If there’s one room in your home that tends to get neglected in terms of home décor, it’s probably your bathroom. We know ours is! That’s why we’ve come up with our best bathroom décor ideas to help you add some colour and style to your home. Follow these décor ideas for easy and effective ways to spruce up your bathroom and make it look like you’ve put in the effort, even if you haven’t. We understand that life at home can be a busy affair, so our bathroom decoration ideas will ensure that your room is always looking and smelling the part, especially for when you have unexpected guests round.

Bathrooms are a peculiar part of our homes. Most likely the room we spend the least time in, yet we want it to look, smell and feel the most appealing. So when it comes to bathroom décor, low maintenance but visually effective is key. You want simple but staple pieces that you can rely on, without them having to rely on you. Basically, something that you can stick on the windowsill and and not worry about. That’s why PartyLite SmartScents Fragrance Sticks are our favourite bathroom piece for elegant home styling. Experience round-the-clock exquisite fragrance, without the worry of a flame. These flameless, rolled paper scent sticks are available in a large range of different scents, so you can find a fragrance to suit you. Simply pair with one of our SmartScents Holders for a beautifully simplistic bathroom décor idea that needs no supervision.

Why stop there? Boost your bathroom aesthetic by topping up with a candle in the same fragrance. You can light this when you're spending time in the bathroom and layer up your fragrance experience. Adding an additional fragrance form in your bathroom will not only keep your space smelling great, but candles also create a beautiful point of light. Whether you opt for a pair of Votive Candles or a series of Tealights, candles are an excellent way to bring a feeling of calm and relaxation. They can be paired with your choice of holder to match whatever décor style you have in your bathroom. We like to experiment with fresh and clean colours and designs to enhance the nautical feel of the room. In particular, we suggest marine styles and glass finishes as they offer the best reflections for casting light around your space. Browse our collection of candle accessories to find your style.

Discover our Fresh Home Fragrance Collection and experience our odour eliminating and refreshing technology. Choose from five exclusive Fresh Home fragrances to neutralise unwanted bathroom smells, and available in six different fragrance forms so you can choose your desired ways to scent up your space.

Light is just as important as fragrance when it comes to bathroom décor. Having a long, luxurious soak in the bath isn’t complete without a few glowing candles to take you from zen to zen. Our GloLite candles offer a top-to-bottom all-over glow to give you that spa-like experience without having to leave the comfort of your home. Discover three rich, romantic fragrances in classic candle shapes to set a soft, sensual atmosphere to your bathroom.

Got a bigger bathroom? Don’t get lost in the endless tiles, use décor to bring a touch of personality. Place beautiful fragrances and stylish accessories on your unused or lonely surfaces to keep up and out of reach from curious hands and furry paws. We love to add an Escential Jar Candle to the end of a shelf for an easy way to brighten up your space. Our Escential Jars are crafted from vibrant, coloured wax, so you can be sure that they look as good as they smell. Perfect to match to whatever colour scheme you have in your bathroom. If you have lots of surface space to hand, our Hurricane Candle Holders are ideal for creating a stunning side or centerpiece. Browse our range of Hurricanes to find beautiful décor to suit you. Or create your own style with our Clearly Creative range which allows you to dress your Hurricane however, and with whatever, you like!

You’ve got the inspiration, and now you’re spoilt for choice. Try our bathroom décor ideas to transform your room from boring to beautiful in a matter of moments. PartyLite products are created with outstanding fragrance and fabulous style in mind, so you can always be sure that you’re getting the best for your home.

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