Summer is a perfect time to have friends over to enjoy your home, inside and outside. Patios, gardens, conservatories, you name it – there’s no better place to have a get together in the sunshine with your best friends. So how do you plan for a day, and night, to remember? From nailing your outdoor décor to creating the perfect garden atmosphere, we’ll show you how to transform your space to a midsummer night’s dream. We’ve got a few clever tips to make your party pop this summer, making sure it’s one of many celebrations in the sun.

Add some pop-up décor to set the mood

You’d never host a dinner party without throwing a fancy runner over your dining table, and the same applies to your garden. For outdoor spaces with less greenery, add some fake flower garlands to brighten up your garden. Utilise any trees you have and pin bunting, balloons and drape hanging decorations from their branches. Get that magical feel with pale pastel tones and dainty-looking accessories. Use ribbons and colourful string for delicate finishing touches. Keep a consistent theme by co-ordinating your decorations with your food and drinks.

Prep the right cocktails

Alcoholic or not, we love to match our drinks to our fragrances. Why not dress your garden in your preferred fragrance, then serve drinks inspired by the fragrance notes? So if you’re crazy about Pineapple Sugarcane, try a pina colada. Or if you’re mad for Mango Magic, whip up a delectable mango smoothie for your guests. Tying the experience together shows that magical, personal touch.

Include lots of fresh fruit for an instantly summery feel.

Think sunshine and shade

If you’re lucky enough to have the sun on your side, be sure that your guests have a shaded area to rest. Whether you opt for a temporary structure or set up your seating arrangement beneath the dappled shade of a tree, you can easily accommodate all of your guests’ needs. Larger setups like gazebos and tepees make great protection from the elements and are ideal for larger parties, but if your budget doesn’t stretch, keep some seating options in the naturally shaded part of your garden for a no-cost solution.

Plan your music ahead of time

Silence can be a mood killer, so consider creating a themed playlist to eliminate any awkward pauses. In the day, make your own white noise with soft, chilled out tunes to keep things mellow. Save your party starters for after hours. Switch on the mood lighting for some evening ambiance and dance the night away.

Transition into night time

Never let the party end before the fun has. We love prepping ahead for the advent of nightfall. You can add some uplighters to your garden path to ensure there’s always warm light on hand. Can’t afford something so permanent? We’ve got the solution. Pop PartyLite’s LED Candles all over the garden to get a glow that has no danger of flames or interruption from breezes. Or try PartyLite’s Glow-in-the-Dark Glass Orb Tealight Holder Stand on your garden table for a beautiful outdoor centrepiece. The orbs are made with glow in the dark dappled glass to offer a gently lumosity when the sun goes down. For lighting higher up, place fairy lights with battery packs draped in trees and hedges.

Get creative with your garden, remember these are only ideas! This is your party, so make it the outdoor summer event of your dreams. We’d love to see how you make your garden party your own, so show us on social using the #MyStyle hashtag.

Imo Gee