If you love candles as much as we do, you’ve had the same thought - what to do with that leftover candle wax? Our quality wax candles are designed to make sure you get a clean and even burn for longer, but we know that leftovers are inevitable.

If you don’t like waste, and let’s face it who does, we’ve got some great DIY tips for making that wax go further. We constantly improve our efforts in sustainability when creating the candles you know and love, but with these tips you can be even more eco-friendly by using up every drop in clever ways.

Image of PartyLite Jar Candle

Why reuse old wax?

When you fall in love with a particular fragrance, it’s a shame when it’s time for the final lighting of the wick. But what if the quality wax and fragrance you love could go further?

We’ve talked before about using our jars for a range of decorative and storage functions, making every candle more cost-effective and meaning you’re contributing less to landfill and recycling. Reusing the jar isn’t the only good idea, and you might be surprised how versatile wax can be. 

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How to reuse leftover wax

So let’s get down to it, with our practical DIY tips for the home, fun crafts and even home-made fragrance options. 

  1. Make scented fire starters for fireplace

Lucky enough to have an open fireplace in your home? Or maybe you’ve gone all out with an outdoor firepit? Candle wax is a simple and stable fuel for fire lighting. Take an empty egg box and place shavings or rough cut segments of old wax snugly inside. You don’t need to fill the box, just add the equivalent of a few ice cubes. Then surround the wax with kindling like leftover paper, or tissue paper scraps.

Place the fire lighter firmly into the fireplace and light with a long match or lighter. The kindling and box will light the wax and keep a long, slow enough burn to spark the coals inside. 

  1. Fix sticky drawers and doors

A clever fix for sticky desk drawers or wooden doors, wax is a great and cost-effective lubricant for older wood. Take your old wax in hand and rub firmly against the parts that stick, making them glide with ease.

Wax is also great for squeaky hinges in the home, so rub it on old noisy metal fixtures and watch them run smoothly and silently. As an added bonus, you’ll leave behind a little fragrance throughout your home, instead of the unpleasant smells of many chemical household lubricants.

  1. Seal your shower grout

Tired of cleaning your shower grout over and over again? It’s hard to avoid staining between those beautifully chosen tiles, but wax could be the time-saver.

Next time you clean white grout between tiles, let it dry completely before firmly drawing white wax along it. The water-resistant wax will seal against mold and mildew, while adding a beautiful fragrance in the room where you most want freshness. Repeat every few weeks to keep the seal fresh and water-tight, and you’ll be scrubbing those tiles less and less. 

  1. Refill old jar candles

There’s nothing that can compete with PartyLite candles, but refilling old jar candles over time can make those wax scraps go further. New wicks can be purchased affordably online and placed into an old candle jar (make sure it’s one of our glass jars to ensure safety).

Then melt the ends of your candles and pour into the jar to fill it gradually over time. You can choose to stick with one fragrance, or blend two complementary fragrances you love to combine. Be warned, this method won’t have the same fragrance intensity or even wax burn as new candles, but it can be a really great way to never waste a drop.

Image of Reused Wax Candle

  1. Make bucket candles for outdoors

Want to take the candle recycling idea even further? Create large outdoor candles by placing several, evenly spaced wicks in a large metal bucket and filling it with as many old wax scraps as you can find. Don’t forget to ensure the fragrances blend well!

Great for outdoor use, this candle will be unique and decorative, but is sure to have a less even burn than PartyLite lovers are used to. Be safe when using this candle and always ensure it’s in a fire-safe outdoor space.

  1. Make mini melts

Prefer something more tame in your reworked fragrances? Turning the ends of candles into mini melts for your warmer is so simple.

Grab a rubber ice-cube tray, especially one featuring fun shapes instead of regular old cubes. Take your jar candle while the last of the wax is still fully melted and pour into the tray evenly. Once the wax cools, you can pop the mini melts out easily, and use them for a short and subtle burst of fragrance in your warmer. 

  1. Make freshening hangers for wardrobes

The same method of making melts can make something less expected with the simple addition of ribbon or twine. Before pouring the hot wax into the rubber ice-cube tray, place a loop of fabric into each segment. Once the fabric dries inside, you’ll have an easy-hang fragranced melt.

But you’re not done yet, as you don’t want wax to rub off on clothes! Take a scrap of any fabric and add a simple stitch to enclose the melt, leaving the fabric loop hanging out of the top. If you’re not a handy sewer, use fabric button bags that come with new clothing and simply place the melt inside. Every time you decide what to wear, you’ll be inspired by subtle fragrance. 

  1. Make letter seals

We’ve kept our most unique and fun idea until last. The perfect craft that will make special occasions even more special, why not create old-fashioned letter seals for handwritten letters or even wedding invitations? It’ll make your mail instantly memorable for the recipient.

You can create bespoke stamps easily online, or even reuse an old sovereign-style ring that you don’t care for. Pour a small pool of wax on the seal of any envelope, press the stamp on top, and voila - instant vintage style. And a little bit of irresistible scent thrown in too. 

Have we missed any of your must-have ideas for using up old wax? Share your DIY tips and sustainability hacks on social! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our tips, and connect with a community full of amazing ideas.

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Alex Wan