Home fragrance has always been thought of as a more feminine point of interest, which is why when special occasions arise, we turn to beautifully-scented candles, essential oils and giftable sets as fail-safe women’s gift ideas. Be it a housewarming present, a wedding gift or a sweet birthday wrap-up, candles serve as an ever-popular choice when it comes to women’s gifting - but what about the men in our lives?

A cosy home that looks and smells beautiful is something we can all appreciate, so why not invite your partner to embrace the beauty of home fragrances, too? The popularity of more masculine scents is at an all time high, so whether your other half is a scent novice, or looking to explore their options, we’re here with a whole host of inspiring fragrances to choose from. 

What makes scents masculine?

The scents that we are drawn to are very personal to us. For some, the classic aroma of fresh linen is one that will prove impossible to beat. For others, sweet and fruity smells are their go-to fragrances. With this in mind, you may find yourself wondering where to start when it comes to shopping for the best candles for men. You could ask yourself, “What are masculine scents? What do masculine fragrances smell like? And are there specific scented candles for men?”

Typically speaking, masculine fragrances tend to be characterised by muskier, spicier notes. Ingredients like sandalwood, patchouli and rosewood lend an earthy appeal that’s often popular with men, with the distinct aromas of leather, tobacco and whisky often used as defining notes. 

Our exotic fragrance personality features a selection of distinguishing scents that are particularly appealing to the male nose. From the distinctive fragrance of wood-aged rich amber bourbon from our Bonfire Bourbon candles, to the spicy scent of our Cinnamon Woods fragrances, we’ve developed a medley of masculine aromas that will flavour the home with full-bodied fragrances your other half will adore (but of course if he prefers something floral, fruity, fresh, or gourmand we’ve got that covered, too!)

Candles For Gifting

Man and woman smiling and kissing while man holds candle at tableMan and woman smiling and kissing while man holds candle at table

Candles and home fragrances pose a timelessly popular gift choice, but while this present idea is one you may usually reserve for the women in your life, treating a man you love to a candle is an equally wonderful idea. Candles serve as great gifts for plenty of reasons that aren’t reserved to women - they’re aesthetically pleasing (especially our jar candles and decorative candles!), they illuminate the home, and add a scent that expresses your personality to any room. The addition of a candle in any setting enhances a feeling of warmth, creating an inviting surrounding for him, his partner, or guests. Who doesn’t love one in the centre of the dinner table to make mealtimes a more romantic affair, or added to a bedside table for a soft flicker of light when dusk settles? 

If you’ve bought aftershave or perfume for your other half in the past, then shopping for a candle he’ll love should be pretty easy. Take time to consider the types of fragrances he leans towards and use this knowledge when shopping for something for the home. If you aren’t at all sure where to begin, be sure to take a look at our Boyfriend Candle collection for some inspiration. 

Looking for a gift enriched with personal appeal? Candles and home fragrances are ideal. Taking the time to cherry pick the perfect candle by researching the finer details like the scent notes and aesthetic will demonstrate just how well you know your partner. Much like the scents we choose to wear, the way our home smells and the fragrances we are attracted to can reveal so much about who we are, which is why we group our scents by personality.

Immerse yourself in our inspiring selection of scents and discover everything from fresh and fruity fragrances to gourmand smells, exotic aromas and more. Once you have narrowed your search down to one specific personality, you can begin to explore those finer notes that your partner favours best. So, whatever his preference may be, you’re sure to find it with PartyLite.

Of course, it isn’t just candles that we specialise in - our master perfumers fashion home fragrances that arrive in a variety of different forms, each carefully crafted to help administer a soothing ambience to retreat to at the end of a long day. Guaranteed to transform the home into a more relaxing space, choose from our 3-Wick Candles, Essential Oils, SmartScents fragrance sticks and AromaPure (formulated especially for the car) and get set to sit back in a welcoming setting. So, whether he’s captivated by woody notes or he’s drawn to more spicy scents, you can relax knowing that the perfect fragrance for your loved one is only ever a few short clicks away.

Guys, ready to shop for yourself?

Man empties shopping bag and places boxes onto tableMan empties shopping bag and places boxes onto table

Selecting the perfect fragrance or accessory for your home can be tricky, particularly if you’ve never shopped for candles or home scents before. First, focus on the fragrances that appeal to you on a personal level, rather than opting for what you feel you ‘should’ go for. Your home is an extension of you and your personality, so be sure to choose something that you love. If exotic aromas are for you, take a look at our Sandalwood 3-Wick Jar Candle. Infused with saffron, cardamon, jasmine and sandalwood, this one has been tailored to those with a soft spot for all things spicy. For something intense and enticing, turn to the sensual scent of Leather Musk. Enlivened with masculine notes of leather, sandalwood and musk, this one is delicately softened with hints of rose and bergamot for a sensual yet sophisticated scent that will elevate any home.

For accessories to go with your candle or home fragrance, think about what will complement your existing style. Black and white décor will go with almost any colour through your home, or select a diffuser to use with essential oils in large spaces for a welcoming atmosphere. You could also choose a centrepiece that looks good with or without candles, ideal for times when you want to be creative at home!

Whatever you’re drawn to, there’s no right or wrong way to fragrance and decorate your home. So allow your personality to do the talking and create a welcoming space that’s a reflection of you in every way, right down to the scent that envelops each and every room. 

We’re the experts in home fragrance, read more in our latest collection here, find out what your fragrance personality is here.

Josh Millar