Fragrance inspires and transports us to new places. A forest in the autumn or an evening rose garden. Aromas can capture a memory or crystalise an emotion. The scent of fresh citrus might remind you of summer or gingerbread might make you nostalgic for a snow day. Fragrance brings you back to a special time. That’s why we’re so passionate about fragrance because it lets us have incredible experiences every day at home.

Scent can also capture the experience of amazing holiday locations around the world. Lonely Planet listed the top 10 destinations for 2018. Here are five of our favourites and the fragrances matches that will transport you there.

South Korea

We love the mix of modern fashion and technology with the history of palaces and temples that South Korea offers. The food is diverse, from simple and fresh meals to modern dining. Markets are aromatic experiences. Bamboo forests grow lush. South Korea is a sensory exploration.

To create this sensory experience at home, we’ve selected two fragrances: Peony from our Spring assortment and Bamboo Waters from our classic Everyday range. Each creates an at home getaway or you can enjoy them together to transport you to South Korea.

Meditate in the Zen world of Bamboo Waters where delicate touches of jasmine and lily of the valley add oral allure to a dewy blanket of bamboo.


Peony evokes the lush green forests and pink flowers of South Korea. Enjoy a rush of bold and aromatic scents with a touch of fruit, fresh jasmine and hints of spice.


With historic cities and cinematic coastlines, Portugal is always one of our favourite destinations. By the beach, you feast on fresh seafood and finish with a piping-hot pastel de nata (custard tart). Romantic evenings are spent walking the cobbled streets of a medieval town. Create these experiences in your own home with a fragrance that evokes this magic.

Take a walk by the ocean to find Sea Glass. Breathe in salted air mixed with peony and water hyacinth enlivened by sweet seaside scents against sun-warmed beechwood.

Explore Portugal by Moonlight. Nighttime woods hang with the blooms of verbena and jasmine, mingling with touches of lemongrass and green apple aromas.

New Zealand

Let’s take a walk on the wild side in New Zealand. This country is peaceful, green and majestic. Unspoiled landscapes give way to the shores of a wild ocean. Take aquatic adventures and taste the modern cuisine of the cities.

Wonder at the exquisite ripeness of Sweet Strawberry. Freshly picked juicy strawberries ripened by the sun with sparkling zesty citrus and a touch of sweet sugar.

Explore New Zealand’s incredible shores with the fragrance of Dune Grass. A swirl of sun-kissed citrus combines with melon, white beach florals dance through dune grass and settle over white driftwood.

New Zealand


A shimmering pearl at the heart of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a dream destination. Picture yourself lying on a powder white beach, swimming in sapphire waters and eating exquisite local food.

Mark Twain said that heaven was created in the image of Mauritius. It’s true. Experience this Island Paradise at home. A citrus burst of tangerine and pink grapefruit is laced with guava and hints of water lily to radiate island freshness.

Relax with Afternoon Breeze - float on a fresh, relaxing breeze where freshly brewed citrus tea and vibrant verbena are wrapped with delicate lily of the valley.

South Africa

Powdery beaches, lush mountains and culture-rich cities, South Africa is a country of astounding diversity. Experience the wonders of safari and hear a lion roar. Walk along the shores of two seas. And in vineyard country, taste the best wines and fresh grapes.

Wake early to wander by a South African Morning Tide. Fresh marine notes meet dewy petals of coastal jasmine and wild gardenia for the essence of a cool mist on the morning tide.

South Africa

Taste one of South Africa’s native fruits, Pink Grapefruit - a juicy blend of citrus infused with pink grapefruit, orange peel and ripe peach is topped with sugar crystals.

What’s your favourite destination and what fragrances transform your home? Share your favourites with us on social media.

Madalina Stan