing tastes better than homegrown, right?

  1. Changing your cupboard handles

Looking for a change but don’t want to commit long-term? Switch out the knobs and handles on your cupboards for a simple but effective way to breathe new life into your kitchen. This temporary hack means you can make your space look brand new without feeling like you’re making disruptive changes.

  1. A new rug

Installing new flooring just for the warmer seasons is impractical (and expensive!), but utilising a rug instead can have the same effect for less. Rugs work well to anchor your existing furniture, so if you’ve got an open plan kitchen, a larger shape can help to frame your space. For kitchens with islands, narrow rugs are definitely a better option. Long, slender runner rugs that stretch the length of your island fill your space and can prevent any accidental slips, while two matching shorter runners along each width is perfect if balance is more your thing. Keep things neutral with a solid tonal colour, or make your floor the main attraction by showing off a bold print.

  1. Pet beds

When it comes to freshening up for spring and summer, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. If your kitchen is home for your furry four-legged pet, why not update their bed for a practical and seasonal change. Keep them chill in the heat with breathable and well ventilated bedding, or even consider a cooling pad if they’re extra furry. Of course, you can keep it smelling fresh and fab with our Perfect Pet Room Spray too.

  1. Pet accessories

And if you’re treating your pet to a new bed, you might as well go all out and update their accessories too. Pair your pet’s new bed with a matching food bowl or mat for a cohesive style that’ll be a treat for your eyes as well as your pet. Copper accents and cool tones match most neutral kitchen colour schemes, and geometric patterns can bring depth and texture to more minimalist styles.

  1. Fragrance

Add in fragrance points to enhance your sensory experience. Layer fresh and fruity scents to open up your space and complement the seasons. Discover our new summer fragrances in our 3-Wick Jar Candle form for long-lasting, uplifting fragrance encased in a beautifully designed glass jar. Perfect for displaying on your shelf or tabletop. Boost the strength of your fragrance by adding in an Escential Jar Candle. Our Escential Jars offer the same great fragrance, but each are formulated with beautifully coloured wax to add depth of colour to your home.

PartyLite Candles

  1. Magazines and books

Print isn’t dead, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Save your favourite magazines and books to use as chic space filler. Whether you line them along a shelf or lay them flat for a countertop centrepiece, they’re a great way to add life to your kitchen. We’ll keep it between us if you don’t actually read them.

  1. Wall art

Spruce up your walls with some art. Block colours, abstract pieces, magazine pages and artistic prints can give your kitchen an instant lift without taking up additional surface space. Look to online sellers like etsy and notonthehighstreet for lots of handmade prints that are perfect for that kitsch, arty vibe. We love that wall art is easy to display in frames to match your existing décor. If you’re already on the wall art train, update your frames for a colour scheme refresh that’s super simple but effective.

  1. New chair cushions

For those of you with kitchen cushions or soft cushioning on your chairs, the turn of the season is the perfect opportunity to shop new cushion covers. Floral fabrics are a summer staple but can easily age your space, so look for bright shades to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. You can even DIY your own covers for a fun summer.

  1. Add a mirror

You’ll definitely want to make the most of natural lighting in spring and summer, so add in a mirror to open up your kitchen. Mirrors work by reflecting sunlight around your room to give the impression of a brighter, bigger space. A small, decorative mirror can fit perfectly into the nooks and crannies of your kitchen for an illuminating finish.

  1. Switch up your glassware

Simple but effective, good glassware can make a huge difference to your kitchen style. Textured glass is big this year, recreating the look of cut crystal pieces from the mid century in more practical materials. Don’t just hide yours away in cupboards - choose matching tumblers and a carafe and keep them pride of place on your counter. Arrange them on an attractive tray to make it portable when you need to refresh your guests.

  1. Two-tone cutlery

Can’t decide between two colours? Have both. Two-tone cutlery gives you the best of both worlds. The iridescent finish shines best when exposed to natural sunlight, and the unique colouring means that each piece of cutlery is different!

  1. Gilded crockery

Marble has been huge in the world of tableware, and while we love it, there’s a new trend on the block. Gilded crockery elevates your dining experience without even trying. We also love stoneware for its earthy elements and durability, which offers a contrast against a clean and polished kitchen style.

  1. Using kitchenware as a centrepiece

Got a Le Creuset pot that you don’t want to hide away? Love the look of your KitchenAid more than you actually get to use it? Get them out of your cupboards and onto your kitchen surfaces for an instant centrepiece display. Show off your favourite kitchenware on your countertops or dining table.

  1. Storage solutions

Kitchen décor can be stylish and functional. Elevate your storage by using tea and coffee canisters. Ceramic, tin and glass holders can add effortless texture to your countertops and are super easy to fit into your existing colour scheme. Running out of room in your cupboards? Wire and wicker baskets can be hung or stacked for a convenient space saving idea.

  1. Change up your curtains

If you don’t mind getting the step ladder out, update your curtains to give your kitchen an instant seasonal lift. Whether you’ve got drapes, curtains or even blinds, refreshing your prints can drastically change the feel of your space. This summer we’re loving check patterns, geometric shapes and block colours. If you’re feeling really thrifty, you can even DIY your own and create a cabinet curtain with any leftover fabric.

  1. Odour neutralising fragrance

For well-loved kitchens, odour neutralising fragrance can be a great option. Unwanted household odours don’t quite say homely, well not to us at least. Our Fresh Home fragrance collection features our innovative Neofresh™ Technology to neutralise food and kitchen smells and instantly freshen up your home. Choose from five fantastic fragrances in seven different forms, so you can pick the best way to scent up your space. Our flameless options are ideal for busy lifestyles and bustling homes.

PartyLite Fresh Home Collection

  1. Coordinate your soft furnishings

Style your soft furnishings together for a satisfying colour scheme. Pick out a recurring pattern or print, or choose a central colour to tie your tea towels, oven gloves, placemats and napkins together. This way, you can easily revamp the theme of your kitchen without having to make any major changes to your kitchen structure. And keep your fabrics smelling crisp with our Room SpraysInfused with Neofresh™ Technology, these sprays contain no harsh chemicals and so are safe to use on all your favourite fabrics.

  1. Coasters

Is your worst fear a chilled beverage bottle resting upon your bare tabletop? Summer calls for refreshments, so protect them from your surfaces with a coaster or two. If you already have them, give them a seasonal update for a quick kitchen fix. Ceramic, glass, cork or even wooden, you can DIY your own coasters to match your exact décor style.

  1. Trolleys and trays

Add a mobile station to your space with a trolley stand, perfect for those in need of additional counter and storage space. For smaller kitchens, place in the centre for a mini island, or place against a wall to create your very own bar cart. Wooden beams offer a sturdier more rustic style, but metal frames are more simplistic and can add a touch of elegance to your kitchen.

  1. A decorative sign

If wall art is too much of a commitment, a decorative sign may be the choice for you. Express yourself in bold lettering or your favourite quote for a creative addition to your kitchen.

  1. A chalkboard

Serial list-makers rejoice, install a chalkboard to put an end to endless scraps of paper drifting through your home. Hang in an unused space, stick to your fridge or go all out and transform a wall with chalkboard paint to make a giant canvas for your recipes and to-do lists.

  1. Candlelight

Illuminate your kitchen to set a welcoming atmosphere. Seasonal décor is great for dressing your kitchen in the day, but how do you ensure that your space is looking cosy in the evening too? Add candles for a warming touch that keeps your home feeling like a home. Shop our range of candle forms for candlelight for every occasion, taste and style.

PartyLite Candle

  1. Change your bar stools

Update your island the easy way by switching up your bar stools. Backless stools fit any minimalist theme but can be uncomfortable, so a chair with a low back is an excellent compromise. Wooden and metal accents are always on trend, so look for lighter wood and chrome accents to give your kitchen a brighter disposition. Acrylic bar stools are ideal for increasing the appearance of space and giving your room a unique look.

  1. Gold, copper and brass accents

Happy with your kitchen’s colour scheme? Layer metallic accents into your room to give it an instant overhaul with minimal effort. Copper is a personal favourite of ours because it can match a wide variety of colours and styles. Cupboard handles, lighting fixtures, storage jar lids, candle holders, cutlery and utensils are an excellent way to bring a theme into your space.

  1. Refresh the contents of your shelves

Prune your shelving collection and replace with more seasonal items. Dress your space with plants and succulents, glassware and ceramics and utensils and kitchenware.

  1. Upcycle old containers

Don’t throw away your old containers, upcycle them for a budget friendly décor idea. Hang onto any glass jars, metal tins and old crockery to transform into a stylish storage solution.

  1. Decanting your food

Keep the contents of your pantry organised with Instagram friendly containers. Satisfaction comes in many forms, but none quite like uniform storage containers that are categorised by the colour of their contents. From the goods inside of your fridge to the items in your cupboards, arrange them in matching boxes or baskets for a décor idea worthy of the ‘gram.

  1. Waste bins

Waste not, want not, and there’s nothing we’d want less than a boring waste bin. Waste and recycling bins are more than just practical, they can be pretty too. Experiment with textures and consider a wooden, wire or tight-woven wicker basket with a sturdy liner for the job. Perfect for your dry goods bins for recycling and everyday non-food waste.

Find your style this season with our kitchen décor ideas. Browse our other styling guides on our blog for more home decoration inspiration, and be sure to show us your summer kitchen on social media with the hashtag #MyStyle!

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