When Christmastime comes around, creating fresh interiors every year can be a challenge, especially as trends come and go all the time. But for the 2020 Christmas season we’ve taken four of our favourite trend-led themes and added a PartyLite twist to them. Whatever your budget, we’ve picked out the perfect changes you can make at home, whether you love tradition, elegance, vibrant colours or minimalism.

So if you’re just looking for a fragrance to match your colour scheme, or are looking to make extensive adaptations to your décor, here are four themes that will make sure your home stands out from the rest this Christmas.  

Traditional Cosy Christmas

The majority of familiar Christmas rituals are influenced by 16th century Germany. This is where people began to decorate evergreen trees with small candles and ornaments. This tradition carried over to England when Queen Victoria adopted it in the 1800s, and in turn carried over to America. Since then our Christmas traditions have developed into the look we all know and love. Fit for a Christmas card scene, the snowy outdoors contrasted by cosy fireside homes is one we all think of for the festive season. Think Bing Crosby, It’s A Wonderful Life and chestnuts roasting on an open fire. 

These traditions will delight everyone thanks to red, gold and green tinsel, stockings to hang on the mantelpiece for the whole family, ornaments on the tree and wreaths on your front door. Mid 20th century America had this look down to a T, and while we love the folk origins of this theme, 2020 is about bringing a modern twist to that traditional Christmas.

To start off with this classic theme, why not choose to go back and try a quintessentially American tradition of a family Christmas card to send to your loved ones? Dress up in Christmas jumpers, gather in front of a fire and recreate a vintage-style photo to send out to people. 

Stockings filled to the brim with small presents are key to a traditional Christmas, lay them out on a mantelpiece to complete the look, even better if it’s over a fireplace. Add a modern twist to conventional décor by displaying typically festive objects like chestnuts, baubles and holly sprigs in clear glass holders for a 2020 take on Christmas conventions. 

You’ll want to match a Christmas fragrance to this theme, and nothing says classic Christmas like a gingerbread house with a sip of eggnog on the side for that final traditional touch.

PartyLite Gingerbread 3-Wick Jar Candle

Modern Colourful Christmas

We’re dreaming of a colourful Christmas that’s unlike anything you’ll have tried before. Think of colours with the saturation turned all the way up, unafraid of bright shades. This trend broke through at the beginning of the last decade before making a comeback for Christmas 2018 after neon was spotted on the catwalks of many of the top fashion houses for Spring 2019. It’s a look that is sure to make your house stand out. To make this trend pop at home, take inspiration from primary and secondary colours as your base colourway, choose hyper-real brightness and take a modern twist on contemporary Christmas.

To start, we recommend choosing some base colours to incorporate throughout your home, think brilliant shades of pink or green. Incorporate the hues into your home through adding dazzling cushions and sofa throws alongside bright tree and home decorations. Why not think about changing over your wall art to some bold pop art-influenced Christmas prints to bring your rooms to life?

If you have a big budget, go against tradition and invest in a neon Christmas tree, not only will it light up the room but you’ll be saving money on buying a new tree each year, then wrap all of your presents in block neon colours to place under the tree. Make your front door stand out from the rest by buying a neon wreath to match your tree - there’s no way Santa will miss your house then. When you’re sitting down for Christmas dinner, make sure you have a bright-coloured tablecloth with vivid napkins to match. 

This theme is bright, bold and dazzling so you’ll need the scents to match. So if you want a super colourful decorative fragrance form that will last and last, PartyLite has the perfect topping to this theme. 

PartyLite Candied Berries 3-Wick Jar Candle

Serene and Spiritual Christmas

Although this is a trend that focuses on similar traditions to a Cosy Christmas, the shimmer of white and silver colourways dominate this minimal and spiritual take on Christmas. Simplicity is what makes this season shine, especially at a time when we’re trying to cut down on wasteful spending that much more, this is a trend you can build up with little extras year on year. Think about pastel palettes and iridescent surfaces on your décor while thinking about where you can add sophisticated changes to your theme. Keep the traditional gold and silver we know and love, but leave behind the red and green.

Evoking serenity and thankfulness for this theme is extremely important, so incorporate Christmas candle centrepieces that celebrate the holy family for a peaceful home for Christmas. If you prefer secular décor, celebrate nature with the same tranquility with porcelain animal pieces. 

Real trees are an elegant must-have and always celebrate the greenery, so there’s no need to excessively accessorise it. Ceramic or light wood ornaments that are treasured by your family are perfect to reflect this theme. Choose items that have been passed down to you, or select new ones that you'll pass to your family in future. Choosing pieces with meaning helps us reflect on our thankfulness and togetherness at such an important time of the year. 

Bring this relaxing theme to life with the right fragrance. Choose an aroma that celebrates a natural forest, or perhaps the fresh elegance of a mint and vanilla blend

PartyLite Evergreen Fir 3-Wick Jar Candle

Contemporary Glamorous Christmas

If diamonds are your best friend, this is the trend for you. Bring aesthetic glamour to Christmas thanks to a monochromatic colour-scheme matched up with metallic flourishes using rose-gold, brass and silver. Think luxurious décor for your tree, faux-fur and sequins on everything(well, maybe not quite everything!), with a ‘less-is-more’ attitude when it comes to the colour. You live an indulgent lifestyle and this contemporary theme reflects that.

Because this style is over-the-top and then some, you’re going to decorate your tree with silver baubles with no tinsel. If you want extra Christmas décor, then you want it to be glamorous but refined. Complete the luxurious look by setting your table with opulent rose-gold cutlery, gold flecked plates and gold-rimmed champagne flutes, plus you’ll want to match your Christmas fragrance with a decadent display.

Nothing says cosmopolitan like a bottle of expensive bubbly, so match this theme with a sparkling fragrance that’s sugary and sweet, or if cocktails are more your thing, then this juicy and smoky elixir will set a glamorous mood.

PartyLite Cranberry Prosecco 3-Wick Jar Candle

Get ready for Christmas with PartyLite

Even if you can’t totally refresh your festive décor, a new yuletide fragrance can totally change your perspective and breathe new life into your home. So if you want to stimulate a new sense, are looking to add a modern twist on freshness or sweetness then choose a fragrance form that will transform your Christmas home. If nostalgia is more your thing, and you want to invoke some cherished festive kitchen or outdoor memories, then deck your halls with PartyLite fragrances that will whisk you away.

To get further inspiration, discover our full collection here, and take a look at our entire Christmas collectionhere.

Ben Lavers