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ScentGlow® Warmer - Universal Glass Dish


Compatible with:

P92981U - ScentGlow® Warmer - Colour Mix

P93258U - ScentGlow® Warmer - Colour Changing Butterflies

P92980U - ScentGlow® Warmer - Butterfly Flurry

P92976U - ScentGlow® Warmer - Waves

P92977U ScentGlow® Warmer - Queen's Hive

P93004U ScentGlow® Warmer - Iridescent Azure

P93041U ScentGlow® Warmer - Pearl Oyster

P93131U ScentGlow® Warmer - Poinsettia

P93160U ScentGlow® Warmer - Mystic Glimmer

P93132U ScentGlow® Warmer - Shimmering Trees

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