Your Guide to GloLites, the World’s Brightest Candle™

As our evenings get longer, the more cosy we start to get. Whether you’re relaxing or feeling romantic, we all want to change the mood from day to night at home. GloLites candles are our patented forms that are guaranteed to be brighter than any other candle you can find. They’re so popular in fact, that they were gifted to the world’s brightest stars at the 2019 Golden Globes, so you’ll be in extremely good company if you’re an owner of one of these candles. Read our guide to find out more about them, from how they’re made to the best time and place to use them. 

A PartyLite GloLite pillar candle next to a regular pillar candle

What are GloLites?

Our GloLite collection is made up using an exclusive wax formula which makes them unique compared to regular wax candles. Generally most candles only have light surrounding their flame when lit, but the makeup of GloLites means there is glow throughout the candle from top to bottom when lit. We have tested the lumens - units that measure candlelight - of this wax technology against all of our competitors. The result was that GloLites produce more lumens than any other candle on the market, officially making them the World’s Brightest Candle™. 

A selection of PartyLite GloLite candles in a Christmas display

What forms are GloLites available in?

GloLites come in three different forms, Pillar Candles, Large Tealights and as Jar Candles. Each form has a unique appeal:

Pillar Candles
Our classic-looking candle form is specially created with fragranced wax on the outside only, allowing the middle to give out the all-over glow with a less intense aroma. They’re available in three sizes with a burn time that ranges from 25-100 hours.

Large Tealights
These on-trend large tealights give you an instantly brighter glow from a single flame. With a burn time of 8-11 hours, they burn for much longer than smaller tealight candles. Light them individually to create ambience or the whole pack to surround yourself with bright light and fragrance.

Jar Candles
The wax in our Jar Candles is fragranced throughout for a higher intensity scent than the Pillar Candle. They have a burn time of 50-60 hours and the clear glass and two-wick design have been carefully chosen to maximise the glow. Plus, the decorative lid can be used as a coaster or a snuffer.

GloLites are ideal for…

Date Night
Turn down the lights and let your evening be romanced by our GloLite candles. The brightness of our wax can act as an alternative to electric light whatever form you choose. Even better, use one of our ideas to pair with your favourite GloLite fragrance. 

Dinner Parties
Your party guests will fall in love with your Pillar Candles when they’re matched with our Color Stop Bases. When Pillars are placed on them, our bases emphasize the all-over glow of GloLites as you can change the colour to suit your mood. Plus, you can choose our unscented forms so that the fragrance doesn’t get in the way of you enjoying your food. 

Bath Time
Swap the bathroom light for GloLite wax for the ultimate relaxing atmosphere. Surround yourself with the light of our Large Tealights if you want to bring a book into the water with you, or pair the higher fragrance intensity and all-over glow of our Jar Candles with some soothing and relaxing music to help you unwind.

Save on buying fairy lights and enjoy the instant glow from our citronella infused candle forms when you’re outdoors, whether you’re wiling away balmy summer nights or wrapped up under a blanket with a loved one. The all-over shimmer of our Pillar Candles also make them perfect for creating instant ambience with soft accompanying fragrance. 

What about fragrance?

Our GloLite candles come in a range of classic PartyLite fragrance alongside exclusive seasonal aromas. From the scents that evoke feelings of cosiness in the colder months to fragrance forms that are perfect for summer evenings, our broad range of aromas are perfect for any occasion. If you simply love the unique brighter glow of our candles, you can enjoy them as unscented forms too. 

Autumn & Winter 2020
Breaths of frosted air and elegant woodland fragrance that transport you to wintry cabins. These are the aromas that will add warm comfort to your home, whether it’s spicy berries or natural forest scents that you like to indulge in. See the full fragrance collection below. 

Balsam Snow
Sun-Kissed Linen
Iced Snowberries™
Olive Grove
Black Cherry Orchard

Summer evenings are meant to be enjoyed outdoors in the balmy twilight air. Make the most of the post-sunset hours with our Citronella GloLite forms, these fragrances come infused with aromatic herbs and sweet scents that are perfect for pairing with a bright glow to keep you going outside for as long as you wish. Made for the outdoors, these fragrances are only available in summer.

Citronella Mint 
Peach Honey Citronella
Geranium Citronella
Wild Lemongrass Citronella

PartyLite GloLite Candles

Don’t forget your décor

Each GloLite form should be paired with the perfect décor accompaniment to make the most of the brightness of the wax. Think dancing light and reflections that complement and enhance our tealight candles, or the colour changing bases that go perfectly with pillars. If you want to turn a jar candle into a seasonal centrepiece at home you should match it up with one of our autumnal or winter jar holders.

Shop the GloLite collection and discover the World’s Brightest Candles™ today or find out more about our full Autumn Winter 2020 collection here.

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