Become a PartyLite Brand Ambassador

Turn what you love to do into revenue with the PartyLite Affiliate Program


Why become a PartyLite Brand Ambassador?

15% Commission

Unlock the power of your influence and earn a minimum of a 15% commission when you share PartyLite and your followers purchase.

30 Day Cookie

Our generous 30 Day Cookie window keeps your followers connected & keep you earning.

Monthly & Weekly Specials

A large library of Creative Banners and Special Offers are offered weekly! - providing endless opportunities to share and earn.

Performance Reporting

A library of standard performance reporting makes it easy to track and optimize your progress and earning.

Are you a good fit?

Our Brand Ambassador Program is an easy way to earn commissions doing what you love!

Content Creator Queen/King

You rule the the social realm with a crown or creativity, crafting compelling stories & mesmerizing visuals with royal flair

Social Media Maven

You're a digital virtuoso, orchestrating captivating content, cultivating communities, while weaving social media magic for friends and followers.

Creative Curator

Crafting captivating content that captivates and influences is your calling card. You ignite inspiration and instigate interaction.

How to Get Started

Join the Program

Create a FREE account in mere minutes - It's easy!

Promote PartyLite

Join the PartyLite Program, access our special offers & let the sharing begin.

Get Paid & Grow

Earn commissions (& rewards - coming soon) with every order you personally influence.


Who can become a PartyLite Brand Ambassador?

If you have a presence on Social Media, you can join our program and become a PartyLite Brand Ambassador. Sharing the products you love can be profitable! Try it - Join Today!

What promotion methods are acceptable?

Sharing PartyLite is easy - Share posts about your favorite PartyLite products on your social media pages, create reels and videos, write a blog, and share sales! Click the Apply Now link for the full set of Terms and Conditions and get started with a Free account today! What have you got to lose?

How do I join?

Joining takes mere minutes. Join Share A Sale by clicking the Apply Now button above, create an account, then join the PartyLite Program. Once approved into both Share A Sale and PartyLite, share your custom link with friends, family and followers, and see the commissions flow in!

Can I join if I don't have a website

You can! - All you need is a public facing social media account. (Facebook or Instagram for example)

How do I get paid?

Share A Sale tracks all the orders placed after clicking on your link. You will be paid a 15% commissions on all validated sales, once a month. The more you share - the more you earn. - See the full set of Program Details and Terms and Conditions when you apply.

Where can I find all the program details?

Click Apply Now to visit the Share A Sale website and learn more about Affiliate Marketing and Becoming a Brand Ambassador with PartyLite!