We love creating new our new collections every season. This Spring, our style team took inspiration from a morning walk at the seashore. As the sun awakens, the muted hues of the morning sky fall on marbled formations, gentle ocean waves and swaying beach grass. We’ve created the Morning Tide collection to reflect the natural beauty of the seaside and bring beachfront freshness into your home.

Whose home wears Morning Tide best?

So whose home wears Morning Tide fragrance and candle accessories best? If your house is minimalist and modern the coastal designs of Morning Tide are for you. Bleached wood, blue and white stripes and muted grey fabrics. The collection is chic and clean and we are more than a little bit in love with it. The look is complemented by the fresh sea home scents, we’ve created to match. The ideal room? It’s up to you, but we love kitchens and bathrooms.

Whose home wears Morning Tide best?

#1 Glass and Ceramics

Our Home Styling Team combined the theme of waves in green and azure glass designs. Iridescence and muted blue and green palette were chosen to reflect the colours and mood of a gentle morning tide.

Our Sandpiper Tealight Holder Pair is the ideal Morning Tide accessories and a portion of every purchase goes to charity. That’s two reasons to buy.

#2 Island Tranquility

To create the most serene home, especially bedrooms, we love sea blues and misty greens. Enhance a muted palette with the soft glow of a GloLite by PartyLite™ Candle and find instant tranquility. Add plenty of pastel throws and your home is transformed into a calm retreat.

Top Tip
“Pair your favourite Morning Tide fragrance with your favourite accessories to decorate it. The candlelight will beautifully enhance your accessories with light reflections.”

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#3 Sea Scents

To create the sea-inspired fragrances of the Morning Tide collection, our Master Perfumers selected scent notes of salt air, sweet dune grass and delicate citrus blossoms to capture the essence of a gentle ocean mist and swaying beach grass at sunrise. This fragrance collection is complemented by the sea-washed palette, pale ceramics and clear glass of our Morning Tide candle accessories. Nothing creates the feeling of the sea more than the fresh scent of it. We combined fragrance and accessories with matching hand painted coastal designs carried from our Morning Tide 3-Wick Jar to pedestals to votive and tealight holders.

Sea Scents

#4 Seashore Your Style

Mix in your own beach finds like shells, pebbles and sea glass. They’ll look beautiful with your accessories and jar candles. Play around with these combinations on your coffee table or a shelf and find your home style.

We love to see your home style. Share all your pictures with us on social media.

Madalina Stan