Why Choose PartyLite Fragrance?

Many scents have a specific association for all of us. It could trigger memories or make you feel calm. It could even reflect your mood and your personality. That’s why we love our fragrances.

And unlike other fragrances for homes, you can personalise PartyLite fragrances.

Here’s what’s different about our fragrances.

Your Signature Scent

No other home fragrance company allows you to create Your Signature Scent. It’s the perfect combination of two of your favourite fragrances. Usually a Signature Scent is created with a Seasonal and an Everyday fragrance, but you can create it with the fragrances that you feel combine best.

The Fragrance Wheel

Ever wondered what our Fragrance Wheel actually is? Well, it's a guide to help our Party Guests find their Signature Scents. It’s a wheel depicting all our up-to-date fragrances, Seasonal and Everyday. When you choose one, you’ll find it’s perfect match directly opposite on the image. You can also test out combinations using the crayons. Simple as that and it makes for a great Party activity.

Seasonal Scents

Top Tip
Try out a few fragrance combinations before you decide the one that suits you best.

Seasonal Scents

Each season we create new fragrances. Autumn is all about those natural forest scents. Spring is fresh and fruity. Summer could be exotic and floral. And winter, well it’s gingerbread, and iced berries. Each season will also have particular scent associations for you. That’s why every season, we make a range of brand new fragrances. Find the one that reflects this time of year for you.

Check out how we create our fragrances here.

The next step for finding your Signature Scent is pairing it with its match on the Fragrance Wheel.

Everyday Fragrance

Our Everyday fragrances are a PartyLite staple. They don’t change often, because we know how much people love them. They were created to perfectly match their opposite seasonal scents on the Fragrance Wheel. Together with our Seasonal fragrances, they harmonise to create your Signature Scent.

Top Tip
Test fragrances together that don’t match on the Fragrance Wheel. You never know, you could find an incredible new scent. It really would be unique to you.

Find Your Signature in Every Form

We offer the Signature Scent in every form. We have flame-free options as well as our incredible quality candles. You can even take our SmartScents with you wherever you go in our GoSmart™ Holder.

Find the fragrance form that best suits your life here.

Find Your Signature in Every Room

You probably won’t want the same fragrance wherever you go in your home. You might want your bathroom fresh and your hallway fruity. What are your favourite rooms? You could create a Signature Scent for each one.

Style Your Scent Your Way

Style Your Scent Your Way

With a selection of forms and fragrances, we have a range of incredible accessories to display them. No other home fragrance company offers so much choice and so much style.

Check out our tips for how to enhance your chosen fragrance here.

PartyLite fragrances are made so you can create your own scents and tell your style story.

Explore the full range of incredible fragrances here and create the Signature Scent that defines you.

We’d love to know your Signature Scent and see how you’ve styled it. Tag us in your social media posts!

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