Ever wondered how we decide the colours for our candle accessories each year? Well, we’re going to share some of our Home Styling Team’s secrets with you.

When planning a new season, our Home Styling Team look at what’s happening not only with interiors styling but also fashion, photography and art. They take a wide view to be sure they find the best ideas. And what’s great about every year is that it comes with great new colour tones to light up your home.

The Home Styling Team always choose the colours that give the best radiance and illumination when lit by candlelight.

Here are the top 2018 colour highlights that truly inspired our accessories and fragrances.

#1 Metallic Highlights

Metallics had to be our favourite shade of 2018. We embraced this season’s golds, silvers and coppers because nothing reflects candlelight like metallics. We always incorporate this great material into all our candle accessory ranges to make the most of glinting candlelight. Check out our Mix Your Way range with its metal Jar Stands and Sleeves.

Metallic Highlights

#2 Serene Blue

The most on-trend colour this year is calm blue. We love this relaxed hue so much. Our Spring collection, Morning Tide is all about this colour. It’s ideal for those rooms that you want to have a soothing atmosphere. Think bathrooms and bedrooms. But our Morning Tide fragrances and accessories would look beautiful in any room of your house.

#3 Pretty Pastels

2018 makes way for a new gentle palette and we’re completely onboard with our Spring collections. We’ve got pastel blues, pinks, oranges and greens because they remind us of springtime buds and blossoms. Check out the full range of pastel accessories here.

Pretty Pastels

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#4 Pink as a Power Colour

We’re reclaiming the power of pink for women and men. Afternoon Breeze takes up this colour trend with a passion. Get your taste of powerful pink with our new fragrance accessories.

#5 Playful Combinations

Mismatching colour combinations are something people often shy away from. But we’re not afraid of mixing things up. This year, we’ve gone bold with our colour combos. The new Summer collection features our most playful palette combinations yet. They are bold and bright and fun and we know you’ll love them.

Playful Combinations

#6 Colour Inspired by Travel

We’re all a bit obsessed with all those incredible Instagram travel snaps. They’ve been showcasing all the beautiful colours of the world and now we all want to get on board and bring the world home. This year, we were inspired by ocean waves, rainforests and traditional gardens. What country’s colours are you styling with this year?

Now you’ve seen all the fun shades we were influenced by for 2018, why not create your own style by mixing and matching your three favourite colours? Check out the wide range of choices from our new collections.

Madalina Stan