As the mornings and evenings get longer and brighter, spring gives us a chance to give our homes a huge refresh. Our outdoor spaces take a big hit during the winter as we spend so much time indoors, so as the days get slightly warmer, it’s time to give our balconies or terraces a little tender loving care. 

There are a number of ways to give your balcony space a stylish makeover without needing to spend too much (and without needing to put a lot of DIY effort in either!). You can choose to revamp it completely so it reflects your indoor space or you could simply make some minor changes that will go a long way to creating a stylish sanctuary. The possibilities are endless, keep reading to find out more!

A balcony with string lights and a corner sofa


A set of chairs and a table on a balcony

Seating when you need it

If your balcony is more of balconette than a full-size balcony, adding furniture to your space is probably the last thing on your mind. Fortunately, there are plenty of economical seating solutions that might work for you. Fold up or stackable chairs are easy to set up and can be cleared away when not in use. 

Extend your interiors

Mimic the feel of a living room on your balcony with a storage bench instead of separate chairs. Create your own outdoor sofa by piling your bench high with lots of cosy cushions and soft furnishings. And when you’re not using them, pop them into the storage section. This can be more effective than having lots of individual chairs as they can make it difficult to move around your balcony if it’s narrow.

Give yourself some privacy

Does your balcony overlook a busy street? Or maybe you just want some extra privacy? Whatever your reason, fix a bamboo screen to your railing and trim to your desired height for extra peace of mind. 

A hanging flower basket and watering can on a balcony

Functional storage

Choose storage that works for you. Free standing shelving units are great for keeping lots of things while taking up relatively little floor space. Line yours with plants to add green to your balcony, or instead, opt for a small trolley unit. These portable pieces of furniture work great as a makeshift bar cart for al fresco dining.

Temporary tiling

Many balconies are built with a standard concrete or stone floor that lacks character. If you’re renting your home or you don’t have the know-how (or budget) to lay down attractive flooring, use interlocking decking tiles to hide the bland concrete. These easy-to-install tiles simply lock into place and join together like a jigsaw puzzle, and you can bet that they’re just as easy to remove. Perfect if you don’t want to commit to permanent flooring. We love the look of wooden tiles for a faux decking feel.

Evergreen flooring

Want a softer flooring option? Artificial grass or turf is even easier to lay down and can be rolled back up in a pinch if you want to swap it out for something else. It gives any balcony a garden feel but without the constant maintenance of having to look after a real lawn!

Textures and soft furnishings

A side table and pouffe on a balcony

Sweep it under a rug

Soft furnishings also do an excellent job of keeping unsightly concrete floors out of sight. Lay down a large rug to offer something soft underfoot and cushion the hardness of your balcony floor. Choose a rug in a colourful print or graphic pattern to add excitement to your balcony.

Stay warm in the evening

Keep plush throws and blankets on hand to keep the chill off in the evenings, or drape them over your seating for a casual look. For added comfort and style, accessorise with coloured and patterned cushion pads.

Forego furniture altogether

Not enough space on your balcony for furniture? Invest in large cushions in weather resistant fabrics. Outdoor seats and chaise pads give you the support you need for unwinding on your balcony, without the need for chunky furniture. They’re available in plenty of sizes and can be stored away when you need to save space. Look for ones with removable covers as these can be washed easily and allow you to switch up your style when you fancy. To refresh your soft furnishings between washes, try our odour-neutralising Room Sprays.


Plants on a balcony

Hanging planters and flower boxes

Large, statement, floor plants look especially visually stunning on a balcony, but if you’re short on space, try experimenting with other types of planters. Hanging planters add dimension and height, while overhanging flower boxes give you space to display a range of plants. 

Grow your own herb garden

While creating your own vegetable plot might be out of the question, that doesn’t mean you can’t try your hand at growing herbs. Most herbs can be grown on a balcony, all you need are some plant pots and a bit of time and effort. They’ll make your balcony look like a lush urban jungle when they’re in full bloom.

Plant vertically

If your balcony is set against a wall, take advantage of it by mounting a vertical wall planter. Fill with your favourite trailing flowers and plants and save your floor space for something else. If you don’t have a wall that you can use, a faux ivy screen hung from your railing can add a natural touch too. 

Plants hanging over the edge of a balcony

Cheat a little

If your balcony doesn’t see much sunlight, no one has to know if you fill your space with fake plants instead of real ones. This is a perfect solution if your attempts at being a plant parent have led to the death of your green potted friends or if you don’t have too much time to look after them. There are plenty of places that sell incredibly real-looking plastic alternatives that will invigorate your outdoor space without the need for maintenance. 


A dining table and chairs on a balcony with string lights in the background

In the jungle

Create a canopy of light for those cosy evenings. Splash out a little on some higher-quality string lights and wrap them around your balcony railings or drape them from the roof above so you get some ambience as you relax in your outdoor space. 

Fake it

As most buildings don’t allow large open flames on balconies, there’s a way to mimic an open fire setting at night. Wrap your string lights around a small stack of decorative firewood and place it on a large centrepiece to create a faux fire pit that looks just as good. Plenty of craft sites like Etsy sell logs that are perfect for this setup. 

PartyLite candles and candle holders

Soft and fragrant light

Create a pretty display where appropriate by lighting up candles of varying size and create a beautiful effect. Make sure you’ve got plenty of protection as the wind could blow them out quickly though! To ensure you make the most of your evening, use long-burning tealights alongside complementary holders that will match your style.  

A hint of rustic

Make your balcony simple and homely if space allows. The charm of an outdoor candle display will transform your space during those longer summer evenings. Choose a holder that offers protection from the wind, you can hang them from the ceiling for a chandelier effect or place them in a corner for a dramatic addition to your exterior accessories. 

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Alex Wan