We love our candle accessories at PartyLite. And of course our Home Styling Team do too. They create each piece in conjunction with our Fragrance Team to be sure the look marries with the new seasonal scents.

Here’s 6 reasons why our accessories are the best.

#1 Accessories enhance fragrance

With accessories, it’s even easier to personalise your scent. You can choose accessories that best express your personal home style. All our accessories are designed alongside the fragrances so that they all enhance your seasonal scent.

#2 Designs to suit every taste

Our Home Styling Team always make sure to create collections so that there’s plenty of choice. There’s always a style to suit every home. We’ve even got trends for every season and festivity. Be sure to explore our Halloween, Christmas and Easter fragrance accessories.

Designs to suit every taste

#3 Versatility and creativity

Our versatile fragrance accessories are ideal for people who like to create displays in their homes. If you love holding gatherings at your home, you’ll want to set your table with an inviting centrepiece. Try one of our beautiful hurricanes flanked by matching votive or tealight holders. Add tealights in Your Signature Scent and you’ve created a stunning display. Or try a GloLite Pillar Garden on a trio of Colour Stop Candle Bases. We offer so many options to express your creativity with fragrance and candlelight!

#4 The Best Fragrance Performance

Our holders are all tested with our candles and flame-free fragrance forms so you know that they work perfectly together. With our candle accessories, you’ll get the best burn and the best fragrance throw.

#5 Inside, outside and on the go

There’s so much choice with PartyLite accessories. Try SmartScents Holders just about anywhere for fragrance that you don’t have to think about – just add a few SmartScents and enjoy all day, all night fragrance for weeks. Or our GoSmart Mobile Fragrance Holder that puts fragrance wherever you go. Our Lanterns and Hurricanes are ideal for use outdoors since they protect candle flame from breezes. Don’t forget to bring your holders indoors when you’re not using them.

Inside and outside

#6 The Beauty of GloLites

GloLites are the most luxurious choice. Beautiful displayed with accessories or glowing on their own. Pop yours onto a shelf or display in your hallway.

Those are just six reasons why PartyLite accessories are the best. If you have more share them with us via our social channels!

Madalina Stan