Springtime is here, and with that comes a chance to give your bedroom a seasonal refresh. But have you ever been green with envy while scrolling through your socials at just how amazing some people’s bedrooms look? That time is over, we’ve compiled our favourite techniques, tips and hacks on how to dress a bed, style it like the professionals and then keep it clean and smelling fresh.

No matter your budget, it’s a lot easier than you’d think to style your bed like an interior designer. We’ll take a look into the universal ways to dress your bed, our seven favourite styling techniques to make it look luxurious, plus some extra bed hacks that won’t cost much but go a long way. As Andy Warhol said, “Everything is more glamorous when you do it in bed anyway.”

Universal Ways To Dress Your Bed

Before you start investing in your bedsheets, here are the little changes you can make that will immediately elevate your bed. These are the simple solutions that professional interior designers live by and we want to share their secrets with you. 

Reversible duvet covers - Nice and easy, this trick means that with one flip of your quilt you can change the look of your bed day-by-day. Choose a mix of plain and patterned, or two different patterns on both sides. 

Layering - The go-to technique for any professional interior design expert. The more layers, the more stylish a bed can look. For this style, aim for chunky knitted accessories to work in natural textures that are chic and cosy. To add layers to your bed, fold your sheets back on themselves to show off patterns and colours, drape throws and blankets over the bottom third of your bed, or add large cushions on top of your sleeping pillows that can be removed at night. Love this tip? Keep reading to find more.

Sticking to a theme - Unless you’re more of a mishmash type, you should pick a theme and stick with it throughout your room. This could be anything from Minimalux to monochrome to springtime pastels or florals, your style is important and should be reflected in your bedclothes. 

Colour palettes - Similar to a theme, if you have a consistent colour scheme in your room, it’s important to stick to that when it comes to choosing bedclothes. You could even build the colour of your room around a bold patterned duvet cover. All you need to do is pick out the key colours of your favourite bedding and add accent accessories around your room in the same shade. 

7 Ways To Style Your Bed

Now you know how to dress your bed like the professionals, it’s time to learn about the ways to enhance it using our seven favourite styling techniques. So no matter your budget, we’ve got the looks for your bed that will guarantee to have the Instagram likes rolling in.

Extra Bed Hacks

Taking extra care of your bed once it’s been given a professional update is super important. Whether it’s a case of making sure your mattress is as clean as your sheets, or if you’ve got fitted sheets that just won’t stay on, these hacks will make sure you sleep with extra comfort. 

So no matter if you’ve got a lot of space to play with or a smaller bedroom, there are plenty of ways for you to elevate where you sleep, no matter the budget.

extra bed hacks

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Ben Lavers