Girls’ Night In Ideas

A night out on the town is all fun and games until the day after when you’re nursing a hangover and reaching for the pizza delivery number. We’ve all been there. Sometimes you need an evening in to relax and recharge your batteries. Sometimes staying in the comfort of your own home and surrounding yourself with your nearest and dearest is much more appealing than putting your feet in painful heels and struggling to converse with your friends in a bar filled with too much bass! Whether you need the excuse or not, we’ve made a list of our favourite girls’ night in ideas for the best ways to spend an evening with those you love. Keep reading for our top tips on how to create a cosy scene for the ultimate girls’ night in.

Movie Night

Easy to prepare and even easier to host, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is agree on a film to watch. A movie night is the perfect way to bury your stresses from the past week, and share your opinion on the latest Academy Award winner or trashy rom-com classic. Change into your favourite pajamas, dim the lights and have some snacks (and perhaps tissues) at the ready. For movie nights, or marathons, that end up going on into the late evening, why not set up your spare room for your guests? Our Fresh Home Room Sprays are great to have on hand. A quick spritz to your soft furnishings can work wonders to eliminate any unwanted home odours or refresh a room that’s been unused for a while.

Spa Night

Who says you have to spend an extortionate amount of money to reap the benefits of a spa day? Treat yourself and your loved ones to an evening of pampering, without having to leave the cosiness of your living room. Creating your own at-home spa experience is the perfect way to spend an evening with your favourite people. Some cucumber slices, face masks and a well fragranced room is all you need to replicate the feeling of true rejuvenation. Try PartyLite GloLites for uplifting fragrance and a calming ambiance that says spa like no other. We love to unwind to the Seaside Escape fragrance, with its notes of fresh sea mist, watery marine and the essence of beach gardenia and sea rose.

Girls' Night In Ideas

Antipasti and Wine Night

Wine and dine in for a great alternative to eating out. Set up an antipasti board, or coordinate with your guests to bring something each, for a fancy evening spread that you can enjoy without the hassle of getting ready and going out. And wine. Don’t forget the wine.

Dinner Party

As the saying goes, food is the ingredient that brings people together. Or words to that effect! Let your inner maître d come out to play and host a delicious dinner party for your family and friends. Whether you choose to make a gourmet meal or simply order in for ease, your guests will enjoy the occasion regardless.

Book Club

From the old classics, to a bit of contemporary fiction, there’s a genre for everyone. While reading might not be to everyone’s fancy, a weekly, or perhaps monthly, book club evening can be a great way to bring people together. There’s not much you need to prepare or plan for this girls’ night idea, but having a PartyLite ScentGlow Warmer on hand can be a great way to enliven the room. In case you get carried away discussing the fall of Jay Gatsby and the American Dream, you may want to diffuse the atmosphere and refresh the room with our Scent Plus Wax Melts - a no fuss and no flame way to spread luxurious home fragrance.

Host a PartyLite Party

Spread the light and become a Host of your own PartyLite Party. Give the gift of fragrance and light by showing your friends and family how they can hold their own girls’ night in evenings with PartyLite. Take your guests on a sensual scent adventure and make sure that you have your best home décor pieces and most-loved fragrances on display. We love to place a few SmartScent Sticks in the bathroom for long lasting fragrance that you don’t have to worry about as you entertain your guests. And the best part? The more you party, the more you earn in Host rewards!

If you’ve hosted your own girls’ night in, we’d love to hear about it! Make sure you take a picture and show us on our social media. For more fragrance and décor ideas to dress your home and set the perfect night in ambiance, visit our online shop today. And for more great ways to make your house a home, take a read of our blog here.

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