The weather’s getting warmer and the urge to do a huge garden overhaul is getting stronger. Whether you’ve moved into a new house or want to change up the space that you’re already calling home, the task of revamping your garden can seem momentous. Don’t worry, we’ve made a list of our top garden design ideas on a budget to help you turn your outdoor space into a thriving natural haven. We’ve even thrown in some of our brand new Summer Collection products that we know you’ll love.

There’s nothing better than unwinding at the end of a long day, and we think that the garden is the best place for it. Catch the last rays of sunset on a long summer evening amongst vibrant florals and gently lit décor pieces for a true taste of summer. Read on to discover our four garden categories, which we’ve broken down into easy design ideas. We’ll help you make the most of your outdoor space and, more importantly, make it yours.

Get Your Glow On

Lighting is a guaranteed and easy way to add a touch of cosiness to your garden. Your outdoor space isn’t only to be enjoyed in the day, so we’ve listed some lighting ideas to turn your garden into an after-dark sanctuary.

Garden Design Ideas

String lights
Versatile and oh so diverse, there’s a set of string lights to match whatever garden theme you have going on. From basic fairy lights to coloured bulbs or those that have stylish bulb covers to suit your style, string lights can be hung however you wish and take up next to no space. If you’re looking for small garden design ideas on a budget, these are ideal for you. We love the look of string lights wrapped tightly around tree trunks or draped gently from branches for a simple but impressive lighting feature.

Add some outdoor fragrance and beautiful points of light to your garden with candles. While fragrance might seem redundant in the garden, burning scented candles outside can really enhance the scent of your existing plants and help create a natural ambiance. And don’t worry, here at PartyLite we use only the highest quality ingredients in our candles so our strong, premium fragrances won’t be wasted outdoors. Our Scented Tealight Candles have a burn time of 4-6 hours, making them perfect for summer garden parties. Create a seaside illusion with our Sea Salt & Sage fragrance. Simple and affordable, candlelight can instantly brighten any lacklustre garden.

Candle Accessories
Show your candles some love and pop them inside a Lantern or Hurricane Holder for an elegant garden décor display. Whether your lantern is perched on a side table or sitting on the ground, they make for excellent filler items and require no creative styling whatsoever! Simply fill with your favourite candle to elevate your garden. For an accessory you can plant into your flower beds, plant pots and lawn, try our Garden Hook and corresponding Triangles Hanging Votive Holder for an outdoor style statement. We love the Garden Incense Spikes for a flameless way to invigorate your space. Placed in planters, pair these with our Incense Sticks to add a splash of colour and fragrance, breathing life into your garden.

Solar lighting
A worthy investment, solar lighting is a one-off expense that you can enjoy without having to worry about future spending. Unlike string lights which require battery power or electricity, solar lighting charges in the day and shines in the evening. It generally comes in torch form, making it super easy to install and remove. This type of elevated lighting is perfect to line in a row for highlighting a garden path when you have friends and family over - a beautiful addition that doubles as a safety feature. For an additional sparkle, try our Glow in the Dark décor range. Our new candle accessories feature glow in the dark dappled glass that charges from solar power to light up even the shadiest of gardens.

Bitesize Tip: If you’re lucky enough to party outdoors, swap your regular scented candles for our Citronella fragrances! The perfect addition to any summer party collection, citronella is a natural insect repellent so you can enjoy the evening without any stress.

Feel-at-home Furnishings

Garden design doesn’t have to break the bank. Carefully selected décor pieces can transform your space for an easy garden revamp. Whether you’ve got a large unruly garden or a petite patio, we’ve got some great design features to maximise your space so you can get the most out of outdoor living.

Garden Design Ideas

Hanging mirrors
Dupe your guests into thinking you have more space than you do by hanging a strategically placed mirror in your garden. A mirror cleverly mounted to a wall, fence or in foliage will reflect natural light to open up your garden, making your space feel larger than it actually is. This inexpensive and effective trick works even better outdoors than it does indoors, as there is an abundance of sunlight to bounce around your garden. A practical optical illusion that’s sure to add a unique touch to your outdoor space.

Makeshift bird feeders
Perhaps consider your feathered, chirping garden guests when planning your garden design. Makeshift bird feeders can add a homely touch and are great craft projects for any little helping hands. Think outside the traditional wooden box for ideas - a teacup and saucer hung from a tree branch or even an old egg carton strung up with coloured string will make brilliant bird feeders. Recycle items that you already have at home and you’ll find that you won’t even need to spend any money on this great little garden project. Your PartyLite votive and tealight holders can even double up as bird feeders. As well as attracting nature and boosting your garden’s atmosphere, these will keep any birds away from your precious flower beds and crops.

Fold up furniture
In need of additional seating for when you have family and friends round, but reluctant to compromise space? Swap your clunky garden seating for fold up furniture. A gorgeous fold up garden chair and table set can add a beautiful rustic feel without cluttering up your patio. And when you’re done with it, just fold them up and pop them away for the next sunny day.

Soft furnishings
If you do have a garden bench, a simple way to refresh your setting is to furnish it with soft cushions and throws. Add some vibrancy to your décor with colourful cushions, even better if you match them to your plants or candles. It’ll give your garden a cosy corner that you can retreat to. Comfy throws are also great to keep over the back of a chair, or on the arm of a bench, for draping over chilly late night legs when the air gets a bit cooler. Keep your soft furnishings smelling inviting, especially after a long winter under wraps, by freshening them up with our Fresh Home Room Sprays.These odour neutralising sprays contain premium essential oils and no harsh chemicals, making them perfect for perking up patio furniture, throws and pillows.

Bitesize Tip: The top rule of optimising your budget is to go for multipurpose items. If you can get more than one function out of something, you’ll always be getting your value for money. Did you know that many of our décor items are designed to be versatile?

Populate with Plants

Greenthumbs at the ready - set, plant! The most obvious way to spruce up your garden is to change up the way you’re planting. We’ve made notes of our best space saving ideas so you can grow your garden in to a luscious botanical jungle.

Tiered plants 
Running out of ground space? Invest in tiered planters. An economical way to arrange your plants without the need for acres of flower bed space. The tiered look balances out the shape of your garden and gives it depth, while also being a great talking point.

Plant vertically
Similar to our previous tip, for small spaces plant upwards and onwards by hanging your plant pots in a stacked formation. You don’t need to spend lots to achieve a vertical structure, simply paint an old wooden pallet and stand it on its side to show off your favourite potted plants in a vertical display that takes up hardly any space. Don’t want to go vertical? A few boxes of different heights can give you a stepped display where three or more plants can all be seen together.

Wall plants
Plants don’t have to be horizontal. Create a unique wall art display by mounting a rectangular plastic flower bed tray to the wall. Divide it into planting cells and fill with colourful succulents before attaching to the wall, and voila, a gorgeous wall of blooming vegetation.

Upcycle old materials
Get creative with what you use to house your plants. Upcycle the contents of your pantry to use as plant pots. Empty mason jars, old coffee cans and even plastic bottles can make great plant holders. Got an empty PartyLite Jar Candle that’s too pretty to throw away? Show it off in your garden as a contemporary plant pot! Wicker baskets, wooden crates and drawers can also easily become flower beds. Save money by DIYing your way to your dream garden.

Bitesize Tip: Enhance the scent of plants by placing our Garden Spikes into flowerbeds. You can add a fragranced tealight to the top, or our Incense Sticks too.


You’ve put in the time and the effort, and so the finishing touch is your guests! Garden’s are designed to be enjoyed, so whatever your design style, remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. A well lived-in garden is a homely garden.

Garden Design Ideas

Barbecue parties
Show off the final result by holding a summer barbecue party. If you don’t have a grill, don’t panic, small barbecues are all the rage and can be supplemented by cold dishes made beforehand. The clean up job will be much easier too! After you’ve finished eating, bring out your favourite candles so your family and friends can bask in a cosy ambiance - not to mention it’ll help to mask the scent of burning coal. Our Fresh Home Jar Candles are an ideal choice for combatting smoke and are available in a range of fragrances so you can match your mood to your garden.

After Dinner al Fresco 
If you’re looking at more of an “after dinner drinks on the patio or terrace” situation than a barbecue, it’s the perfect occasion to transform your space into a welcome drinks spot. That includes balconies too! Pair the colour of your drinks with your outdoor décor or mix some cocktails inspired by your favourite summer fragrance for an additional touch that won’t go unnoticed.

Afternoon Tea
Cream cakes and tiered sandwiches make for a quaint garden scene. Easy to assemble and great for all ages, what better reason to have guests round than for an afternoon tea party? Delicate place settings are a must, so make sure that your decorations are just as elegant to match. Browse our collection of tealight holders for some décor inspiration. Available individually, in pairs and trios for perfect table dressing.

Have our garden design ideas on a budget give you some inspiration? Or just made you more impatient for summer? Either way, we’d love to see what brilliant styles you recreate from this list, so don’t forget to show us on our social channels! Find your new favourite summer scent by browsing our fragrance pages, or have a read of the PartyLite blog page to stay up to date with our latest styling advice.

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