What’s better than walking into a room that’s been transformed with fresh fragrance? Or perhaps your happy place is more of an idyllic sanctuary of scent. Whatever you love most, if you want to perfume your home without the fuss of a flame, wax melts are the perfect fragrance form for you. 


Scent Plus Heart Melts broken up on tableScent Plus Heart Melts broken up on table

Our Scent Plus® Heart Wax Melts are a stylish solution for busy homes and active lifestyles, while our Fragrance Flame collection offers instant strong scents indoors and out. Keep reading to discover how to use wax melts and why they could be your perfect choice.  

What is a wax melt?

Wax melts are small, usually scented wax pieces that are designed to be gently heated to release their fragrance blend. They are essentially  candles but without the wick, which means they need a wax warmer to melt the aromas within, diffusing them through your space. When in use they melt completely to create an even scent distribution. Our Scent Plus® Heart Wax Melts come in trays of 7, which can be snapped and separated into individual pieces. We recommend using no more than two pieces at a time, which offers you up to 60 hours of the world’s finest home fragrance. Our wax melts let you experience the same amazing scents as our candles without the flame, and are perfect for smaller rooms, too.

What fragrances do wax melts come in?

From gorgeous new seasonal scent to everyday fragrances, our Scent Plus Wax Melts come in a large selection of PartyLite fragrances. From fresh and clean, to floral and fruity, there’s a scent for you, no matter your personal taste. And if you like to layer your fragrances,  PartyLite Scent Plus Heart Wax Melts have been designed to be easily customisable. This means you can mix and match your favourites to create a unique aroma to you. 

Scent Plus Heart Melts by PartyLiteScent Plus Heart Melts by PartyLite

If you’re looking for a way to eliminate those unwanted scents anywhere in your home, you can also buy exclusive Fresh Home by PartyLite™ wax melts that eliminate unpleasant odours, naturally, leaving behind only fresh fragrance. Featuring exclusive NEOFRESH® technology, our fragrances are designed to neutralise any undesirable aromas in your home. Everything from bathroom and kitchen airborne smells to stubborn smells from our furry friends will be gone, leaving a fresh scent behind for you to enjoy. Read more about our exclusive Fresh Home range here.

What wax warmers can I use?

ScentGlowWarmer ScentGlowWarmer

Our warmers are no ordinary wax burners, instead our ScentGlow Wax Warmers melt wax slowly and safely, keeping it at a steady temperature that ensures the best fragrance distribution. 

They’re available in a range of stylish designs to suit your unique style and décor needs. Throughout the year, PartyLite launches seasonal pieces that you can switch in or out for your everyday wax warmers. Our ScentGlow warmers can also be used with PartyLite  SmartBlends for a no liquid, no mess and no flame fragrance experience.

How to use a PartyLite Scent Plus wax melt

  1. Set up your PartyLite ScentGlow® Wax Warmer on a flat surface.
  2. Ensure that the top dish is clean.
  3. Break up your Scent Plus Heart Wax Melt into individual cubes to ensure an even melt and fragrance distribution. We recommend popping two cubes into the dish for optimum fragrance distribution.
  4. Turn on your ScentGlow Wax Warmer.
  5. Enjoy hours of long-lasting fragrance!
  6. When you’re finished with your warmer, turn off the warmer.
  7. Remove the wax (we’ll explain how below) and get ready to add your next fragrance to the warmer.
ScentGlow Warmer and Wax Melts on side tableScentGlow Warmer and Wax Melts on side table

There are just a few warnings you should read carefully before using your ScentGlow Wax Warmer:

  • Do not place the Warmer where it can fall into water like near a sink or bathtub. Immediately UNPLUG the Warmer if it falls into water.
  • The Warmer may become very hot. Always allow the Warmer to cool before handling.
  • When in operation, keep away from things that catch fire.
  • Keep away from children and pets.
  • Do not touch or move the liquid wax until it has cooled and solidified.
  • Do not place water in the Warmer dish.
  • This product is for indoor use only.
  • Discontinue using the Warmer if any glass component becomes chipped or scratched.
  • This product is not a toy.
  • This Warmer is intended exclusively for warming PartyLite Scent Plus Heart Wax Melts or SmartBlends. Use the Warmer only for its intended purpose.

How to remove the wax from/clean your ScentGlow warmer

To get the most out of your wax melts, start by making sure you keep the dish clean and remove any residual wax before placing in a new melt. We want you to enjoy the best quality fragrance, in the safest and best way possible,so follow our handy steps to removing your wax melt below.

  1. Always unplug the power cord before cleaning the Warmer.
  2. Melts do not consume in the ScentGlow Wax Warmer, so you should remove melts from the warmer dish when the fragrance has dissipated.
  3. To remove used wax, let the dish cool to room temperature, then place the dish in the freezer for about 30 minutes to shrink the wax. Remove the dish from the freezer. Tip the dish to allow the wax to drop out. Repeat as necessary.
  4. To remove stubborn wax, let the dish come to room temperature, then flush with hot tap water. Gently wipe away the wax residue with a dry paper towel. Do not pry wax out with either fingers or tools.
  5. Allow the dish to warm to room temperature before reheating.

Once you’ve removed the wax, discard it safely and wipe the dish clean with a cloth. Your  ScentGlow Wax Warmer is then ready for your next Scent Plus Heart Wax Melt.

Experience faster and stronger scents with our Fragrance Flame

Fragrance Flame - Outdoor in garden settingFragrance Flame - Outdoor in garden setting

We have also developed exclusive wax melts for our Fragrance Flame collection. These innovative wax melt burners can be used to deliver instant, strong scents in any space. Our Petite Fragrance Flame™ can be used indoor or outside, creating a beautiful atmosphere. Our Fragrance Flame™ - Outdoor has been designed to be used outdoors in any weather, offering a unique blend of citronella wax melts and magnified flickering flame.  

Our Petite Fragrance Flame wax melts are available in some of our best-selling scents, delivering instant and powerful familiar fragrances anywhere in your home or outdoor space. Our exclusive citronella wax melts have been designed to help you enjoy the outdoors for longer on warmer nights. They’ve been designed to only be used with our Fragrance Flame - Outdoors, and offer up to 75 minutes of fragrance per melt. 

Fragrance Flame wax melts can only be used with our innovative indoor or outdoor warmers thanks to their patented design. You can shop refillable wicks for each of these warmers so you can enjoy hours of powerful fragrances. Remember not to use any Scent Plus Heart Wax Melts in a Fragrance Flame warmer as they’re not designed to be used together. 

How to use a Fragrance Flame™

Petite Fragrance Flame being litPetite Fragrance Flame being lit
  1. Add 1-3 wax melts onto the grate
  2. Use a long lighter or match to ignite it
  3. Enjoy the gorgeous, flickering flame and our unique fragrance
  4. Once done, use the snuffer included to extinguish the flame 

How to clean your Fragrance Flame™

  1. Always make sure your Fragrance Flame is cool before cleaning wax from it.
  2. Clean your Fragrance Flame with a soft, dry cloth. 
  3. The glass cylinder may be hand washed with dish soap and water only. Always remember to dry thoroughly. 
  4. If the cylinder becomes chipped or scratched, you must stop using it for safety.  

Once you’ve finished cleaning your Fragrance Flame, it’s ready for use using our Fragrance Flame wax melts again!

Discover our full range of Scent Plus Heart Melts here, our selection of matching ScentGlow warmers can be shopped here. To find out more about our Fragrance Flame collection, click here, and find our newest arrivals here.

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