Looking for something for a positive mind and soul? Make this your year of wellbeing and balance, taking care of you and making life better every single day. That’s what inspired us to create our collection of Essential Oils and Pure Fragrance, BeBalanced by PartyLite™. BeBalanced is a range that focuses on the best plant-derived, mood-enhancing ingredients.

We’ve all experienced days where stress, sadness or frustration can overwhelm us and cloud our focus. So what if we had the power to take time to change it? That’s what this collection is all about. We’ve created a range of home fragrances, wearable fragrances and innovative décor designed to change your mood state and let you get back in control of your day.

BeBalanced Oil

Our Exciting Essential Oil + Pure Fragrance Collection

We didn’t come up with our essential oils alone. Instead, we delved into centuries of wisdom around plant-derived aromatherapies. Sourcing the finest plant-derived ingredients from where those plants grow best, we developed eight BeBalanced Essential Oils. Each one creates a unique mood state and promotes well-being, helping you deal with the demands of today’s busy world.

We created a range of oils that are designed for your whole life, starting with those that fragrance the space around you. At home, at work or on your travels, BeBalanced can be used to unlock a positive mind & soul. We’ve also created a range that is made to apply directly to the skin, delivering all-day fragrance and mood boosting power.

Find out more about the fragrances that can be used on their own or combined, to uplift, relax and so much more. 

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Keeping Things Natural

When we created this new collection, we first wanted to ensure it was created on a foundation of natural, ethical principles. That’s why we first created the No-No List™, a list of questionable ingredients we pledged not to include in our products. You can find out more about what’s in that list, and why it’s important to us, here.

From that founding principle, we knew that keeping this collection all natural held the power to create something amazing. We searched the globe for the most ethical and high quality sources for the ingredients and ensured that the manufacture of these fragrances was never over-complicated or intrusive. Instead, it ensures you’re taking home products that maintain the power of those natural ingredients. The result? A collection that lets you fill your home with powerful fragrances filled with goodness.


Inspired by Spa Relaxation

We couldn’t spend time bringing you these therapeutic fragrances without developing an innovative burner and diffuser to match. When our team designed these unique delivery systems for the BeBalanced range, they had innovation and spa-like treatment in mind.

The result is two pieces to let you experience natural fragrance in the calm of your home. The Illuminescents Fragrance Warmer is ideal for small spaces, or taking your fragrance on the road with you. For larger spaces at home, the Ultrasonic Diffuser is the perfect plug-in. Not just elegant, these clever products have lots of features you’ll love. Find out what makes them special here.

BeBalanced Candles

Take Balance On The Go

We know that life can be busy, so finding the time to relax alone can be tough. Whatever keeps you on the go, you don’t have to miss out on BeBalanced fragrance thanks to our Rollerballs.

Featuring the same powerful essential oils as the rest of our collection, each of the four Rollerballs is created in a skin-safe formula. That means you can apply your selection to any of your pulse points all throughout the day. You’ll experience a new mood, straight from your pocket, anywhere you go.

BeBalanced Candles

More Forms You’ll Love At Home

We know that many PartyLite lovers can’t resist trying their favourite fragrance accompanied by the calming flicker of candlelight. So we’ve included a new style of candle in the BeBalanced collection. These 100% Soy Wax Candles are a truly natural wax blend, infused with the same fragrance oils that go into our essential oils.

We’ve paired up fragrances to create four pre-blended candles, creating their own moods for you to enjoy. 

Want to find out more about de-stressing your life this season? Check out our wellness tips and breathe in a better mood every single day.

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