When it comes to keeping your home up to date and on-trend, it’s simply not viable to keep redecorating your house every few months. However, refreshing your home décor each season is the perfect way to keep on top of the biggest home décor trends and keep your style fresh and seasonal. For the end of 2020 we’ve picked out the latest trends that you can incorporate into your home regardless of your personal style, from the woodland comfort of the Rustic Nature look to the chic and Modern Industrial and Monochrome interior trends.

So whether you just swap out your candles each season to ensure your home is inviting and always smells delicious, or you completely switch up your colour scheme to make sure it’s in-keeping with the season - these gorgeous home décor trends for every season are sure to inspire you. 

A moodboard of autumn decor inspiration


Three words: pumpkin spice everything. Autumnal tones, rustic decorative pieces and spicy, warming scents are just a few changes you can make to your home décor during the autumn months. Keep your home looking cosy and inviting all season long. 

Embrace Those Autumnal Tones 
Embrace gorgeous, warm, autumnal tones like burnt orange, yellow and crisp green to get your home ready for the season.

You just can’t go wrong with a grey and orange combination, so adding an orange throw and cushions to an on-trend grey sofa is the ultimate way to add all of those autumn vibes to your home (and make it look super-cosy at the same time!).

Another option is to swap out your bright cushions and throws for something a little warmer, or investing in some on-trend yellow curtains for your bedroom. Your home is sure to look fabulous in time for those crisp autumn nights. 

Say Yes to Pumpkin
Autumn is the season of the pumpkin, so embrace it by adding pumpkin-inspired décor and accessories to your home. 

Why not opt for some cute, on-trend pumpkin candle holders to add a fun and novelty touch to any home. Create an extra sensory experience with spiced pumpkin Scent Sticks. No matter how far you go with the pumpkin trend, it’s an autumn essential in any home.  

Add Some Decorative Bowls
If you want to elevate your home with some autumn home décor without investing too much money, then adding some decorative bowls around your living space is the perfect way to do so.

Whether you opt for plain or patterned bowls, filling them with pine cones, mini pumpkins or seasonal apples is the perfect way to add a little bit of colour and personality to any room and truly bring the space to life. 

Get The Trend
If you love a cosy home, then Rustic Nature is the trend for you this year. This is the rustic look that will make you think of an idyllic woodland thanks to animal décor and leaf print interiors. Bring the Nature to life with matching fragrances infused with autumnal elements. Welcome nature into your home and read about it here.

If your home is less cosy and more industrial, refresh it for the darker nights of autumn by adding simple yet stylish accessories for a little extra warmth. Burnt orange and smokey brown glass accessories are an accent that stay true to industrial style while giving a little piece of Autumn 2020's trend for natural elements at home. Adding candlelight instead of overhead lighting in the evenings also helps gives a sense of naturalism to the minimalist decor

A moodboard of winter decor inspiration


When it comes to updating your home décor for winter, it’s important to incorporate accessories to help you to beat those winter blues. From soothing, flickering candles to mood-boosting colours, there are a number of different accessories you can incorporate into your home to turn it into a sanctuary from the elements.

As the nights draw in and the weather gets a little more chilly, candles become a huge home décor trend. The warm, flickering light and soothing scent of a candle is the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day at work - or a busy day of Christmas shopping! 

Whether you go all-out Christmassy with a holly berry candle that captures the essence of Christmas or just give a nod to the festive season with the most delicious gingerbread scented tealights your home is sure to be filled with gorgeous fragrance that will get all your guests in the Christmas spirit. 

Go For Bold Elegance
Adding bold accessories to a home with plain wall colours will help you cultivate the quintessential stylish winter look thanks to the uber-modern Monochrome trend. It’s difficult to make black and white clash, so adding Monochrome décor pieces like our Pinstripe Fragrance Warmer will elevate any room alongside our fabulous fragrance. 

Add vibrancy to your Monochrome room by using natural elements like wood to get that hygge home look or adding bright colours to your walls. If you want Monochrome style on a budget, using a large mirror adds the illusion of making the space feel much bigger. 

Monochrome isn’t just about black and white, adding hints of gold and silver is a surefire way to upgrade your home style and décor pieces like our brand-new Origami Llama Tealight Holder will add the flourishing finishing touch. If you want to know more about the Monochrome trend for this winter, read our blog here.

Fairy Lights 
Although it’s totally acceptable to hang fairy lights around your house all year round, winter is when they’ll be truly appreciated. Whether you wind them around your headboard in your bedroom, or drape them across a shelf or mantelpiece - fairy lights will add a truly magical touch to your home during those cold winter months. 

Christmas Tree
Whether you consider it to be a home décor trend or not, a Christmas tree is an absolute must-have during December - or November if you’re really keen! 

A Christmas tree can completely transform the look of a room, not only making it feel a lot more festive, but bringing a touch of the outside into your home - which has been proven to increase productivity and wellbeing! 

So whether you prefer an artificial tree that you can bring out year after year, or like to go shopping for a real tree with that beautiful pine scent - a Christmas tree will add a gorgeous, festive touch to your home.

Rich Textures
Winter is the season of excess, so why not go all out and add some bold textures to your home? Plush fabrics like velvet, velour, faux fur and silk are truly luxurious and well-fitting for winter time. 

Or layer in décor pieces in metallic materials and chrome finishes for a reflective effect that pairs perfectly with rich colours like royal blue, burgundy, moss green and mustard yellow. 

These textures are easy to incorporate into any existing interior design style with just a few selected items. Add a ruby, velvet cushion to your sofa, stand a set of gold-tone candlesticks on your mantelpiece or replace your regular curtain ties with a pair of statement tassel ties.

A moodboard of spring decor inspiration


When it comes to updating your home for spring, fresh, clean décor is the ideal choice. From linen-fresh scents and house plants dotted around every corner to rearranging your furniture and adding new storage solutions it’s the perfect time for a spring clean. 

Add Fresh Scents
When it comes to spring, heavy winter scents are out and light, fresh scents are in. Whether you choose to swap out your winter Scent Sticks with a gorgeous citrus-fresh set, or simply get your hands on a new room spray for when you have guests over -  introducing a new scent into your home is the perfect way to ensure it’s spring-ready. 

Additionally, some fresh-cut spring flowers are the perfect way not only to introduce a new scent into your home, but also add a welcome pop of colour to any room. Opt for a chic minimalist glass vase with some super-bright spring flowers for a spring touch. 

Let the Light In
Gone are those dark, winter nights where all you want to do is light a few candles and curl up under a blanket - the lighter spring evenings should inspire you to let the natural light into your home. 

From swapping out your heavy winter curtains for lighter ones to let a little more light in, to investing in some high-gloss accessories, such as lamp shades and furniture to allow the light to bounce around the room - just a few simple swaps can add a huge amount of light to your home and make sure it’s ready for spring.

Add Some Colour
During the winter months, you’ll probably have invested in some dark-coloured accessories, such as cushions and blankets to make your home feel cosy and festive during the cold, dark months. However, spring is the perfect time to swap out those dark colours for lighter, brighter shades. 

From switching up the cushions and throws on your sofa to swapping out your bed linen for something a little more colourful a few simple changes can have a huge impact on a room, making it feel just a little more seasonal.

Invest in Some Storage Solutions
There’s no better time than spring to get your house organised, so invest in some storage solutions and have a spring clean to make sure your home is looking beautiful. 

Some high-gloss (to reflect that light!) furniture is the perfect option. Add a new coffee table with storage to your living room, allowing you to tidy away all of those bits and bobs that can make the room look cluttered, or invest in a new set of drawers for your bedroom. Having plenty of storage in your home will make sure it looks clean and tidy all year round.

A moodboard of summer decor inspiration


Once the summer months are in full swing, you’ll want to let as much light and colour into your home as possible. But that’s not all - your outdoor space might need a bit of attention after those cold winter months to make sure it’s ready for those summer barbecues. 

Add Some Colour 
Just like with spring, you’ll want to add some colour to brighten up your home during the summer months to make sure it looks as summery as possible - you’ve got to make the most of the sun, after all! 

Swap out your pastel spring décor for something a little brighter during the summer months. It’s the best time to go bold with decor, so embrace it for a truly gorgeous looking home. Smart and simple additions like fuschia cushions on your sofa or some statement linen bedding can make a huge difference.

Revamp Your Outside Space
Can’t wait to host a barbeque? Or maybe you just want to ensure that your outside space is visually pleasing. Whatever your reason, revamping your outside space for summer is one of the best ways to get your home summer-ready.

Invest in some new outdoor furniture and give your decking a lick of paint to change up your exterior style. Spending time on your outside space will ensure you’ve always got somewhere to enjoy the sun during the summer months. 

And to add the finishing touches to your garden, some outdoor candle holders and lanterns will not only make your garden look and feel super-cosy, but they’ll also keep those pesky bugs away from your barbeque too - you just can’t go wrong!

No matter which season is your favourite, revamping your home each season is the perfect way to keep your home feeling fresh and homely all year long. 

Imo Gee