Weddings are some of the most joyful events in our calendars, as friends from far and wide gather to celebrate the union of a couple they love. But there’s one part of it that might be causing you stress. No, we’re not talking about finding the right outfit! We’re delving into the best wedding gift ideas. 

From spring to the final days of summer, all our social calendars are filling up with weddings galore. The cost of attending those celebrations can quickly build up, so we’ve got gift inspiration that can work for a range of budgets. Every bride and groom are unique, so the right gift should fit their personalities too.

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The perfect gifts for a new marital home

Kitchen plates on a tableKitchen plates on a table

As the wedding season fills up, fitting in all those wonderful celebrations can be a challenge. Not to mention making each one feel like the ideal celebration for a couple you love. So what do you buy as the right gift each time?

Traditionally, wedding registries were a way for guests to help a new couple set up their lives together. That included domestic essentials, designed to create their perfect marital home. It’s increasingly common that couples live together before marriage, so many people aren’t looking for the basics. We’ve got unique ideas for the home. Or if you know that the bride and groom adore homewares, or are looking to upgrade to something meaningful to build their space together, we’ve got some traditional ideas with a twist too.

Subscription boxes
Shopping for home style lovers can be a tricky task, as tastes are so personal. Not sure you’ve got the confidence to select the perfect additions to their décor? Subscription boxes will save the day. Floral subscription boxes are ideal for brightening the home with something seasonal, and give the couple the option to personalise what they receive each month. You can purchase a few months, or a whole year depending on your price range. A gift that’s thoughtful, practical AND keeps exciting them for months to come.

Not sure they’ll love floral boxes, or looking for something less expensive? Subscriptions for wines and spirits, gadgets and tech, even books are all out there waiting to be unwrapped.

Home fragrance

PartyLite Scent Plus Heart Melts being broken up to meltPartyLite Scent Plus Heart Melts being broken up to melt

Got a friend with a passion for fragrance? Few things add the finishing touch to a beautiful home like elegant scents, whether they come in the form of candles, flameless fragrances or innovative fragrance technology.

Go the extra mile by selecting a scent that sums up the happy couple. Perhaps they love exotic style? Match that with earthy and unique blends. If they are all about fresh and airy décor, scents inspired by clean linens will be a perfect match. 

If you know some newlyweds who are into wellness choose mood-enhancing essential oils and soy wax candles for an extra thoughtful touch that says you know them. Include a handwritten note that tells them the story of why you chose the fragrance and product to match them.

Wedding gifts don’t come more classic than kitchen essentials. Handing over a toaster is a little bit passé, but there’s lots more luxurious and thoughtful options you can choose.

Well-crafted glassware sets are always a treat, and one many couples may not yet own. Consider a selection of whiskey, martini and champagne glasses - a refined kitchenware gift that goes beyond the practical.

Gifts made for dinner parties are ideal for newlyweds, like chic gilded cutlery. If you know your friends are looking forward to hosting, they’ll add a touch of elegance. Or for the home cooks, invest in a signature piece that any aspiring professional would want, like Le Creuset casseroles, Japanese steel knives, or baking sets for those with a sweet tooth.

Are your friends more interested in the latest tech? We’re all familiar with that feeling - you see an amazing gadget and want it, but think “I can’t justify the price”. Well, that’s what friends are for! Techy appliances make great standalone gifts, and have an added wow factor.

Rice cookers, air fryers and stand mixers are perfect for culinary types, and are always coveted items. The best part is that they come in a variety of price ranges too. Or for something that never goes out of style, great coffee machines are always a hit. Choose a bean-to-cup grinding machine, with built-in steam wand, for the most versatile and reliable choice for the caffeine addict.

For your audiophile friends, home sound systems that work with smart home devices and bluetooth will absolutely upgrade the ease of enjoying music at home. Think they want something more traditional? Record players are both beautiful and functional, and will open a new world of vinyl collecting. 

Gift experiences designed for adventure

Couple sat on a mountain, staring out at the view, one is leaning on the other's shoulderCouple sat on a mountain, staring out at the view, one is leaning on the other's shoulder

Know a couple that love to go globetrotting, or spending time experiencing the wilder side of life? No ordinary tea set is going to tick their boxes, so it’s time to go less traditional. 

Gifting experiences gives newlyweds the tickets to their next unforgettable adventure together. Organising travel always adds up in cost, so you’ll really be making a difference for two people who’ve just splashed out on their wedding, and may find themselves cash-strapped for a while. 

Bookings in the city of their dreams
If you know the bride and groom are in love with one particular destination, go for the personal touch and purchase passes that make them feel like natives to their favourite place. 

Museum passes, gallery memberships and restaurant vouchers give them a free option to soak up the cultural surroundings of their holiday spot. It’ll give them the excuse they needed to book another weekend away, too.

Food and drink delights
Days spent together are a treasure for newlyweds, and gifting them unique date ideas says you care. For food and drink lovers, there’s so many options to give a great experience as a wedding gift.

For something close to home, easy on the budget, and handy for any couple to try in their city, wine tasting days are a romantic date made for those who love the finer things in life. If they’re more into spirits than chardonnays, whiskey, gin or tequila tastings are becoming increasingly popular and are always fun-filled.

Want to really splash out? Many of the best rated restaurants in the world now offer food and accommodation in one package, letting you gift a break and a culinary adventure in one go. Look up noted critics’ lists of the most unmissable restaurants in areas the couple can easily travel to, but be prepared to book months in advance!

A ticket to adventure
For some couples there’s nothing better than an adventure together. Maybe they’re theme park lovers, for whom a dream gift is a season pass to their favourite place on earth.

If they’re outdoorsy, look for rock climbing adventures, extreme sports and natural trail tickets in their area and further afield. Perhaps there’s a breathtaking nature adventure spot they’re dreaming of travelling to - you can make that come true. Make sure you’re up front with limitations like dates they can book, or expiry on any vouchers. 

Travel vouchers
Arranging a trip abroad has too many nuances to give as a gift, but thankfully travel vouchers are a hassle-free answer that’s also friendly for your budget. It gives two adventurers the free pass to create the trip they always dreamed of, whether that’s their honeymoon or later down the line.

The best option is to buy with a trusted, well reviewed company that knows luxury. Find local businesses who specialise in catering to all tastes, or go with big names that you know and love.

Perfectly personalised wedding gifts

Modern living room with art on the walls, the sofa has colourful pillows on, and is flanked by two green plants on either sideModern living room with art on the walls, the sofa has colourful pillows on, and is flanked by two green plants on either side

What makes a gift more special than knowing it’s truly unique? Personalisation is a great way to make your wedding present feel more thoughtful and memorable. Consider these unique options for couples who want something less ordinary, and who value sentimental gifts more than the material things.

Add traditional personalisation
If you’re giving something totally traditional, consider making it extra special with some personalisation. It’s a tried and true way to show the bride and groom that their wedding day is special to you too .

Engraving is a traditional choice, and one that’s offered by crystal and metalware artisans as standard for weddings. Go beyond the norm by adding meaningful poetry, or song lyrics from the first dance alongside their names and wedding date.

Commission an art piece
Unique pieces of art make a lifelong keepsake that they’ll treasure. Many artists can recreate a portrait of the bride and groom in their own style, whether that’s painting, pyrography or print design. You’ll simply commission them and send a photograph as inspiration. Pick a meaningful moment for them, such as their engagement photos or a snap from their first date.

If they’re family-first people, consider an elaborate mapping of their family tree, made beautiful enough to go on display. Showing how their families are joining will mean this piece always marks their wedding day.

A personal message from a celeb
Every couple has someone out there that gets them starstruck, whether it’s a movie star, their favourite musician, or a local icon. Sites like Cameo offer personalised greetings for a fee, making them a gift that gets people talking. Ensure you write up a great prompt for the celeb, and you might even get the chance to show the video at their reception!

Let your artistic side out with DIY present ideas

Wedding themed scrapbook lying on a bedWedding themed scrapbook lying on a bed

Nothing’s more personal than handmade gifts from the couple’s closest circle. It’s often said that pouring your time and talent into a gift makes it that much more meaningful. If you have an artistic flair, or even if you’ve got the time and excitement required to source the right materials, you might have the makings of a present no one else could imitate.

Scrapbook memories of your lives
Reminiscing about unforgettable memories is often a big part of weddings, as a couple start a new chapter in their lives. If you’re close with one or both of the couple, scrapbooking memories makes for an irreplaceable and heartfelt gift. This is a perfect collaborative gift for a group of friends, or a whole family to contribute to.

Place photographs, keepsakes and handwritten annotations together in a book that they can revisit over the years. You could add gig tickets, print out funny text conversations, or even dry flowers that instantly recall a special moment. Don’t forget to leave a space for their wedding photos, and future memories you’ll make together.

Handwritten letters from afar
While the bride and groom’s wedding guest list will be filled with people they treasure most, chances are not everyone they love will be in the room. If you plan well enough in advance, you can fill the gap with a sentimental gift they’ll adore.

Ask family, friends and loved ones across the globe to send handwritten letters as gifts. They can talk memories, or wishes for the couple’s future. You can scrapbook them or present them in a beautiful wooden box so they’ll last for as long as possible.

Songs of love
 If you have a musical talent, nothing will surprise and delight like an original song or composition made solely for the happy couple. Make sure it’s to their taste of course, it'll fall flat if they’re not a fan of your genre!

Go the extra mile if you can afford it by doing the recording professionally - you could even look up the cost to press your original song onto vinyl.

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