We’ve all been there. Your home is in need of a whole new look but your budget just won’t stretch to the dream style you’ve seen in the pages of the magazines. Don’t fear, we’ve done the hard work for you, digging out those style tips and clever solutions that can spruce things up for less than you might think. We’ve even added them into a fun and handy little infographic to spark your makeover imagination.

When it comes to the bathroom, it’s a room we spend a lot of time in and want to look its freshest and cleanest round the clock. And a little bit of on-trend style on top is always a must, of course. So whether it’s a big change done at a pocket-friendly price, or a little revamp that brings a faded style back to life, keep reading.

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Let’s start with those big ideas to transform a bathroom into a whole new space, without breaking the bank. If your space is outdated or looking a little shabby, these solutions can elevate the room’s look in an instant.

Bathroom tile ideas

1. Make tiling go further
Who says you have to go the whole hog and cover your bathroom with your chosen tile? If you’re putting brand new tiles in but can’t stretch the budget to cover every wall, be creative. Many stylish bathrooms simply cover the bottom half of each wall, making them elegant and practical all at once.

2. A statement tile wall
If you’re blessed with a well-ventilated bathroom, humidity won’t be an issue when it comes to your choice of wall coverings. So why not simply cover the wall behind your sink in a stylish tile, ensuring clean-up is a cinch where you really need it?

3. Try stickers and decals
For an even better option for your budget, cover up existing tiles that are outdated with tile stickers or decals. These cover-ups offer a seamless update to your bathroom look and are just as easy to clean. Especially perfect for covering up old-fashioned printed tiles you’ve inherited from a previous owner.

A bathroom sink in front of bathroom tiles

Bathroom wallpaper ideas

4. Add some quirky patterns
A little something unique can give any dull bathroom a lift. Printed wallpaper featuring wildlife prints, seascapes or even flamingos are all bold and trend-led ways to add your personality. Don’t want to go all out? Simply choose a statement wall and cover it with your favourite pattern or print. And don’t forget that when it comes to your bathroom, always choose a moisture-resistant wallpaper that has a thick vinyl coating. Vinyl is durable, washable and deflects any moisture to keep your bathroom fresh.

5. Graphic and geometric prints
For something more modernist, add a striking graphic printed wallpaper. The right geometric pattern in light shades can help small spaces feel larger. Choose something with metallic highlights for a trend-led touch.

6. Expose your brickwork
Looking for a more industrial feel? Brickwork-effect wallpaper adds a contemporary and stylish touch to elevate any bathroom. Contrast crisp tile with exposed brickwork wallpaper on the top half of your statement wall. Loft-style raw red brick is a striking look that immediately adds interest to an all-white bathroom.

Bathroom colour ideas

7. An accent ceiling
Add colour or pattern in a unique way by leaving neutral block shades on your walls and choosing a bold look for your ceiling. For larger bathrooms add patterned wallpaper, or a bright coloured paint. For smaller rooms, choose a paler shade so the space feels open and airy.

8. Moody ombre
Ombre colourways, where two hues of colour blend seamlessly together, is a trend that’s here to stay. For a chic and contemporary take, choose jewel tones that add a modern and moody feel. Darker hues can make any bathroom have a feel of luxury you’ll want to luxuriate in.

9. Whimsical pastels
Prefer to add lightness and fun to your look? Choose pretty pastels for a fresh feel. Try one pastel colour on walls, with a contrasting shade in your towels and rug to give a little extra whimsy.

Bathroom lighting ideas

10. Add softness with wall lights
Your lighting can make all the difference in the feel of the bathroom. While we all rely on that mirror light come morning time, switching the ceiling light out for softer wall light fixtures can ensure that you can unwind and relax when the time is right.

11. Light-up accessories
If you don’t want to remodel to get the right effect, add accessories that do the trick instead. We love using GloLite pillars with the Color Stop Base when it comes to bathtime. Why not throw in some spa magic with the Ultrasonic Diffuser too?

12. Add flickering flames
Placing many small points of light into niches around your bathroom gives the ultimate romantic, relaxing glow. Place tealights safely into nooks at multiple heights, light them up and let the flickering flames cast soft, soothing shadows.


We know that finding the budget and the time to make major changes in your bathroom isn’t always possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add flair. Want to simply add clever space-saving or style solutions to an existing bathroom? We’ve got you covered.

A bathtub in front of a grey wall

Bathroom storage ideas

13. Try a ladder shelf
The right storage is key to making beautiful bathrooms functional and, most importantly, tidy. Ladder shelves are trending for their stripped back but unique look, and they’re perfect for stacking your towels and washcloths ready to use.

14. Add an étagere
A fancy way of describing an open shelving unit, an étagere is an elegant way to give you extra storage for all of those little things that our bathroom needs to function. Or for proudly displaying trinkets and decorative items that are too pretty to keep hidden in a cabinet. Many styles come with different sized sections so you can ensure all your essentials are to hand.

15. Tidy up with a decorative tray
Just because a piece of storage is functional doesn’t mean it can’t have flair. A decorative tray is a chic way to give you extra counter-top space, especially in smaller bathrooms. Trawl vintage stores to find patterned versions, or metallic art deco styles.

A bathtub in front of bathroom shelves

Bathroom shelf ideas

16. Floating shelves
A modern bathroom deserves minimalist storage options to keep things sleek and neat. A floating shelf is a perfect addition as it can blend almost anywhere, high or low. Paint yours the same colour as the wall it’s mounted to for an even less intrusive effect.

17. Storage above the sink
Above the sink is a space that’s ideal for storage, and we’re not just talking about the mirrored medicine cabinet. Wall mounted shelving units under your mirror can be separated into several holders, or a floating shelf can be installed for a more minimalist approach. While this space makes excellent storage for your everyday items, don’t forget to spruce it up with a little decorative charm. A little bathroom plant to add greenery and freshness, a series of tealights or votives for fragrance and style or even a bottle or two of perfume or aftershave for a sophisticated style statement.      

18. In-shower shelves
Struggling to reach that showertime essential with your eyes closed? We’ve all been there, but good organisation might be the saviour for that groggy morning scrub. In-shower shelves mean everything can have its place. Try a few shelves, one under the other, mounted in the corner of the shower. This works just as well for over-bath showers as it does for standing units.

A bathroom sink and mirror

Bathroom mirror ideas

19. Rattan-framed mirrors
No bathroom is complete without a mirror to complete our daily routine with, but have you ever stopped to consider how it looks in your room? Add an on-trend feel of beachside style with a rattan-framed mirror. The natural texture is a unique contrast to the clean and crisp tile and ceramics of the room.

20. A floor-to-ceiling wall mirror
If you’re boasting space in your bathroom, there’s no reason to stop at one over-sink mirror to do it all. Be bold and include a floor-to-ceiling wall mirror. It won’t only give you the most incredible space to style your hair and apply your makeup, it will also make your room appear huge and airy.

21. Landscape mirrors
A great addition to bathrooms with tile on the bottom half of walls, you can add more mirror real estate by choosing a landscape option. As an added bonus, you won’t find yourself fighting for space with your other half if there’s a morning rush.

Bathroom accessories ideas

22. Marble accessories
While plenty of us lust over all-marble sink tops, fixtures and fittings, it’s no secret that they break the bank. Skip the investment and get all of the feel of luxury by adding a few well-chosen marble accessories instead. Soap dispensers, toothbrush holders and even toilet brushes are available in this coveted material.

23. Eye-catching hardware 
There’s no need to recycle a perfectly plain sink when you can simply update the parts that catch your eye. Swap old taps, door handles and even the flush on the toilet for a new set in a bold design. Rose gold and brass are unique and modern choices that are trending in many bathroom looks.

24. Pair your soft furnishings 
Just like any other room, your colour choices can revitalise the feel of your littlest room. Ditch any tired old towels and jettison the same old rug. Instead, replace both in a matching hue that gives the room a purposeful look. Why not match your shower curtain too?

25. Please every sense
It’s no surprise that we believe in the power of fragrance to transform any room, is it? Don’t just please the eye, give your olfactory sense a treat each time you enter the bathroom. Try SmartScents Sticks for 24/7 fragrance, and add matching fragranced candles for a boost at bath times. We love using Fresh Home fragrances to neutralise unwanted odours and add freshness that lasts.

A plant inside a glass terrarium

Bathroom plant ideas

26. Hanging plants
Greenery at home is taking off in a big way, and it needn’t be confined to the living room or kitchen. Your bathroom can benefit from the invigorating effects of plants too. Hanging plants are ideal for adding life to even the smallest space, leaving counters and sinks to be purely functional.

27. Fake plants
Not blessed with green fingers? No worries! There’s an ever-increasing range of stunning fake plants on the market nowadays. The added bonus is blossoms and blooms that don’t need to be tended to, plus you can have any look you want regardless of the light and humidity.

28. Try a terrarium
These bottled blooms are totally on trend right now, and they’re totally simple to look after. You can buy terrariums that are already filled, or start your own from kits available online. They look stunning and don’t take up too much room to boot.


Looking for extra inspiration?  Go bold with your style and create the latest trend updates in your littlest room. We’ve even got the right tips for your en-suite, a room that needs special solutions to bring its style to life. 

Modern bathroom ideas

29. Chevron patterns
Chevrons are everywhere in this season’s home styles. The bathroom is the perfect place to add this contemporary pattern. Whether it’s a unique wall tile placement, fabulous flooring or simply a rug and towel print, try it for subtle additions of colour among a palette of neutrals.

30. Cutting edge hardware
Get a little bit of spa-like luxury at home by adding new hardware that makes baths and showers totally indulgent. A waterfall tap can instantly elevate your tub in look and feel. For showers, add a flat showerhead for a rainfall effect that surrounds you with the perfect pressure. 

31. Illuminated mirrors
We’ve seen those gorgeous illuminated mirrors in dressing rooms on TV, right? Well who says you can’t have one of your own? This isn’t quite the old-fashioned version with exposed bulbs, instead there’s lots of affordable LED mirrors that light up with a perfect glow. Never again will your makeup be less than pristine.

A jack and jill sink

Traditional bathroom ideas

32. Monochrome colour schemes
If there’s one look that simply never goes out of style, it’s monochrome. We love the bold and elegant contrast between black and white. Add a little dash of metallics on top and you’ll give your bathroom an art deco feel in an instant. Try our Monochrome décor pieces to add graphic prints in muted colours to the look.

33. A wooden toilet seat
An easy and instant way to give your bathroom a feel of the traditional is to say goodbye to the white plastic seat and replace it with an old-fashioned wooden one. Choose your shade of wood well, ensuring it’s a rich colour. Opt for woods like dark oak, mahogany or ebony, ensuring a classic feel that’s sure to stay stylish.

34. Traditional fittings
You may be tempted to update your bathroom to a mixer tap and a press flush, but there may be a simpler solution if you opt for tradition. Try brass taps matched with a fixed circular shower head in the same metal. The look is instantly retro, in all the right ways.

En-suite bathroom ideas

35. Modern mosaic
The size of an en-suite doesn’t mean you can’t be bold, in fact it’s an opportunity to go for the wow factor. Take a little inspiration from Mediterranean and North African architecture with mosaic tile. Bold colours are at home in this look, and in a small space like an en-suite you can afford to cover a full wall or shower.

36. Extend your bedroom
Love the colours and textures featured in your master bedroom? Make the en-suite an extension of that space by adding complementary wall colours and soft furnishings. Match your towel and rug to your bedspread, and give the feel of each room flowing into the next.

37. Corner mirrors
Don’t let a small space compromise the functionality of the room. Corner mirrors are a perfect solution, ensuring your en-suite is a place you want to wake up to. Try a mirrored corner cabinet, mounted on the wall, to add extra hidden storage at the same time.

Let us help you fill your bathroom with the style and fragrance you love, from tealights to accessories and so much more. Want extra inspiration? Check out the rest of the blog to find your spark. 

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