Our passion for home fragrance knows no limits, so we’re always seeking to find the latest innovative experiences to bring to your home and life. Our enhancd* collection gives you a new way to enjoy elevated fragrance, using exclusive formulas designed to layer your favourite scents with ingredients that heighten your sense of smell.

When our Master Perfumers told us about the growing excitement around fragrance enhancers, we were intrigued by the possibility of creating a more powerful way to enjoy scents. That’s what led to our own new technology, enhancd* - your way to experience fragrance with more WOW.

Fragrance enhancers are evolving the perfumery and home scent industries, as the leading fragrance houses seek new ways to heighten our ability to smell aromatic ingredients. The enhancd* range is designed to not only increase the power of your fragrance, but to add new layers to aromas for a new sensory experience.

Before we explain how to use enhancd* at home, we want you to understand how this exciting technology came to life. Let’s peek behind the curtain to reveal how the experts create fragrances, and how they developed the future of home fragrance.

How Master Perfumers create fragrances


In order to understand how we developed the enhancd* range, we first need to understand how fragrance development works.

The process of creating unique scent blends takes years of mastery, and of course a great nose. Perfumers build up a familiarity with a huge portfolio of ingredients, learning how to blend them to recreate familiar aromas and invent new ones.

Great fragrance creation is an artform as well as a science. Each expert has a unique approach to perfecting their blends. For many, their experiences of different cultures and moments in life are the starting points to spark imagination.

Master Perfumer Gail Fowler-Krell takes inspiration from her unusual background, “I love doing gourmand, baked fragrances because I get to marry my knowledge from my culinary arts degree and my experience as a perfumer.”

She told us how, with no limitations, she’d create her perfect fragrance, “The best gift I could receive as a perfumer, is all the time I needed to “paint” my masterpiece.

“Fortunately, I have access to so many wonderful, natural materials. I love watery, citrusy, fresh, salty, and mineral type scents. It reminds me of my visits to the Mediterranean Sea, hiking along the coasts of different countries. I remember in Croatia, how each step on a hike gave a bloom of wild rosemary & thyme close to the crisp salty, sea spray from the ocean.”

Laura Raith of Givaudan shared with us how her inspiration can also come from treasured memories. “For me the most nostalgic fragrance ingredients would be rose and sweet powdery notes from my mother's perfumes, the orris of her lipstick. The sweet powdery, white floral smell of a tissue pulled from her purse.”

It’s these powerful emotional responses to scent and memory that so often inspire the most iconic fragrances.

Olfactory response is the core of fragrance development. It’s the science behind our sense of smell, and refers to our noses detecting the molecules of fragrance. Perfumers rely on their knowledge of how our scent receptors, and brains, process different notes of fragrance. Our ability to process different aromas is what makes us respond emotionally to certain ingredients, making us feel happy, excited, nostalgic, and so much more.

Each perfumer sets out to recreate their inspiration by blending naturally-derived essential oil ingredients in their lab. These ingredients fall into different categories - from fruits to florals, earthy scents, woods and more. Through a painstaking process, they’ll layer dozens of subtle and powerful fragrance notes together to find the perfect balance - often knowing they’ve achieved it when the blend evokes a strong emotional response in themselves and their testing teams.

PartyLite’s fragrance families


At PartyLite we want to make the ingredient categories that perfumers use accessible to everyone. That's why we created fragrance personalities - a simpler way to group scent types. Our five personalities make understanding fragrances effortless, and help you find the one that most resonates with you. So it’s easy to try new blends with the confidence that you’ll love them. When you understand each of our fragrance families, you’ll be able to pair an enhancd* formula with them and boost your fragrance your own way. 

Our five fragrance personalities:

Everything from the sweetest summer berries to the zestiest citrus notes comes to life in fruity fragrance blends, whether it’s a sweet cocktail or a tropical twist.

Our floral blends range from quaint wildflower aromas to rainforest flowers from the world’s tropical paradises, all wrapped in a perfectly balanced bouquet.

Think sea air, earthy minerals, aloes and even the irresistible scents of fresh laundry from the dryer. Fresh scents are clean, uplifting and zingy.

With some of the most unique ingredients and even earthy inspirations, exotic scents can range from smoky woods to spiced delights from across the globe.

Almost delicious enough to eat, gourmand fragrances bring to life the irresistible sweetness of edible inspiration, like caramels, vanilla and sweet nuts.

How we created our new innovation

Our five fragrance families mean you can find the ideal match, whatever your taste in home scents. But we wanted to go further, and give fragrance lovers the chance to elevate and personalise each of these blends. 

When developing the enhancd* range, the perfumers at Givaudan were searching for a way to increase the olfactory response from every family’s home fragrance blends. Their research teams sought out ways to create more breadth and depth in the biological process of experiencing each scent, and in doing so found their test subjects responded with greater emotional response than ever before.

Their Nonverbal Consumer Methodology is a new technique designed to test responses beyond describing fragrance - salivation, blushing, and other physical signs of excitement. It was named simply because testers couldn’t find the words to describe what they experienced! This is a whole new way to process olfactory reactions, and find the fragrances that most delight every consumer.

It was from this research that the enhancd* formulas were born. Each one is designed to mingle with a fragrance blend of your choice. It adds layers of ingredients that activate the smell sense more than ordinary aromas. It’s the cutting edge of home fragrance, that has to be tried to be believed.

How to experience enhancd*


Are you ready to experience enhancd* fragrance power? Let’s talk about how the collection works. First, choose from one of the four jars. Each one is designed to boost a different family of fragrance notes - fruity, fresh, exotic or gourmand.

Once you’ve chosen your enhancd* jar, then select a 3-Wick Jar candle to use it with. Light them both at the same time, and you’ll instantly unlock a whole new fragrance experience, as the enhancd* formula mingles with your 3-Wick and adds layers of scent power.

The range includes four different formulas for you to enjoy:

enhancd* 01
Designed to elevate the Fruity fragrance notes

enhancd* 02
Made to make those Fresh ingredients stand out

enhancd* 03
Created to boost the delicious Gourmand notes

enhancd* 04
Blended to enhance your Exotic scent experience

There’s more than one way to enjoy this new technology, so you can make it your own. enhancd* puts the power to personalise in your hands, so you can create unique experiences over and over. You can pair a fruity enhancd* jar with a fruity fragrance, and it will intensify the sweet and tart elements of the aroma. Or you can mix and match and get creative - if you use a fruity enhancd* jar[Insert link when live] with one of our fresh blends, you’ll experience the scent with an added layer of fruitiness that surprises and excites. Each time you combine an enhancd* jar with a 3-Wick fragrance, you’ll discover a new scent experience.

We’ve made these new enhancd* jars the same size and shape as our 3-Wick jars, so you can enjoy them for their whole burn time together. Plus, they’ll match aesthetically side by side, in holders or on any surface at home.

We want enhancd* to give you the chance to experience a newly intensified fragrance experience, as well as the power to personalise. As you pair each of the four jars with different 3-Wick candles, you create a unique aromatic awareness each time. We’ve made sure that whether it’s a new seasonal fragrance, a core PartyLite classic, or even future scents to come, enhancd* will work alongside each one. The combinations you’ll create are almost limitless.

Shop enhancd* and a huge range of 3-Wick Jar candles now, or discover the full new collection for more home fragrances, accessories and innovations from PartyLite.

Josh Millar