We love making the best home fragrances and standing out from the crowd is always our goal. That’s why we work with world-renowned perfumers to create them. This makes our fragrances more than just beautiful scents to fill your home…they’re the finest fragrances you can fill your life with.

Our candles offer a unique sensory experience unlike any other on the market. The soy and paraffin wax blend offers a consistent fragrance and a clean burn. And all our candles deliver enduring scent, lit and unlit.

All fragrances have notes. Our curated scents are fresh, fruit, floral, gourmand and exotic. All these can be experienced in our Everyday and Seasonal ranges. Everyone has the scents that they love which is why we always aim to make a wide range of fragrances for the home so there’s plenty of choice.

Fragrance Creation

Fragrance Creation

Every year, our Fragrance Team come together to share the current market trends – what’s happening in fashion, in the décor world, in color, in home, in textures, as well as attending amazing fragrance trend presentations. All this information is balanced out with PartyLite fragrance sales history to discover any missing fragrance opportunities. The archives can be just as much an inspiration as on-trend scents. From this point, the themes of the season begin to take shape with each season’s story coming to life.

These concepts are shared with our fragrance partners and from this point the talented perfumers go to work creating their interpretations of bringing the seasons alive through scent.

The Finest Ingredients

We use the world’s best ingredients and they are all specially selected for a ‘True To Life Scent’ experience. A fragrance is always better when you can immediately source it to its natural ingredients.

PartyLite Sun Kissed Linen Image

The Highest Quality Candles

Once the blends are created, each PartyLite fragrance is rigorously tested to ensure that every single wax and flameless form is as perfect as the next. The whole process takes a year to come to market! That’s loads of time for us to test and find the fragrances we love the most.

This was just a small peek into how PartyLite creates the fragrances you love. Bringing these scents to life is all about you making the Signature Scent for you.

Get our fragrances in a range of forms including Tealights, Votives, Scent Plus Wax Melts, SmartScents Flameless Fragrance Sticks and more!

What’s your favorite of our fragrance creations? We can’t choose! Tell us on social media with hashtag #PartyLiteNA

Madalina Stan