These days, we’re all juggling busy lives so we need home fragrance that really works for us. We need fragrance that not only smells incredible but is also easy to use and gets rid of nasty odours.

Fresh Home

Instead of harsh chemicals to neutralise odours, our Fresh Home by PartyLite collection uses high quality essential oils with NEOFRESH® technology to deactivate nasty smells and leave your home fresh and fragranced.

Fresh Home by PartyLite features a selection of incredible scents in range of candle and flameless forms, which makes this fragrance collection truly versatile.

With so many choices, there are forms and fragrances fit for every room of your home.

Innovative Fragrance

SmartBlends are one of the flameless members of the Fresh Home family. They’re simple to use, especially if you enjoy the ease of no-flame fragrance. Just add a capful of SmartBlends to a SmartBlends Warmer to release the glorious scent of Fresh Home fragrances. The Warmers are easy to clean and SmartBlends are easy to change out for a new fragrance. SmartBlends are smart because they’re made from sustainably sourced paper, so whatever your favourite scent is, it’s environmentally friendly.

Here are our suggestions for how to use Fresh Home to the maximum everywhere in your life.

#1 Eliminate smells from furry friends

Dog and Kitten asleep

Try Perfect Pet in your entrance. Use the Room Spray when you leave your home and when you return. You’ll be welcomed with the freshest scent instead of a pet smell. You could even put Perfect Pet SmartScents Sticks in the same room as to your dog’s basket to eliminate that lingering smell.

#2 Kitchen Must-Have

SmartScent Sticks are the fuss free way to eliminate those food smells while you’re cooking. Your kitchen will be left with the clean scent of Fresh Home. We love Citrus Nectar in the kitchen, with its crisp blend of grapefruit and wild spearmint mixed with bright yellow lemons and navel oranges for a cheerful ray of sunshiny scent.

#3 Bathroom Relaxation

Light tealights while your bath is running to fill the room with pampering fragrance. Cotton Breeze is the perfect bathroom scent. Clean and airy, cotton blossoms dance with fresh aloe flowers and peony petals in a gentle breeze scented with wild bergamot and blue chamomile.

Top Tip: Why not light tealights in your bathroom before Guests arrive? They’ll love the fresh scent.

#4 Sweet Dreams

white bedroom

Our ideal bedroom scent is Lavender Sandalwood. The fragrance of lavender fields lulls you into a sweet night’s sleep with its fresh and relaxing qualities. Choose tealights to add a soft, glowing light as well as scent.

#5 On-The-Go Scent

Bring your Fresh Home by PartyLite AromaPure everywhere in the AromaPure™ Car Freshener. Take it in your car for freshness wherever you go.

Top Tip: For a great way to keep clothes fresh use Fresh Home SmartScents in the GoSmart™ Mobile Holder and hang it in your closet.

#6 Fabric Fragrance

Lingering scents can hide away in fabrics so spray curtains, comforters and even the sofa with Fresh Home Room Spray to eliminate odours and add instant fragrance.

We bet you have your own great ways of using Fresh Home by PartyLite in your life. Share your tips with us online. We’d love to know.

Madalina Stan