Bathroom décor can bring your entire house together, making it feel a lot more homely, personal and put together. If you’re stuck for ideas, then grey is the perfect colour option. 

It’s a super-versatile colour that will compliment a huge number of colour schemes, meaning you can switch up your style whenever you want to refresh your bathroom. So whether you want to add the ultimate girly touch to your bathroom, or prefer the monochrome look - these grey bathroom ideas are sure to look gorgeous in any space. 

Why are Grey Bathrooms So Popular?

Grey has become a popular colour choice in recent years, especially for bathrooms and living rooms, but why exactly has grey become so well liked?

One of the main reasons why grey has become such a fashionable interior design trend is because it is hugely versatile, perfectly complimenting a huge colour palette. As a neutral colour, grey will never go out of style, allowing you to experiment with your bathroom accessories without having to drastically change your tiles and furniture every few years to keep on top of the latest trends. 

Finally, the soft, calming nature of a grey colour palette can help people to de-stress and create a true haven in their bathroom - making it perfect for those evenings where you just want to relax in the bath surrounded by your favourite candles.

Pink and Grey Bathroom 

If you want to add the ultimate girly touch to your bathroom, then a pink and grey colour scheme is the perfect option.

If you’re brave enough to go all-out with the pink, then adding pink and grey tiling to your bathroom will add a cool, striking look to the room. Additionally, you can even get your hands on a pink sink or bath, meaning you can add as much (or as little!) colour as you like to your grey bathroom. 

However, if you’d just like to add a splash of pink to the room, then opting for rose-coloured towels, bath mats and accessories is the perfect option for you.

Add a Touch of Yellow

If you’ve been wondering what colour goes with grey tiles, then yellow is a great complementary choice. Yellow adds a bright pop of colour that will brighten up any bathroom without being too bold. It has a muted under tone that pairs well with grey, creating a well balanced two-tone colour scheme.

When it comes to adding yellow to your grey bathroom, it’s best to stick to simple yellow accents, such as towels, statement furniture and decorative accessories to make a huge impact without going over the top. 

We love the look of a bright yellow hand towel above a grey bath towel on a rail. Not only is the look easy to achieve, but it’s super affordable too, as you’ll only need to invest in a few yellow accessories to make a huge impression.

Enhance Your Monochrome Look 

Whether you’ve got an existing monochrome bathroom, or you’re just looking for black and white bathroom ideas, adding a touch of grey can help to soften the stark contrast between the black and white and transform your bathroom into a true haven.

From adding grey accessories, such as candles, Scent Sticks and succulent planters, to investing in a statement piece of grey furniture - grey is the perfect colour to help you soften that monochrome scheme and transform your bathroom into a truly stylish space.  

Experiment with Navy 

If you’re looking to add a truly sleek, striking look to your bathroom, then the combination of grey and navy is the ideal choice. 

When it comes to combining these two colours, you just can’t go wrong. However, it’s best to opt for a light grey to help balance out the deep navy colour and add a stark contrast between the two tones.

Some of the best ways to incorporate navy into your grey bathroom design include:

  • Grey and navy tiling
  • Paint your vanity unit navy 
  • Choose navy curtains or blinds
  • Paint a feature wall 
  • Add navy accents and accessories
  • Invest in some statement furniture 

So whether you opt for navy accents and accessories in your grey bathroom, or add a statement feature wall, the combination of grey and navy works perfectly in bathrooms and is sure to ‘wow’ all of your guests.

However, if navy is a little too dark for you, light blue and grey compliment each other perfectly too. So swap out the navy for duck egg blue and light grey for the ultimate bathroom colour scheme.

Whether you opt for bright colour accents or prefer to keep it a little more neutral, these grey bathroom ideas are perfect for any space. Explore the huge range of accessories at PartyLite, including candles, wax melts and Scent Sticks to add the finishing touches to your gorgeous grey bathroom.

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