Scandinavian design and interiors have been influencing trends in homes all over the world, and with it, hygge. An essential part of Scandinanvian culture, hygge is a Danish lifestyle trend that represents a feeling of cosiness and contentment, void of mess, clutter and stress.

Hygge is often associated with the seasons of autumn and winter, which is why we wanted to share with you our favourite autumn decorations, trends and fragrances to help you add a sense of hygge into your home.

Black Furniture

PartyLite White Lilac & Ivy 3-Wick Jar Candle

The concept of hygge is to inspire comfort and calm, so loud colour schemes and bold prints and patterns are a big no no. Think monochrome touches or black accents to help make a subtle statement in any room.

Black is a neutral shade that helps to set a relaxing space without being overpowering, making it a great colour to work into your autumn room décor.

Introducing black furniture and stained timber sparingly into your home adds effortless style and complements the warming soft furnishings that are more obviously hygge. If you can, stick with matte black to avoid looking too striking. 

Black glass coffee tables and industrial bookcases are great larger, structural options. If you’re looking for something more subtle, black aluminium photo frames, vases and lamps are excellent decorative pieces for adding a black silhouette.

Enhance the serenity of your space with a refreshing fragrance. Our White Lilac & Ivy fragrance has notes of fresh greens and myrtle leaves, gathered with white lilacs and garden geraniums which perfectly complements the sense of calm that your black furniture brings. Discover more fragrances here.

Earthy Tones

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Pure black furniture on its own can make a room feel cold, so invoke a sense of warmth and comfort by layering in autumn decorations in earthy tones. Colours like olive green, taupe, slate grey, beige and caramel instantly give any room a soothing feel. These natural shades lean more neutral than standout and striking, making them the perfect fit for anyone looking to add a little hygge to their space.

Repainting your walls might be a bit of a drastic change, so we recommend sprinkling your preferred earth tones in through soft furnishings and standalone accessory pieces.

Hang up a print, lay down a rug, swap out your cushion covers or update your plant pots with organic, calming hues that ooze homely. Be careful not to over do it though. Hygge is comfy, not crowded. If your room is on the smaller side or has little natural light, stick with paler colours like ecru, blush and cinnamon to add brightness. Incorporate furniture with black accents to give depth.

Play to the bountiful nature of autumn by fragrancing your spaces with scents of the Earth. Look out for woodland-inspired aromas, like our Golden Birch home fragrance. With sweet patchouli, cedarwood, smooth spices and warming vanilla, it’s a snug scent to get wrapped up in. Or try Sunflower Kisses, where armfuls of autumn sunflowers are kissed with orange and lemon nectar..

Comforting Textures

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Hygge is more than just a visual trend. That’s why your autumn décor needs to feel good as well as look good. 

For autumn textures, you might automatically jump to pumpkins and pinecones, but you want to go with what’s going to inspire a sense of happiness and well-being for you. Danes like to mix their materials in order to add interest to their interiors. Soft fabrics like wool, faux fur and cotton are a popular combination, and they’re naturally found in earthy tones. Stay away from synthetic fibres and textures like polyester, plastic and nylon. These don’t offer the same authenticity and comfort as natural textures.

Hyggekrog is the Danish term for a snug or comfortable place to sit, and we think that every home should have one. Try draping a woolen blanket over your sofa or armchair to create your own. Leather is also classed as a natural fibre. Older, more worn leathers are often much more snug than brand new. So before you purchase a brand new leather chair for your hyggekrog, see if you have a lived-in or vintage piece you can bring out of storage.


A crossover between Japanese minimalism and Scandi simplicity. Japandi is a hybrid of elegant Eastern influence and rustic, contemporary Nordic style.

Japanese and Nordic design is distinguishable but also highly complementary. The two share distinct traits, like an uncluttered approach, clean lines and a subdued colour palette.

Try the Japandi trend for yourself by mixing earth-toned Scandi hues with darker and deeper Japanese-style statement pieces. While you might have a sofa in a natural hue, using elements from the Black Furniture trend will really tie it all together. An ideal complementary piece would be a coffee table or lamp in a darker shade.

Add in practical Japanese accents like porcelain vases or paper screens alongside your more homely Scandi pieces that incorporate the Comforting Textures trend, like plush rugs and linen cushion covers to make an area soft and snug. 

Natural Materials

Tamboti Woods Fragrance

Another way to add earthy tones and comforting textures into your home and create a strong sense of warmth is by using natural fabrics. Materials like wood, stone, rattan and natural fibres have a neutral tone that are easy to dress up to your taste, and for each season. They also perfectly encapsulate the Nordic style, making them a great choice for bringing hygge into your home. And don’t forget about more unique natural fibres like bamboo and silk. These are popular natural materials in Eastern design and can help you incorporate the Japandi trend too

Light natural wood floors and surfaces pair perfectly in your kitchen, while woven baskets and planters can be scattered around for a hygge bedroom and living room. Another small idea is to lay an undyed linen table runner across your table for a quick and easy way to change up the feel of your dining area.

PartyLite Fragrances for Autumn

Hygge is more than just making your home look nice, it’s about making it feel inviting. And here at PartyLite, we know that fragrance is the best way to invoke your senses. Take home the scents of the season with our fragrance collections. Each fragrance has been crafted to inspire a feeling of comfort and warmth, perfect for the season of shorter days and cooler nights.

We know that everyone has a different taste, a different style, which is why our selection of fragrances feature a little something for everyone.

Reap the rewards of the harvest without having to lift a finger with our Spiced Pumpkin fragrance, or feel refreshed with our fruity blends of Blueberry Tart and Blackberry Jam. Not quite you? Satisfy your sweet tooth with our classic Marshmallow Vanilla fragrance. 

Our autumn collection is blended by master perfumers using nature’s finests ingredients. Let us help you feel content and cosy at home by browsing all our fragrances today.

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