Ever wondered what are the best PartyLite home styling accessories to tell your style story? Our Mix Your Way collection is the most versatile PartyLite home styling accessories. The range is our Consultant’s favourite because you can decorate your fragrance your way. The versatile Jar Sleeves, Stands and Pedestals let you create a look that suits you and your home. They’re also easy to assemble and easy to swap.

All our Mix Your Way home styling accessories are also designed to reflect your mood as well as your style.

So what makes them so special?

So Many Choices

We’ve got double jar stands and single pedestals, all in a choice of metal and painted finishes. Then you can add your choice of Jar Candle or even a Pillar Candle. It’s up to you. Then get the range of sleeves to really enhance your fragrance. The Sleeves are easy to slip on and slip off, whenever you want.

Designs To Suit the Seasons

Designs To Suit the Seasons

Each season has a range of designs to match. Spring brings Morning Tide and Afternoon Breeze with cut out designs to truly allow your Signature Scent to shine. Depending on which seasonal collection your favourite fragrance belongs to, you can match it with the Jar Sleeve to fully complement your scent style.

Top TipWhy not use a GloLite Jar instead of a 3-Wick Jar to enhance your style even more?

To Suit Every Room

You wouldn’t decorate your kitchen the same as your bedroom. Or bathroom like your hallway. The beauty of Mix Your Way is you can choose different designs for each room. Morning Tide could add a calming seaside effect to your bedroom and Afternoon Breeze could match the cushions in your sitting room.

To Suit Every Room

Top TipTry placing your Sleeve on a heat-resistant tile instead of a pedestal and truly make your style statement!

Designs To Suit Your Mood

Style changes. No one likes just one look in their home. Style often depends on your mood. One day, you might want the cosy glow of the rose gold of our Honeycomb Sleeve. A few days later you might prefer the fresh blue designs of the Morning Tide Sleeve. This is why the Mix Your Way sleeves are quick and easy to change.

We’d love to see how you’ve styled Mix Your Way. Share your photos with us on social media.

Madalina Stan