Your dream home doesn’t have to be based on unrealistic design and impractical furnishings. At PartyLite, we understand that decorating your space can be an expensive and exhausting task, so we’ve pulled together our best modern interior design ideas to make getting the latest trends simple. We believe that modern design is all about making the inaccessible into the accessible, and keeping things simple. By choosing a modern interior style, you can create a universal foundation that can be layered with seasonal transition pieces of your choice. Or you can opt for a minimalist background and go bold with your accessories. Whatever you decide, we’re here to give you the home inspiration you’ve been looking for.

Earthy elements

Thanks to its Scandinavian and German roots, the modern interior style of the moment is founded in earthy elements and wood furnishings. Inspired by early twentieth century architecture and design, look for basic furnishings and rustic styles. Modern interior design abides by the “form follows function” rule, which calls for practicality above all else. Prune your collection to reflect only what you love. Additionally, leaving structural elements exposed is a common characteristic of the modern movement. Wooden beams, concrete pillars and even leaving the legs of furniture uncovered can channel the earthy essence of the modern.


Open plan designs offer a spacious, clutter-free layout and provide a less-is-more atmosphere to help eliminate any unnecessary items in your home. They also encourage more airflow, creating a light and airy feel. The minimalist trend can also be applied to your furnishings. Choose simple and unadorned pieces for a stripped back modern setting. Touch up your room with styling pieces that contrast and can be changed when a new season rolls over. We’re loving our SmartScents Fragrance Sticks for a sleek and colourful addition to any setting. These flameless fragrance sticks offer up to 30 hours of uplifting fragrance and easy home styling. Simply pop in to one of our holders for a modern interior solution that you can personalise to your taste.

Primary shades

Another modern trend that we’re loving is the occurrence of bright colours. Rustic hues of turquoise, brown and olive are often complemented with a pop of primary colouring. Set your space with a more muted, natural shade, then layer with accent pieces of blue, red or yellow. Whether you select vivid furnishings, bold artwork or a tonal rug, there’s really no wrong way of going about it. We like to add a splash of colour by using several Escential Jar Candles in one shade along a shelf or dotted throughout the room. With a single wick design and specially formulated with beautiful coloured wax, these candles look as good as they smell. Available in a range of rich shades to spark life into any room of your home.

Once you have a minimalist foundation to your space, why not accessorise with season specific pieces? Reflective surfaces like steel, chrome and glass are hugely popular in the world of modern interior, so look for items that represent the industrial. Our metal lanterns are crafted with glass panels for a rustic feel that you can enjoy indoors and outdoors. Every season we bring you bold, trend-led and stylish accessories to change your home style. Discover the current range and find your personal inspiration.

Don’t feel pressured to incorporate all of our modern interior design ideas into your home, pick what feels right for you. Guidelines, like all rules, are made to be broken, so opt for the trends that are calling out to you. Browse PartyLite for more styling pieces to add a touch of the modern to your home.

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