How To Get Candle Wax Out of Carpets

At PartyLite we're proud to bring you the best fragranced wax products season after season, in candles and Scent Plus Melts. We owe our amazing fragrance throw to the fact that our candles and melts fully liquefy when lit or warmed, giving you a wholesome scent experience that you can enjoy again and again. Unlike other candles that only partially liquefy, you can be sure that you’re getting optimum fragrance from our specially formulated candles and melts.

You can’t predict an accident, especially with busy lives and families at home, so wax spills can naturally happen. Never fear, we've got those tricky clean ups covered. Keep reading for our tried and true tips for removing wax from carpets, so you can enjoy your favourite fragrance in any room with no stress.

It all starts with the right accessories, of course. We don’t just design our candle holders to look good, they’re practical too. All our holders are designed to be used with our various candle forms and melts, ensuring that candles have room to melt and more stability. Minimise spills in a crowded hallway or busy area by choosing tall décor, so if the table or surface your candle rests on gets knocked, it’s less likely to mean disaster. Our smaller and more delicate pieces are perfect on bathroom window sills or sturdy shelves where they’re less of a hazard to swinging elbows and wagging tails.

Candle Wax in a Carpet

Sometimes, of course, you can’t help the spill. So what if it’s already on the carpet? It might be easier than you think! If you get to it quickly, it always works better. Start by trying ice. Place an ice pack over the spill (lightly, so it isn’t worked into the carpet further!) and let it set. Take a butter knife or spoon (any dull instrument will do) and try to gently lift away as much wax as you can. Vacuum the pieces up, being careful not to press them down into the carpet.

Still find there’s some left? It’s time to do the opposite and try some heat. To start, dampen a dishcloth or old towel and place it over the dried wax. Next, take a hot iron and run it over the cloth vigorously for 10 seconds, allowing the wax to melt into the towel. Be careful to only concentrate the iron on the affected spot, and only for a short time, in case you spread the wax into new fibres. Once melted, you should be able to remove the cloth in one go and find no wax left over. If not, lay down a clean part of the towel and repeat until the wax has lifted.

If you’re still seeing remnants of colour, it’s time for carpet cleaning products. First, check the care instructions for your particular type of carpet. Some fibres need special care, such as wool, and some can take the hardier chemicals. Use as directed, and don’t forget to fluff the carpet fibres back up to hide the spot. If you’re seeing fuzzy spots caused by the cling of the wax, lay some scissors down flat and trim flush to the other, unaffected fibres.

Now you’ve fixed the damage, don’t let it happen again. Why not try some of our non-wax fragrance products for those busy rooms where there’s often plenty of hustle and bustle? Check out our SmartScents sticks, SmartBlends and Room Sprays. They’ll let you enjoy our same fabulous fragrances, in every room, even when your home is filled to the brim with busy lives.

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