The Ultimate Guide to Christmas Home Décor

Whether you’re spending the holiday season with your whole family or just your nearest and dearest, setting up a cosy environment is a must. That’s why this year we’re gifting you the ultimate guide to Christmas home décor. ‘Tis the season of giving after all! Read on as we break it down room by room, revealing style inspiration and Christmas home décor ideas that are perfect for layering into your existing interior style.

Christmas Living Room Décor

Plush white chair next to a Christmas tree and wrapped presents

  • Plush, rich textures and colours

Christmas is well known to be a time of excess, indulgence and extravagance, so don’t be afraid to channel it through your décor. Plush textures like velvet and velour add an air of luxury, and rich jewel tones easily represent the opulent nature of the festive season. Velvet stools, marble-topped coffee tables and silk or brocade soft furnishings create an inviting ambience that’s perfect for cosying up in post Christmas meal.

  • Gold, brassy and bronze shades

Accent your jewel tones with metallics. Gold, brassy and bronze tones work well with rich colourways as they complement and highlight the intensity of colour. Metallics with golden undertones add warmth and elegance, and can be the perfect way to finish off your living room décor. Pieces like curtain ties, lamps and decorative trays are on-trend and stylish, without being too obviously Christmas.

  • Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are an easy way to incorporate the holidays into your home interior style without having to spend too much or completely refurb your room. Swap out your usual cushion covers for a festive plaid print, or drape a throw in the same colour as your Christmas tree theme over your sofa for a low-maintenance way to get into the spirit of the holidays.

Green PartyLite candles on a white table with pine cones

  • Candlelight

Switch on the tree lights then add a relaxing glow with candlelight. Nothing says cosy like a gently lit space after all. For larger rooms like your living room, 3-wick jar candles offer an intense light that’ll last through all of your Christmas Day festivities and more. Our 3-wick jars are also encased in a beautifully designed sleeve, each unique to its fragrance, that add a touch of style.

Decorated Christmas tree with wrapped presents underneath it
  • Foliage

If you’ve got a Christmas tree, you’ve already ticked the foliage box, but you can take it even further if you like. Trim off a few ends from your Christmas tree and pop along the top of your mantlepiece or shelves for a simple styling trick that brings your room décor together.

  • Copper and rose gold

Red can be an overpowering colour for some, so why not opt for rose gold instead? Subtle but undoubtedly on-trend, add in accessories and ornaments in this shade for a more muted festive look. The gold tone works well with copper accents in your room and looks Christmassy without being too overwhelming.

Hanging star decorations above a table and wrapped presents

  • Minimalist décor

While traditional Christmas styling - a bushy green tree and a red and gold colour palette - looks cosy in a cottage or well-lived in home, a minimalist approach may be more suited for contemporary spaces like flats that feature modern décor. A white metal tree with geometric ornaments allows you to maintain the simplicity of your modern interior style. Pair with cushions in clean colours and festive wooden or metal decorations.

Christmas Kitchen Décor

Festive cookies decorated in red and green

  • Freshly-baked goods

A literal feast for the senses, edible kitchen décor definitely captures the spirit of Christmas. Cookies in your favourite festive shapes, mince pies and a classic gingerbread house are just a few showstoppers that are guaranteed to impress your guests. And the wafting scent of freshly-baked goods makes your kitchen experience all the more sumptuous. Get ready to fend off hungry hands from ruining your display!

  • Seasonal textures

Replace your bowl of fruit with winter textures like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, acorns and dried fruit. These rustic pieces give your kitchen an earthy and natural Christmas feel. Better yet, some of them can be collected from your garden or local park!

PartyLite tealight and taper candle in holders

  • Line your shelves with pinecones

When you’re out foraging for your pinecones, save a basketful to decorate your kitchen shelves with. Gather some glue and glitter, get your crafting hat on and DIY them into glitzy décor pieces that are perfect for the holiday season.

A glass bottle and glass on a wooden tray

  • A temporary drinks bar

Create a temporary bar or drinks station for the grown-ups to enjoy on Christmas Day. Whether you pull out an old trolley and wrap it in fairy lights and tinsel, or place your bottles on a decorative tray on the coffee table, you can easily fashion a mini bar for post-meal merriment.

  • Silver and white

Many people have white built in appliances and fittings in their kitchen for a clean and modernistic look, so silver décor can be a safe option if red and green is a bit too contrasting. Silver tinsel, metallic ornaments and showing off your best silverware can help you create a glittering theme.

A little girl attending a mini Christmas tree on a counter top

  • A mini tree

A smaller Christmas tree can be a nice feature to add to your kitchen this year, especially if you have an open plan kitchen. Whether you go for a miniature one that sits on your countertop, or a standing floor tree, an extra tree means more space for ornaments! Match your baubles with the existing items in your kitchen for a cohesive style.

  • Festive fabrics

Layer in soft furnishings like festive tea towels, oven gloves and aprons to add the finishing touches to your Christmas kitchen. These are easy to work into your space and offer a practical purpose too.

Christmas Porch Décor

  • Lanterns

Decorate the steps or space around your door with beautiful, rustic lanterns. Outdoor lanterns make spectacular accessories, and are the ideal way to welcome loved ones into your home. Pop in a pillar candle for a classic look and feel, or fill your lantern with leftover baubles for a flameless Christmas style.

A festive wreath on a front door
  • Wreath

Get creative with your wreath. Whether you make your own or buy one, be sure to decorate it in colours that match the rest of your porch décor.

  • Outdoor Christmas trees

You can never have enough Christmas trees! Pop a few mini trees around the entrance of your home to frame your door. If you have shrubs or hedges, you can even trim them into Christmas tree shapes. Or for a more minimalist look, place some twig lights in a galvanised metal bucket to create a simple but beautiful display.

Faux presents wrapped in brown paper on a door step

  • Faux gifts

Wrap empty boxes in wrapping paper and display neatly on your porch for a cute Christmas style. We like plain brown parcel paper for its sturdiness, and thick, coloured ribbons that match other porch décor. Just don’t leave your actual presents inside!

  • Wrap your railings in tinsel or ribbon

Complete your Christmas porch décor by loosely wrapping your railings, porch bannister, posts or columns in tinsel or ribbon. Intertwine with outdoor fairy lights or an ivy garland for extra impact.

Christmas Bedroom Décor

A bedroom decorated with fairy lights, a Christmas tree, festive cushions and ornaments

  • Dress your headboard

Hang a garland of foliage along your headboard for a festive way to wake up in the mornings. There’s nothing like the fresh scent of nature to help you drift off to sleep. Be sure to take advantage of the foot of your bed, if you have a frame, and drape some there too.

  • Cosy cushion covers

Swap out your regular cushion covers for Christmas-themed prints and colours. They really pop when placed against a plain or solid colour bedspread.

A present wrapped in white paper and string, a little ornamental house and a rabbit figurine

  • Festive ornaments

Dress your bedside table with festive trinkets. Little ornaments and accessories make great filler pieces for your room. Our Nature’s Wonders™ tealight holders are sculpted porcelain candle holders with hand-painted details for a beautiful finish.

  • Seasonal bedding

If you really want to make a Christmas statement, dress your bed in seasonal bedding. From plaid prints to fairisle knit, there are plenty of festive options to choose from. Or spread a holiday throw over the foot of your bed to add to your current bedspread.

  • Lighting

Set a cosy ambience in your room with string lighting and candles. Wind string lights around your curtain pole or around the frame of your door to gently illuminate your space. Add a PartyLite Escential jar candle to complete your holiday theme. Available in a range of fragrances, and each made from beautifully coloured wax to add a bright pop of colour.

Christmas Fireplace Décor

A mantelpiece with a white garland, checked red and black stockings and a wreath

  • Stockings

A must for any fireplace, celebrate the season with Christmas stockings. Classic red and white stockings give off a traditional look, but that’s not to say you can’t opt for a more contemporary pattern or print to match the rest of your décor.

  • Wreath

Hang a wreath above your fireplace and fill it with ribbons and ornaments to complement your garland.

  • Garland

Drape a garland across your mantlepiece for a fresh feel. Evergreens like ferns and laurel are great if you’re planning on keeping your display for a while as they’ll last and smell amazing for longer.

A mantelpiece decorated with a garland, festive ornaments and stockings

  • Layering items on your mantelpiece

Layer in pinecones, baubles, string lights and faux berries into your garland for a well put together look. These filler pieces help to create depth to your mantelpiece and are super easy to style.
  • Fireplace lighting alternatives

Empty fireplace? PartyLite pillar candles are the best way to add light and classic style to your mantlepiece. Their iconic shape can be styled to suit you. Mix with taper candles for a varied assembly of candlelight. And for an extra sensory experience, discover our Nature’s Light™ wooden wick candles with wicks that crackle just like real firewood when lit. Who needs a real log fire?

  • Colourful Christmas decorations

Form a bright display with colourful décor. Add statement pieces in bold primary shades to your mantlepiece or hearth for a fun and playful take on the holiday season. Our Jolly Trees tealight holder trio is perfect for sprucing up your display, or the Beary Merry jar holder makes a friendly face to keep by the foot of your fireplace.

  • Lanterns

Not just for outdoor use, smaller lanterns are great for your mantletop or hearth. Use with tealights in a tealight tree, or a jar candle, for a show stopping centrepiece to illuminate your room. Mix and match different lantern shapes and sizes for a stylish fireplace display.

Christmas Dining Table Décor

A table decorated with foliage, napkins and crockery

  • Festive fabrics

Colourful Christmas tablecloths can instantly liven up your dining table. From embroidered edges to solid colour cloths, there’s a tablecloth to suit your taste. We like to match our tablecloths to the colour of our chairs for an easy pairing. Or if you don’t want to cover your entire table in a festive print, you can opt for a Christmas-themed table runner instead. This way, you can simply add it over the top of your existing table or cloth for a simple table décor style.

  • Peppermint candy cane colours

Create the sweetest set up with a red and white candy cane colour theme. These classic colours add a festive but also minimalist effect to your table. Select pieces like red beads, fake cranberries and red and white ribbon for your place setting. And of course, lay a candy cane on each of your guests’ plates for a sweet treat.

PartyLite Tealight candles in snowflake holders

  • Candles

We recommend taper candles for your dinner table as they help to create a stunning visual with their height. If your table features a lot of décor already, and you’re concerned about eager elbows accidentally knocking over your lighting, our LED Candles are the perfect choice. You can enjoy the same brilliant glow but without the flame.

  • Centrepiece

Create a focal point on your dining table with a festive centrepiece. Our Clearly Creative Hurricane is a versatile décor piece that you can style the way you want. Fill with textures and colours to match the rest of your dining table theme and make your own unique look. Pop in your favourite 3-wick jar candle or fill the tealight tree with scented tealights to add an extra sensory experience.

A dinner table set with plates, golden cutlery and glasses

  • Golden accents

Spruce up your table with gold accents. From gold-rimmed crockery and cutlery to golden-toned napkin holders and place mats, these metallic touches immediately brighten up your space and add a touch of luxury. You can even spray paint pine cones gold for an affordable and crafty way to bring gold to your dinner table.

What are your favourite Christmas Home Décor styles? We’d love to see how you dress your home this festive season, so why not show us on Instagram by using the hashtag #MyStyle. Don’t forget to follow the official PartyLite Instagram for more styling ideas and home inspiration.

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