Décor is just like fashion - its trends differ greatly based on location. From muted colour palettes, to minimalism, to a sense of vibrance, it's pretty clear tastes and traditions vary from place to place. 

If you want to know how you can liven-up your interior space, we have plenty of inspiration -  from décor trends and colour palettes inspired by the most beautiful tourist destinations, to the world's most unique airbnbs that will reinvigorate how you look at your own home style.

Whether you’re interrailing through Europe, backpacking across Asia or jetting off to the islands of the Caribbean, travel will always be an educational experience. And as global citizens we have the unique opportunity to learn about other cultures. So let’s take that inspiration back home with us to make every day feel like a vacation.

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Décor trends from around the world 

Speightstown, Barbados 
Tulum, Mexico
Bali, Indonesia
Marrakesh, Morocco
Santorini, Greece
Amsterdam, Netherlands
New Orleans, USA
Reykjavik, Iceland
Manhattan, New York, USA

Top 10 Colour Palettes of the World

The Definitive List of Unique Airbnbs You Need To Visit

Décor trends from around the world

Speightstown, BarbadosSpeightstown, Barbados

Whether you're refreshing your home with a coat of paint, creating a feature wall, or adding a few new pieces to your space, here are some destination décor trends to inspire you:

Speightstown, Barbados 

Background: A luxurious holiday destination, the Bajan spirit is seen throughout Speightstown’s style. Various colonial elements make up Barbados’ interior designs - typical of most of the Caribbean.

The mix of British, Spanish and French architecture brings unique style to homes throughout Barbados, with a blend of laid-back island style paired with Mediterranean influences. The Creole and African population took the Med style and added a fresh twist, adding bold blue hues and gilded accessories to create the contemporary themes we know today.  

Key Features: Linen curtains, rattan furniture, glass hurricanes and mirrors to light the room.

Get The Look: Bright and breezy linens add a youthful softness to your space and are perfect for handling heat and humidity. Because of their versatility, their neutral shades will match almost anything.

Rattan furniture is also perfect for allowing light through your room, giving the illusion of more space. Pair the wood colours and textures with a confident colour palette of ocean blues and gold accented décor.

While box-fresh furniture may be appealing, wherever possible aim for weathered.

Beachside scents are an absolute must to fill your space with tropical aromas that transport you to a balmy, Barbadian terrace. Display your fragrance in glassware that allows sunlight through for Bajan style. 

Tulum, Mexico

Background: Seen as the cultural juxtaposition to Cancun’s party atmosphere, Tulum is a soothing resort filled with traditional Yucatan interiors. Immigrants from LA and New York - inspired by the bohemian lifestyle - have brought their modern, minimalist influence to the interiors here.

Many of the hotels and houses along the beachfront combine this modernity with organic materials that take cues from the surrounding jungle and sea. 

Key Features: The wonders of nature paired with bold patterns, neutral base colours and a hint of contemporary décor. 

Get The Look: Hand-woven soft accessories like pillows and throws should be scattered throughout your home - the bolder the colour, the better. Traditional rugs using Yucatecan patterns will add authenticity to your interiors.

Modernity comes through clean lines and metallic materials. Think industrial mirrors, hurricanes and modern glass centrepieces for contrast. Pair your décor with a traditional desert or seaside fragrance for true Tulum authenticity, or design your own jungle-side hotel look with multiple tealights scattered through your space.

Welcoming nature indoors with palm fronds, accessories, or fauna-printed wallpaper will recreate traditional Tulum style. In the bedroom, bleached wooden furnishings paired with brilliant white bedsheets and a beautiful bed canopy create the finishing touches for this look. 

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, IndonesiaBali, Indonesia

Background: A beautiful tourist trap filled with gorgeous scenery that energises its visitors, Balinese interiors reflect their surrounding nature and the culture of the island. Harmonising the greenery of the outdoors with the indoors is the first step, so foliage is a dominating feature of local people’s spaces.

A range of religious iconography is prominent in Balinese homes due to the mix of thriving cultures across the island. These pieces are often handcrafted by artisans, carrying on generations-old traditions of wood and stoneworking. Whether their inspiration comes from Buddhism, Hinduism or animism, artisan wares and decorative traditional pieces add a beautiful texture and dimension to Bali’s style.

Key Features: Tropical greenery, driftwood furniture, bright colours throughout.

Get The Look: Decorating your home in Balinese style should be about surrounding yourself in nature that’s completely unlike the Scandinavian, British or European greenery you may be used to. Tropical plants, deep greens and rich florals should be at the centre of your style.

Pairing these vibrant plants with spiritual and simple accessories are a must. Hand-carved woods, ceramics, gold and brass décor dotted throughout your home will elevate your plants.
It’s important to think holistically when looking at big home changes to reflect Balinese style. Consider using the principles of Feng Shui when considering the balance and flow of your room, spacing out larger pieces for plenty of breathing room throughout. When thinking of what furniture to display throughout your home, bamboo or cane seats allow plenty of light to permeate throughout the space.

Ready to try Bali for yourself? Check out the breathtaking Airbnb location later in the piece.

Marrakesh, Morocco

Marrakesh, MoroccoMarrakesh, Morocco

Background: It’s easy to find inspiration within the incredible North African city of Marrakesh. The vibrant colours and traditional Moroccan designs are mixed with a range of French, Spanish and Indian style from various times of occupation.

While Islamic minarets dominate the city skyline, closer to ground level are beautiful mosaics, stone archways and lattice wooden doors. As a port city, century-old styles and contemporary influences are on every corner, so you have a huge variety of design influences to choose from.

Key Features: Zellige tiles, floral arabesques, intricate metalwork.

Get The Look: Fragrance dominates Marrakesh, from the spice-filled souks and riyads bursting with luscious dates to the hot air of the inner city where rich resins give an exotic smokiness to the evenings. Use these aromas to create an authentic, transformative scent for your space.

Moroccan style started to influence European and US homes in the 1960s after holidaymakers brought Marrakesh accessories home. Soft décor like embroidered curtains, pillows and throws are the perfect way to replicate that look, especially with patterns in a deep sea blue.

Keep reading to find inspiration from Marrakesh’s legendary Majorelle Gardens in your colour palettes.

Décor in the style of the minarets that are a signature of Morocco allows you to recreate the Marrakesh skyline. Hammered metal is also a traditional north African piece of craftsmanship, so adds to a Moroccan style.



Background: From the Pyrenées in the north and beachside Mediterranean towns, to the surrealist, Gothic architecture of Gaudi in Barcelona and beyond, Catalunya has a range of outdoor and interior styles to take influence from.

Catalans are traditionally masters of tiling, ironwork and cabinet making. And all three of these can be incorporated into your home. Barcelona’s eclectic mix of older architecture with futuristic furniture and modern art means there’s so much to be inspired by.

Key Features:  Gaudi-inspired design, colourful floor tiles, contemporary art prints. 

Get The Look: Desert plants like cacti and succulents have become synonymous with Catalan interiors over the past few decades because of their ability to retain water in high temperatures. Fill your space with these plants displayed in vibrant, mosaic plant pots to reflect the bright and bold style of the region.

Many apartments in Barcelona are filled with rustic elements like exposed brick walls and open ceilings, so play these up at home. Make sure to pair them with the softness of linen or cotton on your furniture, replicating cooling materials needed for hot weather.

Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Joan Míro all made Barcelona their home. Bring their eclectic, colourful artwork into your space through prints dotted around areas with open walls. Keep reading to find out more about Barcelona’s inspiring colour palettes

Taking a walk around the old towns of Catalunya, you’ll notice how locals will fill their balconies with life. If you have your own terrace, fill it with plants, soft furnishings and light to turn it into a sanctuary reminiscent of their style

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, GreeceSantorini, Greece

Background: One of the most picturesque tourist destinations in the world, this Greek island is known for unbelievable cliff top views, stunning resorts and incredible interiors. Many of its houses still take architectural inspiration from the classic Cycladic style.

The pure white exteriors act as a reflection for the brilliantly hot sun. Inside these homes are bold colourways to offset the all-white, paired with wooden driftwood-style furniture throughout.

Key Features: Bright white everywhere, dotted with blue accents and light wooden accessories.

Get The Look: Early Cycladic architecture basically used minimalism through its streamlined feel. Replicate that through sleek storage that hides away clutter and keeps your shared spaces as open as possible.

Greek Meander patterns should form your inspiration for this look. You’ll know it as a decorative straight-line border that folds in on itself to create a symmetrical shape on rugs, throws and accessories. Don’t overuse this pattern in your décor or you’ll lose the minimalist aspect of the theme very quickly.

Nautical accessories can also form the added touches of this style, like mirrors adorned with thick rope, or bleached driftwood furnishings. These neutral shades will help form a bridge between the brilliant white of your walls and stop the blue looking too out of place.

Walking through Santorini, you’ll smell the salty sea air, so embrace that summer scent’s freshness. If cocktail-inspired aromas are more your thing, a Santorini Sunset is filled with deliciously tangy grapefruit, so fill your home with Greek fruity sweetness.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Image of PartyLite CandleAmsterdam, Netherlands. Image of PartyLite Candle

Background: Alongside its iconic canals, a mix of Western European and Scandinavian culture has helped Amsterdam earn its nickname of “Venice of the North”. Amsterdam’s location in the North Sea has allowed plenty of inspiration from across Europe to creep into the port city’s style.

Key to Amsterdam interiors is finding a balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. Stick to a ‘less is more’ approach, with an importance placed on getting the basics right in your home when you’re thinking of adding accessories and furnishings. 

Key Features:  Cosy and practical, but with an edge and lots of Scandinavian influence. Neutral palettes paired with beautiful art. 

Get The Look: There’s an art to simplicity, or being comfortable enough to leave things out when designing an Amsterdam-inspired space. Important elements like comfortable sofas and high-quality coffee tables come before other aesthetic choices.

Natural materials like leather, stone and wood are key for any accessories you introduce. They look gorgeous when you first buy them and get even more beautiful as time goes on.

Dutch life is centered around family and friends gathering together, so you should make room for a large dining table if possible. If you can find one in an earthy palette, even better. Neutral tones throughout your home capture the signature simplicity of the city’s style. Plus they provide the perfect backdrop for any art or print elements you bring in - after all, The Netherlands are home to Van Gogh and Rembrandt!

It doesn’t come much more Dutch than a windmill. See how you can stay in a traditional Amsterdam location later in this piece.

New Orleans, USA

Background: The city of jazz is filled with unique design, and its interiors reflect that romance by accentuating the old and pairing it with Mardi Gras-inspired art pieces. Many people know the cast iron exteriors and lush courtyards filled with deep greenery, but New Orleans has a vibrant interior style scene to match.

Antiques, ironwork and crystals paired with soft velvets and bright colours are what you need to recreate the traditional interiors of this city. Wooden furniture brought over from colonial France blends with the craftsmanship of the Southern states. 

Key Features:  European inspired exteriors blended with French, Caribbean, and Southern traditions 

Get The Look: New Orleans is a city centred around its love of music, so if you have space in your home (and your budget), then a musical instrument or record player is a must. If you can recreate the city’s vibrant atmosphere, you’re halfway towards a NOLA home.

While the low glow of candlelight tends to give atmosphere to New Orleans’ jazz nights, traditional Southern uplights give its residents’ homes plenty of illumination while they spend their time there. So choose a mix of lamps that gives your space life through light.

French and Creole influence runs through the heart of New Orleans, both of which can be seen through the beautiful chandeliers in many homes in the city. While we can’t recommend spending your entire budget on one, crystal adorned décor may be the perfect substitution.

Finally, colour needs to be a big part of your NOLA style. Whether that’s through vibrant plants that mimic the quintessential courtyards through the city, or with brightly coloured paintings from one of its many local artists.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik, IcelandReykjavik, Iceland

Background: Reykjavik has enjoyed a design boom in the past decade, especially with the ongoing popularity of hygge style. They’ve moved through this Danish-origin movement to create their own unique Icelandic take on it.

Although it’s part of Scandinavia, Iceland has its own quirks and the bold designs of its interiors reflect this individuality that many of Reykjavik locals feel. Connection to nature is key for this theme, as is finding pleasure in the beauty of imperfect, raw materials you work with.

Key Features:  Minimalism, Hygge, Clean Design, Winter Berry aromas

Get The Look: Black furniture is a staple of Icelandic style, however you shouldn’t let this colour dominate. Lighter stained wood like ash, birch and oak should make up the contrasting furnishings throughout your home. Cosiness is always a factor with hygge, so scatter knitted materials across seats and sofas.

If neutral shades are your base, then hints of natural, outdoor-inspired colour can act as a room-by-room reminder of the beauty that surrounds Reykjavik. Whether that’s pastel yellows of its low sun, deep oranges of its volcanoes or the greenish blues of its hot springs. 

Raw materials are used constantly in Icelandic interiors, through lava stones as small decoration, or real sheepskin rugs that are passed down through generations. It’s very easy to find faux alternatives for this versatile material to create warmth and a vintage feel.

When lighting your Reykjavik-style home, remember that locals don’t see sunlight for months at a time, so large windows are a must to catch as much natural light as possible. If you don’t have large windows, cold light sources will help amplify your well-styled areas, while a mix of Edison bulbs add warmth to your home.

Manhattan, New York, USA

Manhattan, New York, USAManhattan, New York, USA

Background: Mastering the art of making small spaces look chic, Manhattan locals create artisan homes full of light, modern furniture and luxurious leafy plants. It’s one of the sought-after boroughs to live in New York City, thanks to the artistic scene alongside its recognisable legacy on TV.

While many of these shows depict Manhattan apartments as spacious homes for their residents, the
opposite is true. So locals have become experts at turning their spaces into incredibly stylish homes that create an illusion of airiness. 

Key Features: Open spaces, concrete beams, modern industrial materials. 

Get The Look: As much light on the walls as possible gives you a canvas to personalise through different colourways. Think rugs, throws and pillows on your furniture, but not too dark.

If you have small windows, hanging curtains or drapes a few inches from the ceiling and allowing them to pool on the floor will give the impression of them being bigger.

Wherever possible, your décor should have clean lines to replicate a modern Manhattan apartment. Sophistication is key, so you should carefully choose the amount of accessories you place through your space. Overcrowded maximalism won’t work in a small New York space.

If you live in a shared home, space is at an even bigger premium, so why not decorate together in this style? Creating one gallery wall together will allow you to add personality without compromising on the rest of the space.


When it comes to home inspiration, locations can ignite our imagination into embracing a full look. But what if none of these aesthetics are truly your match? We dove deeper into colour palettes that you can find inspiration from, and give any style its own unique twist. Keep reading to find out more.

Top 10 Colour Palettes of the World

Colour may be one of the most powerful tools in the world - it allows us to express ourselves without the use of words. No matter where you live or where you are in the world, there is a story to tell and history to explore through the shades around us. Read on as we uncover the top 10 colour palettes designed to inspire you.

Majorelle Garden, Morocco

Created over the course of 40 years, the Jardin Majorelle is one of the most enchanting and mysterious gardens in Morocco, home to over 300 plant species from 5 continents. The gardens were designed by the French Artist, Jacques Majorelle in 1924, then purchased by Yves St Laurent in 1980 to save it from a hotel project that would have destroyed it. 

Majorelle Gardens, Morocco. Deep blues and lush rainforest greensMajorelle Gardens, Morocco. Deep blues and lush rainforest greens

Salvador, Brazil

Brazilian mixed with African influences is the way of life in Salvador city. Founded by the Portuguese in the 16th century and located in the northeast of Brazil, this is known to be one of the oldest colonial cities in South America. With its spectacular carnivals, it's believed to be the birthplace of Brazilian culture. 

Salvador, Brazil. Pastel blues, pinks and yellowsSalvador, Brazil. Pastel blues, pinks and yellows

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa

One of the most photographed areas of the Mother City and one of the ‘Most Instagrammable Places in the world’. This neighbourhood dates back to the 1760s and its colourful houses speak of freedom from slavery. The choice of colour is said to be associated with the fact that while on lease, all the houses had to be white. When this rule was finally lifted, and the slaves were allowed to buy the properties, all the houses were painted in bright colours by their owners as an expression of their freedom. 

Bo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa. Pastels on steroids - vibrant greens and pinksBo-Kaap, Cape Town, South Africa. Pastels on steroids - vibrant greens and pinks

Anime City, Tokyo, Japan

A lively area in the north east of central Tokyo full of bright colours and lights. Akihabara got its nickname Electric Town from the black market that sprouted there after WWII. It is a shopping district that rapidly developed in the 1950s and the city is now known to be the centre of Japan’s “Otaku” population - in English “geek” population. But unlike the connotations "geek" has in English, "otaku" is more of a cultural identity that includes anime, manga, smartphones, games, maids and cosplay.

Anime City, Tokyo, Japan. Electric  blues and different hues of red Anime City, Tokyo, Japan. Electric  blues and different hues of red

Jodhpur, India

It’s no surprise that Jodhpur is dubbed as the Blue City. Its many shades help to instil a sense of calm and peace. Jodhpur was historically the capital of the Kingdom of Marwar, which is now part of Rajasthan.

Jodhpur, India. An array of blues, from pastel to electric blueJodhpur, India. An array of blues, from pastel to electric blue

Rod Fai Night Market, Bangkok, Thailand

The Rod Fai night market aka the train market is one of the most attractive markets in Bangkok, widely known  for its rainbow coloured stalls, it is a must for tourists to visit. The Market Zone is a massive collection of over 2,000 stalls selling everyday items such as shoes, trendy fashion, children’s toys and home furnishings. Prices are low, and bargaining is common!  

Rod Fai Night Market, Bangkok, Thailand. A rainbow of bright colours - purples, blues and greensRod Fai Night Market, Bangkok, Thailand. A rainbow of bright colours - purples, blues and greens

Havana, Cuba

Havana is the capital and largest city of Cuba. Its vibrant architecture reflects the city's colonial past and the settlers who made it their home. The houses of Old Havana show influences of Dutch, English, French, and Spanish architecture. Almost half of Havana's buildings are painted in pastel pinks, yellows, and "colonial blue”.

Havana, Cuba. Pastel pinks, yellows and colonial blueHavana, Cuba. Pastel pinks, yellows and colonial blue

Barcelona, Spain

Known for its eye-catching architecture. With its bright Gaudi-designed buildings and beautiful mosaics Barcelona is the place to be for lovers of vibrant colour schemes. To Barcelona, architecture is so much more than just Gaudí. Masters from around the world come to the city to visit its more modern building designs.

Barcelona, Spain. Deep blues and garnet redBarcelona, Spain. Deep blues and garnet red

Atrani, Italy

Separated from Amalfi by a rocky mountainside dotted with medieval watchtowers, the little village of Atrani has its own unique charms to discover: a perfect village placed  in between two hills that run along the Dragone River. Tucked away from urban traffic and noise, the center of Atrani is cuddled in among its ancient houses, which boast beautiful balconies full of flowers.  

Atrani, Italy. Earthy tones with hints of of reds and blues Atrani, Italy. Earthy tones with hints of of reds and blues

San Francisco, USA

San Francisco ranks as one of the greatest cities in the world! Famous for its colourful Victorian houses, cable cars, its dynamic waterfront, and the wonder that is the golden gate bridge. This is one city that truly has it all. Today, people come from all over the world to enjoy it’s Victorian architectural heritage in Haight-Ashbury and Alamo Square - back-dropped by downtown skyscrapers, providing a stunning contrast, it’s no surprise that this is San Francisco’s most photographed neighbourhood. 

San Francisco, USA. Pastel yellow, blues and purplesSan Francisco, USA. Pastel yellow, blues and purples

The Definitive List of Unique Airbnbs You Need To Visit

Airbnb offers escapes like no other, and has allowed us to experience countries in a deeper way than your average hotel. Staying in homes from home gives us access to a wealth of unique home design ideas - ones we never even knew existed. Check out some of Airbnb’s hidden treasures here, and get inspired.

Secluded Intown Treehouse - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Secluded Intown Treehouse - Atlanta, Georgia, USASecluded Intown Treehouse - Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Having been named Airbnb’s “#1 most wish-listed property in the world” - this treehouse radiates a laid-back, southern charm, complete with antique furniture and organic linens. Gracious, calming and comfortable, it consists of three separate areas - mind (the sitting room), body (the bedroom) and spirit (the hammock deck) each connected by rope bridges.  

Une nuit dont seules les étoiles peuvent témoigner - Dournazac, Haute-Vienne, France

A magical moment translating to “a night that only the stars can testify to.” This place is perfect if you’re really looking for something out of the box! Everything comes together for an unforgettable experience. The transparency of the bubble offers a view of the stars at night, making it perfect for a romantic getaway.  

The Seashell House - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Perfect for anyone who’s dreamed of their very own paradise under the sea! Architect Eduardo Ocampo wanted to build a house for his brother Octavio, a famous painter, and he needed something unusual. Eduardo became influenced by the mountains of seashells in the area and was inspired to actually build a seashell house.

Skylodge Adventure Suites - Urubamba, Peru

One for climbing enthusiasts and adrenaline junkies! Located in the mountains of Peru, this Skylodge really exudes peace, allowing you to be one with your thoughts, surrounded by nothing but nature. A transparent luxury capsule that hangs from the top of a mountain in the Sacred Valley Peru, to sleep at Skylodge you have to climb 400 mt. of Via Ferrata or hike a daunting trail through ziplines. The exclusive suites offer a transparent hanging bedroom, where you’ll appreciate the magic of a 300 degree view of the majestic Sacred Valley. 

HIDEOUT BALI - Selat, Bali, Indonesia

HIDEOUT BALI - Selat, Bali, IndonesiaHIDEOUT BALI - Selat, Bali, Indonesia

Far away from the chaos of city life, this relaxing space serves as the ideal hideaway for all adventurous travellers. Hideout is a one-of-a-kind eco-stay hidden in the mountains of Gunung Agung volcano and has been voted #4 most wished accommodations at Airbnb in the world. A once in a lifetime experience, Hideout is as authentic as you’ll ever get in terms of  the Balinese village life experience. 

A Windmill Near Amsterdam - Abcoude, Utrecht, Netherlands

Ever wondered what the life of a miler would be like? Now you can live it yourself. Nothing is more idyllic than staying in a windmill near Amsterdam. Set in the beautiful countryside, this place is the definition of character - filled with beams, light and beauty. There’s even space for bikes here, making sure that you get the full Dutch experience during your stay.  

Cahercastle - Galway, Ireland

Described as the most magical place to stay, live out your hibernian dreams in this Galway beauty. A national monument, recently refurbished, the owner has managed to keep much of its original and rustic charm to ensure you get the full royal experience. Cahercastle has been standing since the late 1400s and is full of quirky touches. A piece of Irish history surrounded by the open countryside, you can expect lots of winding staircases, a few sheep and cows in the nearby fields, and plenty of peace and quiet!

A Pirate Ship On The Mississippi River - Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA

Mississippi has a long history with pirates - they once lurked the Mississippi River - and now you can follow in their footsteps. A one of a kind pirate ship that sits on the river, on theme inside and out, you can yo-ho your way through your stay. The Ship is 65' long, has two bedrooms, two heads, a hammock and numerous nooks to hideout at.

Airship 2 - Drimnin, Scotland, United Kingdom

Airship 2 - Drimnin, Scotland, United KingdomAirship 2 - Drimnin, Scotland, United Kingdom

Experience stunning views from every angle. This is a truly spectacular location and an incredibly special place to stay. According to the owners, here you can "retreat to the deck of this sustainable getaway and gaze at the twinkling constellations under a cosy tartan blanket”. AirShip 2 is an iconic, insulated aluminium pod designed by Roderick James with views of the Sound of Mull from its dragonfly windows.  

Snow Igloo - Pelkosenniemi, Finland

Come to Lapland and explore the wilderness, experience real snow igloos with real beds inside, According to experts, it only ever gets as warm as 16 °C (61 °F) in an igloo. Are you brave enough to sleep in one? Imagine the view of the stars and the stories you can tell as you venture out into the snow in this gorgeous Finnish forest setting. As expected, it’s always below zero temperatures inside the igloo so make sure you layer up - warm hats, socks and gloves, everything thermo!  

Birdbox - Forde, Vestland fylke, Norway

An elegantly simple design unlike anywhere you’ve ever stayed before. This contemporary Birdbox Airbnb is located within a small old farm, providing incredible views of the Blegja and the Førdefjord mountain ranges in Norway. Surround yourself with calm flowing rivers, trees in the wind and hiking trails. What more could you really ask for? 

Tranquil Forest Haven - Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sip a refreshing glass of spring water and take in the outstanding views of the jungle. This architectural masterpiece is located in the heart of the forest where you can immerse yourself in your surroundings as you swim under waterfalls, look out for local wildlife and pick beautiful fruits! 

Bird Island - Stann Creek Dist, Belize

Bird Island, BelizeBird Island, Belize

Have you ever wanted to enjoy your own private island? Located inside one of the most incredible atolls in Belize, Bird Island is a magical place close to islands and reefs, which you can explore by kayak. With your very own bar where you can watch the sunset, as well as an endless choice of outdoor activities at your fingertips, you’ll be living the dream life!

Casa Tiny - Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

Minimalism at its finest! Casa Tiny in Oaxaca, Mexico is ideal if you’re looking for a place to escape to near the ocean. Enjoy the views from the private beach, away from the noise of the city - even make a pizza in the brick oven! This place is the perfect location for couples or solo travellers alike. And what surroundings - everywhere you look is breathtaking. 

A Secluded Mountain Cabin - Bellegra, Lazio, Italy

Fall in love with this cottage surrounded by olive trees and mountain views. Made up of stone and timber, it’s stepped straight out of a fairytale. You’ll be able to enjoy the host’s wine as well as his numerous cats and kittens during your stay. This site is located on the hills between Bellegra and Olevano Romano and offers an experience of Italy from a different perspective. 

Discover more décor ideas inspired by the most beautiful tourist destinations here or shop our collection of premium quality candles to help you  make everyday at home a vacation.

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