For interior design lovers, there’s no greater place to lose yourself than scrolling through Instagram. Finding inspiration in other people’s homes is something we all love, especially when those homes provide an insight into the latest trends that capture the imagination. Here we’ve taken a look at the essential styles that are lighting up the like button, featuring accounts that go all-out on their chosen aesthetics. We’ve rounded up the most popular interior design trends, and even predicted a few that are yet to come.

Plus, we’ve got tips on how you can recreate these styles at home. Not everyone has the budget for a full dream-home transformation, so stay tuned for some trending features you’ll love and find easy to achieve. Your Instagram is about to get a whole lot more exciting. 

Ready for your home makeover? Let’s dig in.

Trending Styles

Boutique Hotel Glam

Retro Deco

Minimalist Luxury

English Country Cottage

Neutral Homes

Must-Have Features

House Plants

Feature Walls

Art at Home

The Added Extras

Favourite Follows

Future Trends

If you’re a home style lover, you probably spend plenty of time scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest looking for inspiration. Those gorgeous homes you’re dropping likes on might just be easier to achieve than you think. We’ve picked some of the hottest trends on Instagram right now for interiors, and we’re going inside what makes them accessible. 

Trend 1 - Boutique Hotel Glam

Image of Boutique Hotel GlamImage of Boutique Hotel Glam

What makes the trend?

More is more in this trending style that blends luxury with black, white and grey. Plush fabrics and finishes make this look, with a hint of geometric influence and lots of sparkle. Of course, the finest boutique hotels provide the inspiration for this interior style, taking the feeling of an indulgent weekend break home for good.

With over 2 million posts on the hashtag #BoutiqueHotel, there’s a whole host of ideas to help create perfect roomscapes. And it’s not just about the bedroom, though of course there’s endless inspiration to be found for where you’ll rest your head. Our tip - When you’re going for a look as luxe and maximalist as this, it’s important to ensure you’re theming your colours and textures to perfection.


Black, white and grey are enlivened with metallic accents, focusing on rose gold and pink, or jewel tones of emerald and sapphire.


The look starts with plush carpets,  marble floors and counters. Don’t worry about splashing the cash - vinyl flooring and countertop wraps in marble effect do the trick. Then add suede furnishings plus plenty of metallic and glass accessories.

Key Details

Add lots of light and a touch of chandelier glamour with mirrors, crystal, glass and reflective accents. Mirrored coffee tables are a great way to introduce the look if you’re limited with wall space. Scatter plush, layered cushions in every room to give your beds and sofas that “fall into me” irresistibility.


Want more inspiration to bring the look to life? These hashtags feature plenty of ideas you’ll love for this look, and give you recommendations of who to follow and get the latest tips from


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Trend 2 - Retro Deco

Image of Retro DecoImage of Retro Deco

What makes the trend?

Art deco has been trending for a few seasons, and shows no signs of stopping. The look is becoming more authentically vintage as it grows, taking all that Gatsby decadence and transforming it into practical home living dedicated to the best of the roaring twenties. Combining rich, varnished woods with small tiles on walls and floors, layered up with ornate patterns and plenty of velvet.

The hashtag #ArtDecoHome features over 40,000 posts of elements that’ll light up your imagination, while #artdeco has over 4 million. Everything from vintage armoires to elegant tiles and all the angular patterns you could hope for are here.


Art deco is all about rich, luxurious colours, so make everything the most decadent jewel tones of green and purple. Gold is a must-have accent, and navy is seen everywhere.


Ceramic tiles on your kitchen backsplash, floors and all over the bathroom make art deco come to life. Brass taps make the finishing touch too. Mix dark wood, varnished furniture with glass accessories on top.

Key Details

Go for gold with gilded ornaments and accessories, especially in your kitchenware and cocktail sets. Beautiful glassware is a must for art deco, so don’t hide it away in cupboards - put it on display. Velvet accent cushions let you get the look in an instant so layer them up.


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Trend 3 - Minimalist Luxury

Image of Minimalist LuxuryImage of Minimalist Luxury

What makes the trend?

Luxury doesn’t have to mean decadence, as proven by the enduring popularity of stylish minimalism in home décor. Well selected pieces can often have greater impact when they’re given room to breathe, especially when backed with light and airy neutral palettes. Far from feeling like you’re living in a museum, minimalist homes simply edit back the clutter and let key pieces shine.

The hashtag #minimalist features a staggering 14 million posts, and is bursting with ideas on how interior design lovers keep their love of the stripped-back feeling both practical and exciting.


This is the style for you if you cannot get enough cream, taupe and (yes we said it) beige. Earthy, light hues are all layered carefully together, without a need for colour bar the occasional natural tones of plants, or real marble.


Stoneware, marble, matte metals and ceramics are key to minimalism. Add in bamboos and rattan details for a mid-century minimalist take. Soft furnishings should celebrate raw natural fabrics like linen and cotton.

Key Details

Letting natural light flow makes minimalism feel refreshed and airy, so big windows should be left uncluttered. Single potted plants or real florals in muted colours are dotted throughout. Don’t forget clear glass or unpolished ceramic accessories.


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Trend 4 - English Country Cottage

Image of English Country CottageImage of English Country Cottage

What makes the trend?

Love the look of vintage florals? Homes dedicated to this kitschy-yet-stylish look are bursting with colour, never afraid to go a little bit eclectic. Think of storybook covers or Christmas cards filled with plenty of patterns and big, bold furniture in every room. Farmhouse kitchens are bustling with warmth, while the living room features cushioned armchairs and an open fire. 

The hashtag #CountryCottage is growing in popularity at over 300,000 posts and counting. This quintessentially English style isn’t for everyone, but when done right it captures the heart and mind at once.


Pattern comes to life in this trend, embracing the clash of floral on floral. Choose wild garden printed fabrics, natural pine and stonework. layer up with antique-style printed ceramics and richly patterned rugs in deep red.


Natural pine and lacquered wood floors, with exposed stonework are the perfect base for this look, with thick piled rugs on top. Add cushiony cotton furniture, brass cookware and lots and lots of ceramic.

Key Details

Don’t be afraid to be maximalist when mixing prints, even if your armchair doesn’t match the sofa. Accent pillows can clash too, as this trend lets that look purposeful. Don’t forget the printed ceramics!


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Trend 5 - Neutral Homes

Image of Neutral HomeImage of Neutral Home

What makes the trend?

Love the colour palette of minimalism, but just can’t get on board with that low-clutter living? The neutral home trend takes a different approach to earthy shades in interiors by going for a layered, cosy approach that’s taken Hygge inspiration to the next level. It throws a little North American desert inspiration in by adding plenty of warmth to the look, with prints and patterns scattered throughout.

The hashtag #NeutralDecor has grown to over 1 million posts as people embrace the cosy and airy combination that this dedication to pared-back colours can bring.


Warm up those creams and beiges with added terracotta, sunshine yellow and burnt orange. Warm wood furnishings work against solid colours, letting patterned accessories stand out.


The world is your oyster when it comes to materials in this trend, so long as the colours are on point. Leathers, suedes and velvets are in, as are coloured glassware, brick and bamboo. Don’t forget the real wood floors!

Key Details

Give neutral homes back their nature-filled inspiration with Native American prints on cushions and blankets. Add grasses and ferns to your living room, and go for ombre glass accessories on top.


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Must-Have Features

Not ready to commit to a full style overhaul at home? Whatever your budget, there’s a way to get that Insta vibe at home. These smaller, but just as popular, trends are perfect to update your home look without breaking the bank, or clashing with your own aesthetic. Your selfie-ready backgrounds are about to get a whole lot more stylish.

House plants

Image of House PlantsImage of House Plants

Green and plenty

We adore bringing the outdoors inside, and we’re not alone. The trending look for houseplants on Instagram is mixing and matching an eclectic range. Fill every possible space with a little something green, or create a nook that’s filled with a range of varieties. Don’t be shy about pairing vastly different looking plants - a Monstera with a flowering cactus, and lots of beautiful falling vines.

Pampas and grasses

Mostly associated with 1970s interiors, grassy plants are seriously back on trend. Pampas is great for indoor displays, in vases or pots and its neutral colour means it fits with a host of home styles. Looking for something greener? Japanese Sweet Flag grass is a great indoor grow that’s just as stylish.

Floral and fabulous

If you’ve followed any plant lovers throughout 2021 you’ll know that orchids are just as popular as ever, thanks to their unique style and elegant colours. Sunflowers are perfect for those who have a sun trap in their home (click here if you don’t), and always look impactful at home. Delicate wildflowers are also surging in popularity too. If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony space, try a wildflower seed mix in a box. Waiting to reveal what grows is part of the fun!

Fake it to make it

Are you cursed with the opposite of a green thumb? We get it! If you want the look of enriching plants and florals at home, without the maintenance, look for independent, sustainably made silk flowers and plants. They’re a fantastic way to ensure that your fakies are long-lasting, and environmentally friendly. And no one will know the difference in your Instagram snaps!

Feature walls

All about arches

The single painted wall just got an upgrade - arches are everywhere! If you’re not blessed with arches built into your interiors, don’t fret. The latest trend is painting arch shapes in a single bold colour, on any wall. Fill your arch with frames and wall-mounted accessories to create a perfect focal point in your living or dining room. Not allowed to paint at home? Try peel-off vinyl options to keep your rental deposit safe.

Wallpaper is back

Bold patterned wallpaper used to be something we stripped out of homes when we moved in, but it’s back in fashion. Think tropical plantscape patterns with lush colours, or sweet garden flower designs. Wild, Seventies prints are even trending in some homes, with earthy colours and large, repeating rounded shapes. Again, peel-off wallpaper is available for you renters out there. If you have a smaller room, we recommend papering just one wall for a less overwhelming look.

Geometric chic

A unique way to create an accent without overwhelming your room style is to create a geometric wall pattern in colours that complement your space. It’s fairly simple to achieve, simply apply painter’s tape to the wall in your desired pattern before painting a new colour on top. Peel off, and voila! Get inventive by layering lots of colours for an artistic look that’ll get people talking.

Clads and panels

Not a fan of bold colour? Try adding textures and shapes in neutral shades for a feature wall that’s subtle but effective. Cladding is trending in all sorts of styles, from shiplap to panelled shapes that add structure to the home. These styles are best left to the pros to install, however!

Art at home

Image of Art at HomeImage of Art at Home

Your gallery wall

Why show off one photo or print, when you could show dozens? Okay, maybe not that many! Gallery walls are still a big trend on social, hanging clusters of different sized frames together. Try choosing a central print or photo in colour, then surrounding it with black and white pieces. Want a more eclectic look? Source vintage frames from thrift stores and second hand, and mix and match quirky shapes or styles.

Marvellous murals

Ready to unleash your inner Picasso? Modern murals are growing in popularity online, in a range of styles. It’s not just hanging art, now it’s time to paint yours right on the wall! We love how minimalist they can be, but the sky’s the limit if you have an artistic eye. 

Sculpture made practical

When many of us think of art we can afford, it’s limited to the two-dimensional. But sculpture is taking off online, and becoming easier to incorporate into homes. Simple, shelf-ready busts and art objects placed among your accessories are ideal. They might fit more naturally into your home than you first thought. Plus that means there’s no risk of them falling down when the family’s running around!

3D textures

If you’re not blessed with surface space for sculpture display, why not look to your wall space? Textural art is a unique, exciting departure from prints and frames that can create beauty. They range from the natural to the fantastical and everything in between. Maybe don’t go as far as the Phoebe Buffay mannequin art though!

The added extras

Image of neon lightsImage of neon lights

Neon lights

Neon lights just keep getting cooler, becoming more than just a small novelty piece in many homes. Repurposing vintage bar neons is big on Instagram, but can be costly. Get the style with retro reproductions made for wall mounting, or many of the quirky artpop styles made to display on shelves and countertops at home. Many modern neon makers even make messages or designs to order.

Kitchen islands

We admit, this item isn’t exactly easy to simply add to your home, but it is absolutely everywhere on Instagram. You can’t see a single new kitchen reveal without drooling over the centrepiece that does everything! If you’re designing a new kitchen, the piece that acts as a prep counter, breakfast bar and storage space in one is a must. Whatever your style.


The simplest, yet often most effective accessories are right there in front of you. Books can bring our homes to life and tell the world a little more about who we are. Display large books as art on coffee tables, or turn your bookshelves into a key focal point. Try rearranging your books by hue, creating a rainbow of colours on your shelves. Or go for something totally unique, turning the spines of every book inward to display the various shades of paper-white.

Layered candles

It’s not a surprise that we think candles are the best accessory! The latest trend is all about layering them up into a stunning display of light. Go maximal with several candles of different heights grouped together, like large pillar candles paired with jars, and lots of tealights scattered around. Theme your look by choosing all white wax and bold coloured glass accessories. Explore our latest range to find your match.

Favourite Follows

Need more inspiration on your feed? We’ve got you. Here’s just a handful of our latest favourite accounts for inspiration at home, some big and some soon-to-be-big! Which is your next obsession?

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Future Trends

The best thing about socials is knowing the new hottest trend is just around the corner. For home décor lovers, finding the next must-have look is an endless source of inspiration. So what’s around the corner for Instagram’s biggest trends in interiors?

Of course it’s tough to predict, but experts are keeping tabs on a range of styles. Look out in 2022 and beyond for a resurgence in 1970s retro styles including the return of rounded edges on all your furniture, the blend of vintage and modern that is retrofuturism, and a big comeback for the casual California lounge look.

Home stylists are also predicting a return of natural materials after the design trends excess of the 2010s. Keep your eyes peeled for even more rattan and bamboo becoming central features in the home, while raw and unbleached fabrics and stone in natural tones dominate.

Finally, and unsurprisingly, there’s the influence of a post-Pandemic reappraisal on our home styles. Expect more thoughtful looks at how our homes can stay multifunctional, keeping the best parts of the home working era intact. Home working spaces with beauty and function, plus rooms that can transform through the day are here to stay.


Discover more interior inspired by the latest seasonal trends here or shop our collection of premium quality accessories to style your space today. And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more inspiration on your home style.

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