Behind the scenes at PartyLite - meet an RVP

How did you first find PartyLite?

A mother from school invited me to a candle party. I knew about PartyLite already, but had never seen a demonstration of their products before. It was a lot of fun for me, and I had a great evening with great women. At that first Party, I bought some votive candles and a matching holder and I was so enthusiastic about the whole experience that I became a hostess several weeks later.

When did you start your business?

I was approached at a party and asked if I was interested in becoming a Consultant. My girlfriends were enthusiastic about the idea and gave me a good pep talk, encouraging me to do it.
I was working as a pediatric nurse and was home from work at the time because of my two young daughters. But somehow, the idea of continuing to have candle parties and make money at the same time fascinated me.
I wanted to cut back on doing shifts at my regular job and to have more time for my daughters, so I started 13 years ago as a consultant.
It’s easy to start making your first bookings with regular parties at the homes of friends and family.
My calendar filled very quickly and I quickly understood that the further bookings are very important. So I always made sure I booked again with my hostess and recruited another new guest to host as well.
I was so enthusiastic about the products and the candles and my new job - and that radiated!


After a few weeks in the business, I had recruited my first Consultants ... to be honest they actually recruited themselves. The PartyLite business is really an irresistible opportunity. My first Consultant is still a leader in my lineage today.
After just a year at Partylite I had moved up to become a Unit Leader and went on my first dream trip.

Did you buy anything exciting with your first earnings?

From my first commission I bought a few expensive shoes – it was easy to make that decision to treat myself!
After that I saved hard and booked a great holiday for myself and my family. My family was thrilled.

Welche Tipps würdest Du neuen BeraterInnen für die reibungslose Durchführung von Partys geben?

My parents were absolutely amazed, because they could not imagine until then that with just candle sales someone could make so much money.
Over the years, I’ve been able to finance a lot with my RVP salary. During the conversion of our house I added a fireplace and had our terrace roofed, plus other great holidays followed of course.
The most beautiful thing I accomplished in this time was my third daughter. Since my business worked so well I did not need to work again as a nurse and I decided with my husband we could grow our family even further.
It was the best decision of our lives ... a little RVP baby! She has grown up with PartyLite and loves our business.

What advice would you give to a new Consultant on holding a Party?

Always remain calm and remain faithful to yourself. You cannot control everything. I try to focus on my clients and always try to convey fun and pleasure. I explain our Find Your Signature concept and let them work with the crayons. Of course, I also explain the fragrance towers too.

I keep my focus on the Find Your Signature jars use these as a ways to introduce Guests to different accessories.

Most importantly, I’m always myself, watching the Guests and listening to their needs and interests. And I absolutely always offer the job as a consultant!
Partylite is a perfect company to make the business your own business.


How do you keep your books full? What's the secret to regular rebooking with Hosts?

I believe people like my way of showing and selling. My cheerful, honest, open-minded character is easy to get along with and they also want to welcome me into their home.

They feel well cared for and advised as customers, which makes it easier for me to book again.

The Host offer is, of course, always a good incentive, and with the catalogs matching the seasons it is even easier to book the customer 4 times a year.

Do you use social media to help run your business? If so, how?

For me as an RVP, social media has become very important and lets me stay in touch with my Consultants from near and far.

I get to know new customers, collect orders and win new Partylite fans all the time. When I’m on social media, I’m always presenting myself and my family business to others.

What would you say to someone thinking of becoming a Consultant?

Very simple - what do you have to lose? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to have fun while they make money.

Get ready for the adventure of Partylite!

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