Our Top 8 Valentine's Day Scents

Romance is in the air at PartyLite. For us, nothing tells a love story better than a truly transporting scent. We narrowed down our sweetest, most magical fragrances so that you can choose the one that says romance to you.

The right fragrance can make romance come to life. No matter what your Valentine’s Day plan set the mood in the morning and transform your home for you and your loved one with new, handpicked Spring and Everyday fragrances.

For everyone romance means something a bit different. Find the fragrance that expresses it for you below.

New Crush

For that subtle, sweet scent of new love, Berry Vanilla is perfect. Be romanced by succulent red strawberries and luscious pink raspberries folded into creamy vanilla and frosted sugarcane.

In Full Bloom

For that love that’s lasted a lifetime Peony gives that lush and floral fragrance. Enjoy a rush of bold and exotic scents that evoke a lush green rainforest with a touch of fruit, fresh jasmine and hints of spice.

Holiday Romance

Holiday Romance

For that fresh yet all-consuming love that is a holiday romance fill your home with the scent of Mediterranean Blue. Cleansing, refreshing and crisp, this scent is a rejuvenating infusion of cucumber, cooling aromatics, citrus and crystal spring waters.

Crystalised Charm

Sometimes you just need to add a touch of something special. To create that romantic mood we love Iced Snowberries - frosty berries, crisp apples and luscious peaches join vanilla and musk in a breath of icy winter air.

Starry Night Rendezvous

Starry Night Rendezvous

Moonlight fragrance captures those romantic nights where you stargaze walking hand in hand with your love. Nighttime woods hang with the blooms of verbena and jasmine, mingling with touches of lemongrass and green apple aromas.

We also have a gorgeous collection of fragrances available just for Valentine’s Day. Get incredible offers when you Host or attend a Party.

Perfect Passion

Don’t try to resist the scent of Strawberry Surrender - juicy red berries tempt with sweet goodness while musk and rose play up a provocative side.

Mysterious Temptation

Fall under the captivating spell of Fig Fatale - deliciously rich blend of sensual fig, succulent fruits and velvety vanilla.

True Love

Capture hearts with Sweet Strawberry - freshly picked juicy strawberries ripened by the sun with sparkling zesty citrus and a touch of sweet sugar.


To make your Valentine’s even more romantic, you can create a Signature Scent with your partner. You can each select the fragrance that best expresses you. Light them together and you'll have the fragrance of your relationship. Your Signature Scent would also make the perfect wedding theme. When you find your relationship’s Signature send it to us. We always like to hear your love stories. If you’re planning to make it your wedding theme, we’d love to see snaps of the big day.

What fragrance do you think is the most romantic? Share it with us on social media.

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