Whether it’s food, airborne or environmental smells, unwanted household odours are inevitable. With the right products, you can eradicate these smells easily and effectively. Discover the PartyLite Fresh Home collection and how you can use it to keep your house smelling its best.

What is Fresh Home?

PartyLite Fresh Home Collection

Fresh Home is a collection of odour neutralising fragrances formulated without any harsh chemicals. It naturally eliminates unwanted household scents and replaces them with long-lasting freshness. 

Fresh Home uses patented NEOfresh® technology to help you combat food and kitchen smells, banish pet odours, keep your car smelling fresh and provide your home with natural fragrance. 

As well as looking after your home, we want to help look after the planet too. That’s why all of the paper-based products in our collection are biodegradable, recyclable and made of paper from sustainable forests. 

What is NEOfresh® technology?

NEOfresh® technology is a  scientifically proven solution that neutralises common airborne and household odours. NEOfresh® technology identifies the individual molecules that make up bad smells and combats them directly with ingredients that bond to bad smell molecules to transform them, or even block the molecules of unpleasant odours from being picked up by our sense of smell.

Who is Fresh Home suitable for?

Everyone! Fresh Home fragrances are suitable for providing an added boost of freshness to any home, but are especially effective at targeting more intense odours.

What fragrances is Fresh Home available in?

Four PartyLite Fresh Home Fragrances

Lemon & Tea Tree
Crisp Italian lemon and tea tree blend with vibrant mint, eucalyptus and pomelo to bring citrus-grove freshness indoors.

Cotton Breeze
Clean and airy, cotton blossoms dance with fresh aloe flowers and peony petals in a gentle breeze scented with wild bergamot and blue chamomile.

Citrus Nectar
Citrus Nectar features a zesty blend of grapefruit, lemon and orange, with wild spearmint for a dash of freshness. The fruitful nature of Citrus Nectar makes it best enjoyed in your kitchen.

Lavender Sandalwood
Lavender Sandalwood is an uplifting medley of verbena, chamomile and lavender. It’s a winner in bathrooms for an invigorating feel that’s enjoyable all year round.

Perfect Pet
Perfect Pet has been specially created to combat pet odours and replace them with the soothing scent of lemon verbena, bergamot and aloe. Animal odours can strike in any room, which is why Perfect Pet is suited for use anywhere in your home.

What forms is Fresh Home available in?


PartyLite Fresh Home 12-pack of tealights

Our much-loved little candle that you can light and enjoy anywhere. Ideal for an intense boost of fragrance, our tealights create beautiful points of light throughout your home.

How to use:

  1. Ensure your tealight is in a suitable holder, on a secure and stable surface, away from any flammable items
  2. Light and enjoy
  3. Extinguish when not in use and never leave unattended

SmartScents Sticks™

PartyLite Fresh Home SmartScents Fragrance Sticks and the GoSmart Mobile Fragrance Holder

One of our most versatile forms, Fresh Home SmartScents Sticks™ are no oil, no liquid scented paper sticks. They offer up to 30 days of continuous fragrance.

Use in your GoSmart™ Mobile Fragrance Holder to scent your car or hang in your wardrobe. Also compatible with a wide range of SmartScents Holders to fit your décor style. 

How to use:

  1. Split the sticks to fit your desired fragrance strength
  2. Place into your favourite SmartScents Holder and enjoy


PartyLite Fresh Home SmartBlends

Banish odours instantly and flamelessly with SmartBlends™.

These fragranced paper pellets are a no liquid fragrance solution. Use SmartBlends™  in your favourite SmartBlends Warmer or Plug In to enjoy up to 60 hours of fragrance from one bottle when used as directed.

How to use:

  1. Remove the top of your warmer or plug in and pour one capful of SmartBlends™ into it
  2. Place the top inside your SmartBlends accessory and turn it on
  3. Enjoy instant fragrance
  4. As the fragrance dissipates, add a second capful
  5. Replace the SmartBlends™ when the fragrance fades
  6. Always turn off your SmartBlends accessory when not in use


PartyLite AromaPure Car Air Freshener

Made to be used with the AromaPure™ Car Freshener accessory , AromaPure™ disperses odour-eating scents for up to 45 days. The car freshener attachment comes with multiple fittings to be used in car vents, gym bags and more.

How to use:

  1. Slip your AromaPure™  into your AromaPure Car Freshener accessory
  2. Adjust the dial to suit your preferred strength
  3. Enjoy lasting freshness

Room Spray

PartyLite Fresh Home Room Spray

Our patented formula eliminates unwanted smells using natural essential oils. Our selection of odour neutralising sprays can be used on fabrics, delicates and in rooms with pets.

How to use:

  1. Simply spray on surfaces or in the room.

Are you ready to experience the odour-neutralising powers of Fresh Home? Discover the full range here, or browse our latest collection here.

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