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The Story We are no ordinary brand. We are PartyLite. Find out all about us here.
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We Are Global
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Our Candles & Fragrances
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The Vision We are all about letting you be your most fantastic self. This is our manifesto.
We Inspire Become the author of your own amazing future. Live the life you want, realise your dreams.
We Empower Find your inner entrepreneur with confidence and success. Do what you love and love what you do.
We Invite Join our global PartyLite community. Enjoy unforgettable experiences, forge unbreakable bonds.
We Celebrate Revel in success with our culture of unbridled pride and joy. Enjoy so much more than simply a great income.
We Share Discover your pathway to fun, freedom and success. Because we love to see you shine.
We Excite Capture special moments with beautiful fragrances. Tell your own style story with innovative decor.
Our Candles & Fragrances
Our Candles & Fragrances
Created close to home, our candles are the finest fragrances for the home.
We have over 100 years of candle making experience. We work with world-renowned perfumers to create the best candles available.
We blend the fragrance throughout the entire candle to give the most incredible fragrance experience. All our wicks are 100% cotton with no lead and no sulphates giving the brightest burn.
Created close to home, our candles are the finest fragrances for the home.
PartyLite Candles Are Always
  • Cruelty- free - our ingredients are never tested on animals
  • Made with our non-toxic, high-quality paraffin and soy wax blend that offers a consistently clean burn
  • Free from parabens, phthalates and palm oil
  • Fashioned with lead-free, 100% cotton wicks stabilized in wick clips for added safety
  • Jar candles that are 100% recyclable
  • Crafted in the USA by expert chemists and compliant with world safety standards
Corporate Social Responsibility

PartyLite’s charity engagement was established in the 1970s to inspire our community to affect positive change in the lives of women and children.

In addition to our support of our global charity partners, PartyLite also strives for partnerships with environmental organisations. To date, PartyLite has donated over $2 million worldwide with sales of charity products.

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