This season we’ve introduced an exceptional innovation to our home fragrance range, BeBalanced by PartyLite™. Not only do these Essential Oils and Pure Fragrance fill your home with the quality fragrance we’re known for, they can even enhance your mood. Our carefully curated range of fragrances deliver the power of pure oils that are uplifting, relaxing, centering and more.


That got us talking about what Being Balanced really means. Is it all about a healthy body? Feeling beautiful inside and out? Or maybe it’s about calming the mind… You can probably guess that it’s all of the above, right? Finding a perfect blend of ways to care for ourselves and those around us is a challenge for all of us, especially with the demands of daily life refusing to wait for any of us.


With all that in mind, we were inspired to change things around. For all of us! So we’ve created an amazing new challenge! It’s all based on helping you find balance and wellness, helping you feel more positive and happy every day.


 grid image of BeBalanced challenges

Our 1 Month Challenge

 That’s how we came up with 1 Month of Being Balanced. Each day in March we’re challenging you to do a unique activity - from quick and easy exercises, to delicious but simple smoothie recipes, and lots of relaxation tips too.

 We believe that completing each of these activities for a whole month can transform your mood and help you get back to the best version of you. You might even find something you keep on doing long after the challenge is over!

 challenge calendar

Get Involved

Ready to find out more? Download our easy challenge calendar and get ready to join us. We’ll be sharing motivational tips on social too, and we want to see you getting involved. So don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, tag us in your posts, and tell us all about your progress.

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Tejinder Rees